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  • @Thoughts R Us
    I disagree that cameras need to be as big and clunky as the 1DX and D5. Sony can deliver something in the same size as the A9 but built to last like the other two. I do not think...

  • @BlueBomberTurbo
    that monster should not be considered as part of conventional photography, but it sits in its exotic impractical dimensions inaccessible to most humans with some sanity in their...

  • @4sofnature
    I would not spend $1 on a nifty fifty. I paid $900 for my Zeiss 55/1.8
    If you cannot tell them apart, pick another activity. "For a 1.4 prime it's another story". Again pick another hobby.

  • welcome to the bragged benefits of a larger mount!

  • More than comparing to a nifty fifty it should be compared to the Zeiss 55/1.8. Quality and cost is comparable, the Nikon is cheaper. They are both optically exceptional while in my opinion there...

  • @Magnar W
    I know as a personal experience that
    1) the A9 is relatively delicate when it comes down to wet conditions
    2) It is not as responsive as, to say, the 1DX in its operation. And it can get...

  • Just to beat it up a bit more, while the A9 loses in terms of built quality and somewhat in overall responsiveness when compared to the 1DXII and D5, it does offer critical and most importantly...

  • @lawny13
    A9 and 5DIV/EOSR are likely very similar in DR and all very good even if not class leading. Indeed It just seemed a bit extreme the so called "shortfall" by ProDude. It seems that...

  • whaat??? Please point out the ratio of perfectly sharp faces to soft focus faces including action shots with faces backlit looking away or partially covered! So the dog too, it is questionable if...

  • I would like to add that the A9 was an incredibly innovative camera, and it is still unmatched in this regard after almost 2 years. The Z7 is a big step in the mirrorless for Nikon, but innovation...

  • @BlueBomberTurbo
    how exactly the 1DXII sensor is better than the A9's?

  • @Thoughts R Us
    I personally just miss a larger and better feedback of the AF on, AEL and shutter release. Size not an issue, at times with the larger lenses and extended use I would add the...

  • @Snapper2013
    not a bad idea, just like Nikon and Canon should offer real workhorses that are not necessarily a brick.

  • @thorgal
    that is right, I would like you to choose a single AF setting on your D300, then without changing anything, including the selected AF points, take pictures of such a broad range of...

  • @ProDude
    it seems that Sony is promising better highlight gradation. I edited a badly backlit image from the gallery from raw, I think there would be very little to...

  • @Relaxed
    Agreed, still, if you get a good hit rate, which I assume you do otherwise it would have been pointed out.... If the camera is truly smart enough to automatically switch mode and do...

  • on a second thought, part of the firmware update of the A9 is supposed to be improved highlight gradation, so this image and possibly others in this gallery might have been shot as such to test...

  • @Viggo
    and you obviously are ignoring the fact the camera has a BIG exposure compensation dial that might have been moved intentionally to preserve the highlights, or the camera is set on highlight...

  • @Ruekon
    well, I guess when your beloved company is left in the dust in technological advancements, all you are left with is bashing the marketing campaign.

  • The majority of the images are to showcase the new AF capabilities of the camera with the given constraints (environment, activities, lenses, etc). The images are demonstrating some challenging ...

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