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Was gifted a second hand Minolta rangefinder at 11yo. No manual, no Google, no money. I learned DOF, shutter speed, motion, flare, sharpness and film speeds at a time when you had to WAIT a week for your photos. Colour was too expensive!
Since then, I've always had trouble putting a camera down especially a FULL frame Mamiya RB-67 outfit :)
Semi-pro since the '80s. 6x7 and 35mm then, Micro four thirds now: A good compromise.
Pro results without bulk and weight to lug around.
Years ago, I recovered from "Equivalence Phobia" that so many suffer from, and find that people react better to a smaller setup and love the results.
Customers want results, not "format psychobabble".
Enjoy photography - not silly format arguments!


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The Fat Fish: Surely on those cameras they are the equivalent of F2.4? Doesn't sound like good value to me.

SOFT wide open on an FMF body

Link | Posted on Nov 23, 2017 at 08:23 UTC
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hteasley: All this "FF or nothing", "Only 2.4 equivalent," nonsense is just that. I have more than one system, and in doing tests of my own, I can't find anything to fault on m43 images compared to my FF cameras. My Olympii bodies produce great results, and are a pleasure to use. I've sold the Sony cameras I've had because their ergonomics did not suit me at all.


1: "equivalent" to 2.x, which these "experts" all loudly proclaim. However, MFT can give at least four TIMES the shutter speed - or use1/4 the flash power for the same exposure.

2: What 1,2 FMF lens is sharp wide open? None I've seen - FMF 1,2 lenses are usually *very, very* soft at 1,2

3: FMF 1,2 lenses vignette like crazy wide open often over 2 stops sometimes approaching 3 stops.
4: FMF sensors are cranked up because of the angle light strikes the sensor. Add 1.5-3 stops in corners to compensate for wide open vignetting. ~ 2-3 stops more noise - eliminating the "advantage".
Google when is f/1.2 not f/1.2

5: Therefore not "equivalent" at all - MFT is mostly better. FMF 1,2 is sometimes of LOMO quality :(

*** FMF = full marketing frame.

Link | Posted on Nov 23, 2017 at 08:13 UTC
On article 6K here we come: Here's the new Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH5 (173 comments in total)

Mad Max 4 - the tough, high-vibration, dirty action scenes were shot with OMD-EM1s - the rest with full MARKETING frame (FMF) cameras..

Go to cinema and tell me where you can SEE the difference. (different story for stills where it is noticeable if the lens is sharp enough.

Trouble is, you get LARGE lenses and 1 or 2 tiny bodies that require a ten minute menu fiddle to set the camera up.

Portability was what MADE 35mm popular.
That is lost with FMF equipment these days.
MFT still has that portability factor. It is king.

Doubt this? Did you ever see a phone maker say:
"WOW our phones are bigger and heavier this year" ???

Link | Posted on Apr 14, 2017 at 00:26 UTC as 3rd comment
On article RFC: Beating Photoshop's Rent Forever Cloud Trap (63 comments in total)

Panoramas: Hugin, no lockin, all modern platforms supported, top features. __ *Lowest cost and superior*.

That last claim is easily verified by seeing all the now-happy PS defectors on their support forums.

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chairrival: Options to consider — both of these are cheaper, faster, stabilized, and weather sealed:

APS-C: Fuji 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 WR (35mm equivalent: 27-202mm f/5.25-8.4) $700 USD, New (current $200 rebate)

35mm/Full Frame: Sony FE 24-240mm f/3.5-6.3 $898 USD, New (current $100 rebate)

"stabilised" - but not AS stabilised - that's simply a fact.
FMF glass relies on MORE sensor to make it acceptable.

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(unknown member): Capture One 10 opens these and they look quite good. Many of the snow shots are underexposed somewhat, but even with noise reduction down at zero I see some pretty good stuff. What some of these could really use was flash.

Nice Edit . . . people ignore that many were straight OOC ..

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dharmagreg: I forgot to say in my post below I think the images are great. Who the hell cares they can see a bit of noise in image bla bla etc. I am sure your family and friends will still love you if you don't always have the most perfect picture in the world. Get a life and get out in nature and enjoy yourself like Dan did!

