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wcan: It would be more insightful to compare an actual high res image against a these techniques performed on the same image whose resolution was reduced.

I think he means to take an actual high res image of the subject, then compare it against the "enhanced" image... in short, to see how accurate the results are.
Or is that what is being shown by the last figure? I don't know

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 II initial review (285 comments in total)
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John Koch: The spec lists do not seem to indicate any real slow motion video options. The frame rates are never higher than 60p (59.94p). Am I mistaken? Please prove me wrong.

The GH5 i and G95 both offer 120p frame rates in FHD video.

180fps, you mean. I don't know, but I'd expect the same here, although why shouldn't it have 240fps... doesn't the GH5S?

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On a photo in the Fujifilm GF 80mm F1.7 R WR pre-production sample gallery sample gallery (7 comments in total)

Language! Sheesh... :P

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tkbslc: F2.8 is pretty boring. Canon and Samsung made very good f2.0 pancakes for APSC in this focal range ballpark. Why is Fuji stuck at f2.8?

The 30mm Samsung lens is the sharpest lens I'd ever used on an APS-C camera, and way sharper than the 27mm on my X-T3. I hate that Sammy decided to ditch the system-- though it was the best financial decision-- and that camera lens combo was so much my favorite that it hurt me to see it get no use. Ended up giving it to my nephew, who seems to enjoy it!

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Tungsten Nordstein: Hope it does well.

Me too. Look, I too think it might be overpriced, and maybe it took too long from it being announced to launch, etc. But if this is successful, it could lead to similar innovation that could really jumpstart this industry again, and that could hopefully trickle down the benefits to us.
Well, you'll say, I don't want android in my camera, and computational photography possibilities that this promises is not for me- fake photography and way too expensive! But hey, any success that leads to more money put in R&D is good for us because it can, at least, keep the gear and accessories we crave in the marketplace.

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On article Sony a9 II sample gallery (312 comments in total)

I really enjoyed this gallery-- such breathtaking landscapes and extraordinary subjects (I may be exaggerating a bit)! I mean, look: I also appreciate galleries where there are no interesting shots because it shows me how well the camera behaves in mundane situations because they're meant to showcase a camera's capabilities and not the photographer's; and I don't get it when others harshly criticize on here.

Still, these pictures brought a smile to my face and would generally make me get this camera-- if I didn't already have the a7III and had that much disposable income!!

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On a photo in the Sony a9 II sample gallery sample gallery (1 comment in total)

What a beautiful scene, and well-rendered

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DavidsfotosDotCom: I stopped watching, get native English speaker! Yes I lived in HK for a year & had a Chinese girlfriend so I must be racist!

"I'm not racist, I have a {insert non-white race here} friend". Classic!
I understood her just fine.

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I knew this would happen- awesome

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On article Canon brings its EOS Webcam Utility Beta to macOS (52 comments in total)
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Jones Indiana: Fujifilm are you reading?
Get it done!

They will, I'm sure. But I also hope they expand support to their cheaper camera lines, otherwise how can I recommend my brother get an XA7 before the birth of his child. He's both a mac user, and a cheapskate :-P

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Waited a day to implement this because I had to restart the computer and had too much going on in it... Anyhow, this couldn't be easier to implement, and while the feed is a bit laggy from my XT-3 it is so much better than the laptop webcam or even using OBS and other tools. Very happy they put this out, and I hope it continues to work well.

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On a photo in the Nikon ES-2 Negative Scans (DPReview TV) sample gallery (2 comments in total)

Young Chris, the wannabe model! I kid, but I wonder if this was a selfie, or if someone else took the photo.

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What I got from his talk about the L-mount alliance incorporating more members is more that they will perhaps officially incorporate more lens makers like Tamron or Samyang, or smaller, niche camera makers like Z-Cam-- or possibly Sharp-- who may want to go Full-Frame 8k with a more established mirrorless mount. Bigger camera companies with built-up mount lines may not so easily join, but what do I know?
Anyway, I like that he states they will continue the MFT line, because I do believe that stable and smaller systems for videography will always be important, and I do think that there's still room for innovation in that sensor size. Now, whether it is profitable to innovate there still remains to be seen (witness Olympus' very cautious approach in that field).

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Peter1976: What I don't get, the smaller sensor has more pixel for photos than the bigger one. Why is that? Has it to do with video topics? I have no clue about video, tbo.
1/2" sensor = 48MP
1" sensor = 20MP

I would say it has more to do with sensor availability, than anything else. The 20Mp 1" sensor and the 48Mp 1/2" sensor are two widely available, and therefore probably very cheap, Sony sensors, so it makes sense to use them in two similar products; and let the consumer decide if they want lower light sensitivity with higher DR, or higher resolution.
As soon as Sony puts out a 48, or even maybe a 36-ish, megapixel 1"-type sensor, you bet we'll see it in a lot of drones, action cams, and maybe some phones.

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Bigsensorisbest: I think it's pretty racist I wont be buying a iPhone. Bad as the last terminator film this pc hell in which we live.

Wait, are you for real? I'm floored by this statement

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Oli4D: @Jordan (or anyone who knows): As somebody new to HLG and V-LOG: Why is HLG giving the best dynamic range and not V-LOG?
Does that mean it's even better than V-LOG L? Why would I get V-LOG L then for 99$ if HLG is better anyway? What do I miss here?
Thanks a lot for clarifying

I think he meant it gives you the best ready-to-watch or share dynamic range, no or little grading needed. I know that is the case with my A7iii and HLG, and so it's my favorite profile for video. With LOG, you have to do extensive grading, but it allows for more non-destructive editing, and its generally the most DR you can get out of a camera.

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Archiver: An external monitor will help with the lack of articulating screen for video, but video shooters will likely choose the Panasonic S1H anyway. Overall, this looks like a great photographer's camera which has something decent for video shooters as well.

Actually, he said it's better than the S1R, with the same 47Mp sensor, not the video-centric 24Mp S1H.

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(unknown member): price is totally bonkers for a f/4 wide-angle zoom. like all l-mount lens prices. will help to keep market share well below 1% for this mount system.

The Sony 16-35mm F4, a generally well-regarded wide zoom (that I want!), is close to that at ~$1350- and it's on a system with third party competitors and it's been around for a while so may have started out more expensive. I see no problem with the price or their market share, but that's only my (outsider) take

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On a photo in the Nikon Z 85mm F1.8 S sample gallery sample gallery (3 comments in total)
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Baz T: Ok, I have to know: who's this fuller-face Javier Bardem here? Oh, and nice image!!

Oh, congrats to them. So that's genuine happiness on their faces, huh? Awesome!

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On a photo in the Nikon Z 85mm F1.8 S sample gallery sample gallery (3 comments in total)

Ok, I have to know: who's this fuller-face Javier Bardem here? Oh, and nice image!!

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