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Irrespective of the brand of smartphone, the fact that the state of this technology has totally transformed and democratized the process of film making, is the true wonder!
Without a good idea, a script and an inspired story teller, no amount of budget or technology will amount to cinema.

The medium has never been the message, but the consumate Auter approach to making films has only been made possible by the evolution of the medium of this digital domain.

I am old enough to remember, I shot my first travel footage on Std 8mm film in 1970, and now shoot in 4K on my bridge camera of choice.

The story and idea is still supreme.

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LUMINAR has a ring to it, the only ring Skylum sounds like, is a ring around a cheap motel bathtub, pondscum rhyms too, sorry guys, you really blew it there with your marketing on this one, enough to put one off!
And I signed up for the Beta testing, the Windows version was hamstrung all along.

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On photo Red Dancer in the Dancing Queen (or King) challenge (5 comments in total)

Great concept and design.

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I'd been with On1 since v4 and kept forkng out money for upgrades for years.
Somewhere along the way, they lost their direction, 10.5 was stable and fast, fastest browser around! Then the lacklustre launch of OnOne RAW was full of bugs, slower and a dogged interface. I hardly use it and will not pay out for another upgrade. Have rediscovered the ACDSEE Suite, and it is a much more elegant workflow and toolset.

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This was great to see, brought back many nostalgic memories of when I was a lens geek myself. I owned a variety of Anamorphic Projection lenses. The best and my favorite was a KOWA Prominar H16. I used to mount it in front of my Nikon R8 Super 8 camera. Shot quite a few short travel and documentary subjects in the 70's. You can't beat the romance of film. Super 8 was huge in the 70's, and in Sydney we had a Widescreen Society specialising in Anamorphic.

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PhotoKhan: I don't understand the apolegetic intro.

Photography is about images and these can either be still or moving ones. Those who don't appreciate the later can't actually fully understand the former and vice-versa.

There's a reason why Cinematographers are also called Directors of Photography and it has to do with that symbiotic relationship.

The clip is amazingly beautiful (...even if I discount it encompasses my two life long passions...) and I can only say that publishing it just made DPR's editorial line an even more commendable one. Thank you.

Well stated!

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Guimar: I work in aerospace, so no complaints, but you could find out what cameras and lenses they used.

Cameras and lenses? You mean photography like? Ha...

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How does this not have anything to do with Photography?
It's simply some of the best Air to Air photography I have ever seen!
So good in fact that, some of the scenes beg the question of being 3d rendered.

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I've never been impressed with Lightroom and with ACR being developed to the level where it is almost identical, save the Album feature, which is an anchor IMO, I never bother with it. I invoke ACR as a filter with the KBD shortcut (CTR+SHFT+A) from PS all the time, backwards and forward for a super fast and easy workflow.
I have also invested in AFINITY, as I believe it has a great future and also use ON1 RAW. Adobe is becoming blottish, and complacent, a backlash is emerging.

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On photo Crystal Mill (condensed) in the A babbling brook challenge (36 comments in total)

Brilliant shot, Bravo!
I've seen this scene over the years on several Forums, you have truly captured a unique moment.

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On article Hands-on with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 (485 comments in total)

I love everything about my GX7, functionality and rangefinder looks, ergonomics, handling.
This has a curious appearance, like some miniature SLR from the 70's, why the "pentaprism" protrusion if there is no mirror, does it have any practical function beyond cosmetics? The FZ1000 and LX100 fill my 4K fix and I love the extra rez of the FZ!
This is a curious beast with an uncertain niche to fill IMO.

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On article Ricoh announces Pentax XG-1 superzoom (205 comments in total)

Lack of articulated screen, dated motion JPG codec and no progressive scan will severely limit sales to the serious video shooter sector.

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On photo 100_0190EDIT in Sactojim's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

Great IQ and Kodachrome colors!

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On photo ivy in bcys1961's photo gallery (2 comments in total)

I was there for the Festival weekend, great place and great shot!

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On photo Sequoia Moon in the Moon Halo challenge (10 comments in total)

Hauntingly beautiful!

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On photo The Great Dictators in the Macro - Stamp(s) challenge (4 comments in total)

Great Butchers of the 20th Century may not have been politically correct, but be closer to the truth, nice shot for what it is.

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On photo Mellifont Steel Wool in the steelwool long exposure challenge (3 comments in total)

One of the best of this technique I've seen to date, congrats!

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On photo Orion Nebula in the Other Worlds - Nebulae challenge (8 comments in total)

Congrats well deserved!
An amazing image

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On photo Apple Apple Apple in Jim Salvas's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

A nice idea, like it.

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