Nothing wrong with being obsessed, as long as you recognise you are obsessed and not creative.
They must become tired of their own shots of the chair in the living room.
That's WHY they spray here ..

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Mike99999: The 43 community is shaking in its boots with how abominable this camera is. Us long time Olympus users are shocked. What once was a system where $800 got you the latest & greatest, the camera would be half the size and match the IQ of a DSLR.

Now, several years later, they have you paying $2,000 for a body and over $1,000 for lenses, except now the IQ is over three stops worse than a $1,000 DSLR.

I am telling you that the community is shaking it its boots:

43-rumors has over 100 commenters banned from commenting due to all the negativity surrounding this abominable product.

Go and take your Sony out and press the shutter.
That's more productive than waffling on about gear you don't use.
We LIKE portable quality.
Many others LIKE their S7 and Pixel phones, even iphones.

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dharmagreg: To all the negative people who never have a positive thing to say about any article posted on DPV. You would have a little more credibility if you posted some images to your gallery to see if as we suspect, that you have no photographic talent whatsoever. Just saying. Anybody commenting with no gallery will confirm the above statement.

dharmagreg - you're too easy on them. It is extremely easy for the naysayers to post links IF they have taken any pictures.
Like thIs:
Swipe URL, press centre mouse button here:
(or whatever WinMac users have to do to paste a link).

See how easty it is?

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bobbidog: Sorry to say - although i am an Oly user since years - those pictures do not impress (me) at all. Is the hype around the Mark II really justified? At the end i want a clean and sharp image ready for further PP. But smeared detail and apparent noise isn't favorable for this task. I wonder why the photographer cranked up the ISO in those shots when shutter speeds are more than sufficient to expose with considerable lower ISO ...

Posted the same "comment" in a few places - LOL.
Not impressed? Easy, don't buy it.

Buy something heavy and cumbersome instead.

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(unknown member): The price difference (at point of introduction) between the 1st generation EM5 and EM1 was ~€200-300.
EM5-II = €1100, EM1-II = €2000. That's almost double the price.
And honestly, I don't see it. Not in the stills at least, the difference in video, I don't know nor care.

M43 has gotten to a point where I decided to jump ship. It is getting way to costly to keep as a 2nd system. The cameras and "pro" lenses get bigger and bigger, so it's getting less and less that perfect travelling system. Cameras are more and more focused on video, which I don't care about. And IQ is still largely where it was in 2012. So, I am selling.

All the images in this gallery are taken in bright light. For a lot of these pictures a modern phone cam would be adequate. Any RX100, a LX10/15 or a G7Xii would have given great results, a lot of extra room in your bag, and a lot of extra cash to fly up that mountain a few more times.

Oh . . another flaccid "jump ship" post - yawn

Just Go!
Get big heavy gear and an imagined advantage in lousy, snowy conditions. . .

Or wait till a sunny day with no snow when you seen more CaNikSons coming out.

I like to shoot when everyone else has gone home. That way i can laugh at the "you have more noise than me" comments.

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On article Ultimate OM-D: Olympus E-M1 Mark II Review (1397 comments in total)
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jimTN: I just got my camera. It is really disappointing.
Won 't do videos longer than 29 minutes. Why???? It does split the videos into separate files, so no reason they could not keep going.
Won't use high-speed Lexar cards--Bricked one
Has too many undocumented interactions among settings
Save your money.

Lexar cards work just fine.
They are actually a BONUS with the Mk2 body here ...

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On article Ultimate OM-D: Olympus E-M1 Mark II Review (1397 comments in total)
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thehappycanadian: $2500.00 Canadian means it's time for me to move on from this format. I get this camera is going to be awesome for some photographers. However I shoot prime lenses in a studio, this format no longer makes sense. The price of this camera and the cost of their high end primes closed the gap on cost savings. I'm not sure who to blame Olympus, Panasonic or Sigma. Probably the blame goes with Sigma, too many great lenses at such a great price. I will always have a soft spot for Micro Four Thirds it was a great system to learn on and it's still a great value for beginners, amateurs and enthusiasts.

