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I am an advanced amateur photographer. I have a Minor Degree in Photography and have attended two cinematography classes.


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tom43: @dpreview: Why gets this toy a story? Meanwhile Kodak announced during CES the revival of the most prominent film ever, Ektachrome slide film, which is not mentioned by a single sentence?!

So many of us out here just want Polaroid to go back to being Polaroid. Fuji has shown how well received instant film photography can be. Meanwhile, i do agree that the return of Kodak's Ektachrome is indeed sweet! Now, if we can just get Kodak to make 110 film again. :-)

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OlyPent: It's not real Polaroid. It's just an inkjet printer and a cheap digital camera. The idea of Polaroids is the look they produce, that the picture is produced by a chemical reaction.

The key is film. Fuji's Instax and Impossible are doing that. Polaroid is ironic in being the one using a built-in printer.

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Interesting that Fuji uses film for its Instax, and Impossible is recreating classic Polaroid film, but Polaroid themselves are still putting a printer in their digital cameras.

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jskrill: Can you please define PL, EF, F, MFT and E mounts.

Given how expensive that lens is, I would definitely want a Positive Lock on it!

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