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DWinter: People complain so much and so often about so little nowadays, despite having so much to choose from, that it's hard to even keep track sometimes. Some people will just never be happy, no matter what. I'd say there are quite a few folks out there that are either spoiled or enjoy complaining just for the sake of it. I prefer to ignore both kinds, and I assume companies do it as well.

Absolutely! Good old times when we had no choice but to buy what only we could afford, usually just one item of a kind. I would save all my bread for a year, then break the piggy bank and go for the booty. Except for checking on new equipment, however, I also come here to brush up on my dialectical skills. One can see amazing examples of uncovering the other side's hidden assumptions here!

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If you JUST happen to belong to the world's 95% of people not familiar with the Fahrenheit system, freeze-proof down to 14°F means -10 degrees Celsius.

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FuhTeng: E-mount ain't got no lenses! I need me a wide angle prime to shoot my cats from 6 inches, this just won't do for my needs! And who thinks f/2.8 is acceptable for wideangle! I demand a 16 mm, 4 inch minimum focal length f/1.4 lens!

You'd better get a gun if wanna shoot your cats, then you don't even need to get so close.

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morepix: "The zen of" is a long since worn out expression. You could have found a better headline for this little collection.

I like the low key images. The others are OK, but more everyday.

@ KariP: Thanks for bringing this up. Herrigel was my inspiration - or fascination - for quite a while during my college years. But you really stole the game with your summary - just point and shoot :D That's a mark of a true philosopher!

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Another anlge: Another angle at the aperture. Non-professional. (Part 2 of 2)

What aperture shows, actually, is how much of incoming light (illuminance, light “quantity” per unit of area) is passed to the sensor. Same aperture in different systems (with similar properties of lenses – refraction, transparency etc.) will provide roughly the same illuminance. And now is the sensor, its physical properties, which is important.

How about if you set your nick straight to start with?

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J A C S: Lenses?

@ JDThomas: Cheap weird Russian and European lenses, you say? There's a lot of bias in your diction. When I was a kid, the only good quality, affordable cameras around were either made in the USSR or East Germany, like the M42 lens mount Prakticas and Zenits. Yet I would often look into the shopping window to check out the then modern Japanese AF point-and-shoot cameras, far beyond what I could ever afford, and I was thinking: How exotic, how lofty... But weird? Just because you don't know it doesn't mean it's weird.

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On article Ten things you need to know about the Sony Alpha 7 II (280 comments in total)

Now how about a sequel called something like "Ten Things They Don't Want You To Know About The Sony Alpha 7 II"?

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Looks like the Chinese copied the design of Leica Summarit 50. Even the font, though not exactly the same, bears conspicuous resemblance to the original. As I've just checked, this Chinese company has their Chinese language website under construction(!) I wonder if anyone has US$360 to spend on a lens like this with dubious origin and optical quality.

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Superka: Epson V750 true optical resolution on film is 2300dpi. Too poor for film scanning.
I doubt v850 will be better. It is not a film scanner.
Used Nikon Coolscan, Imacon, Minolta, Plustek - that are film scanners.
6400dpi on Epson is a bad joke.
Can you compare it to Imacon 6300dpi? Here is what Imacon can at 6300 (24x65mm Xpan frame)


Neither Epson user have ever saw this resolution on 135 film.

The image "..." cannot be displayed because it contains errors.

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Boss of Sony: I'd prefer an article explaining the point of photography. So far, I can't see a point. It's just people playing with high-tech toys that do nothing useful. The world is here for me to see in all its glory. I don't want reduce the time I can spend enjoying the real world just to produce and view small, 2-D representations of it on a computer screen or a piece of paper.

The very meaning of photography? I wonder what you are doing at a digital photography review site in the first place. You can't expect knowledge to be ready-made, well-cooked and served right in front of you. Well, anyway - some do it for work, some for art, but most of those who visit this site are enthusiasts who take photos for fun and esthetic pleasure, to document their travels and life moments. I, for example, am preparing my first photography exhibition in my hometown in January to share a part of my life with the community.

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Some time ago I bought a Pix-Star frame for my mom with the same idea in mind - help her keep in touch with her sons and daughters spread around the world via photo sharing. Except for resolution it seems to me a better product than this Famatic, esp. with much better remote control via the internet: https://www.pix-star.com/products/

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Donnie G: 2015 will be the "death" year for at least one of the current crop of camera manufacturers. Who will be the one to quit the camera business? Hint! It won't be any of the DSLR makers. Heh Heh Heh

"The fact that... will have to... in the not too distant future has been known..." Just FYI, before something has really happened it's not a fact but a mere conjecture or an educated guess if you please.

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On article Best Gear of 2013: The results are in! (159 comments in total)

I voted with my wallet. Sony RX100 II. That says is it all.

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On article Fujifilm announces XF 10-24mm F4 R OIS wideangle zoom (172 comments in total)
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DVT80111: F4
what's the excitement?

... unless you meant Nikon F4, a camera that makes me excited even today, 25 years after it first saw the light of the day :P

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On article Fujifilm announces XF 10-24mm F4 R OIS wideangle zoom (172 comments in total)

Well, it surely did take a while! Now I can start thinking seriously about my next camera body as ultra-wide is my favorite angle.

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Joseph Petzval (1807 - 1891) a mathematician, inventor, and physicist best known for his work in optics. Born in the town of Spišská Belá in Slovakia (the then Zipser Bela in the Kingdom of Hungary). The Petzval lens was developed in 1840 and became an ideal lens for portrait photography. It is highly intriguing that this simple concept of two doublet lenses with an aperture stop in between would get revived some 170 years later. I can't stop laughing at the audacity of the project managers!

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On article What if historical figures had Instagram? (19 comments in total)

This is just so funny :))) I loved your comments as much as the photo processing itself. God bless humor and creativity!

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Denis of Whidbey Island: Well, I own a D800 and am contemplating adding a second body. I just don't see why I would choose the Df over another D800 or D800E. And I'm probably the target audience, having owned the F, F2, F3, F5 when they were new.

I wonder why you skipped the F4...

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