Isn't it CHEAPER to wait for the EM-5 Mk 3?

Do you "need" a new camera?
If so the, marketers LOVE you.

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On article Ultimate OM-D: Olympus E-M1 Mark II Review (1397 comments in total)
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Nuno Souto: This is now priced in Australia at well over $2700. While the EM5MII is hardly over $1000. And a Nikon D810 is slightly over $2800 while a Sony A7RII is $3800.
Someone at Olympus is on fumes if they think this is sustainable...
Sorry, no "pro" pricing excuses!

If you don't value (or need) need pro-level support, buy a lesser camera.

A7Rii still reported to have blecch ergonomics - and is heavy and poorly balanced with decent, fast lenses.

Portability is key to many, me included, and OMD has by far the most comprehensive compact system.

Can't grok the value in OMDs?
Simple - don't buy one.

Link | Posted on Jan 27, 2017 at 06:58 UTC
On article Ultimate OM-D: Olympus E-M1 Mark II Review (1397 comments in total)
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s1rf4n: Just completed two basket ball games with this camera. 1010 photos taken and only drained the battery down to 50%. The number of usable photos was amazing. Much better keep rate than the Mk-1. The Auto Focus is blistering fast.

I'm liking what I'm reading - everywhere.
(except brainless tr..lls)

Mine's supposedly just DAYS away - whoopee ..

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MauroTandoiphoto: very nice pics. iceland is a real paradise for any photographers..and brand and this olympus seems very good.

if you wanna see my trip in iceland (different brand, sorry) this is the link

WOW!, you got great light - and sun! Nice gallery!

I didn't notice the brand, I looked at the pictures :)

Link | Posted on Jan 2, 2017 at 14:34 UTC
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lattesweden: There has been rather many reviews of the E-M1mkII on the net, but not much how the AF performs. A very nice shot out would be to run it against the D500 and Fujis and Canons best AF-ing cameras in some kind of AF-C/Tracking test.

And why they went there is a mystery to me, unless it was to show the weatherproofing.
The light certainly looked terrible.

Link | Posted on Jan 2, 2017 at 14:31 UTC
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Marksphoto: good detail, not a big fan of the presented colors, a lot of gray.

Hmm, I wonder what they did in the processing - set and forget?

I've not seen such drabness at all in other published shots, and I've been looking.
The lighting is noticeably flat, as well.

PD principles and the existence of a plethora of shots with no such problem eliminates the camera model as the source of the drabness.

I just think the pics would have been better done elsewhere, or more carefully.

I take it you're not implying there's suddenly a fault with the Raw files thyemselves?

Link | Posted on Jan 2, 2017 at 14:30 UTC
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Hibiscusbloom: So my question is , sorry if it's already answered in which case I sincerely apologise, can the AF produce results that are on par with either the Nikon D500, D5 or Canon 1DXII? And can it do so with the Leica-Panasonic 100-400 with lightning AF acquisition and super-glue like tracking? I want to see real life reviews and pictorial evidence.

If so, I am sold cos it will deliver me from the burden of DSLR WEIGHT!!

Please, can someone convince me! I am ready to toss away all Canon/Nikon DSLR gear.

Thank you sincerely from my the depth of my heart. . . . . . Not a bad showing at all.
There's a video shot out of a truck somewhere.
It's impressively stabilised - something NO CaNikon can do unaided.
Does it it do what you want? You have to decide that.

Link | Posted on Jan 1, 2017 at 16:16 UTC
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SLOOPB: I have an Olympus OM-D E-M1- good camera. I have a Nikon D750.
A Nikon D750 at $2000 okay.
An Olympus OM-D E-M1 II at $2000 ridiculous.

Yeah? How's the D750's IS and how is its 60FPS and weight? Does its glass VF allow you to see in near dark?

Portability, handling and speed are king for most real world purposes - unless you have a caddy :)
Big stuff usually STAYS at home.

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