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If using RAW causes so many problems, why shoot in RAW at all? Isn't that time better spent making photos you really want instead of RAW to JPEG conversion?

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CAcreeks: The iPod Touch doesn't have a phone either, and some people buy it because it doesn't have a phone. This seems rare or non-existent in the Android space, until now. The iPod Touch camera is poor.

iPod touch is a "super-iPod". Camera is one of the added features. Nikon is a camera company. I don't expect them to sell what is essentially a phone without the phone. Apple is not a camera company, they are not trying to sell a music player as a camera.

Having Android on a camera does nothing for your photography. You can always use Eye-Fi if you want wireless connectivity.

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Superka: Canon really lacks imagination.

You mean - they should have slapped a Ferrari logo on it and charged $5000 more for the same camera?

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disraeli demon: Canon were never going to do anything radical on their first outing into mirrorless - they've got far too much invested in SLR sales to risk frightening the horses. What's interesting is how much more leeway they've left themselves compared to Nikon - using an APS-C sensor leaves them room to make much more capable models in the future. There's no reason why there couldn't be an EOS-M equivalent of the Sony Nex 7 if the market shifts towards mirrorless and they don't feel the need to protect the original Eos line so much. Given the performance of the Eos 7D (and what Fuji has been able to do with the APS-C sensor in the X-Pro 1) the fact that the Eos M mount can't support full-frame doesn't mean we won't eventually see some high-performing enthusiast/pro Eos M bodies.

But I'm convinced Canon will move very cautiously, at least for the next few years.

@Jokica: What according to you is missing from the 650D that it already doesn't have?

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xjuanx: Awesome!! Love shooting with a box with less buttons, more deep diving menus, and touch screen. A true photographer's tool to capture moments.........

Sorry to say its not all about IQ. Im sure a floor room display at a Best Buy will generate enough sales from soccer moms and dads. Which is sad to say, the bulk on Canons income comes from these days.

The perfect mirrorless camera Canon's bean counters can produce. Its kinda sad to see how out of touch Canon is, as a leader in the industry.

Soccer moms and dads would rather be seen with the white-coloured Nikon J1.

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Pal2012: Meh

Typical Canon protection of its DSLR line.

In Soviet Russia, DSLR protect CANON!

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Is the National Enquirer 'debasing journalism' ?

If yes, we read other publications, no?

To each their own.

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dojoklo: If you are interested in this type of layered composition and "story-telling" be sure to have a look at artists like James Rosenquist and Robert Rauschenberg, who created painted works with a related approach, with great insight and subtlety.

Do you know what kind of reading I should be doing if I want to get ideas from artists? I am an amateur photographer who is also taking drawing and painting classes. I am trying to learn about art, and I am also taking classes from a local photographer, Chris Pollack.

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Esmee Farquhar: This could be a nice walk-around lens for my 60D.

I know there's one by Novoflex for $300-ish. I don't know whether it would give correct EXIF data or do AF confirmation.

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This could be a nice walk-around lens for my 60D.

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Dan Ortego: Wow, these are truly unremarkable.


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tkbslc: I can't figure out what all the sensor comments are about. I'm looking at the Studio Comparison Tool with RAW crops and the 650D and the D3200 and the NEX 5N and all the other APS-C DSLR sensors look virtually identical at all ISOs. They all look clean at base ISO, get a little noisy at ISO 1600 and get pretty bad at ISO 6400. None are head and shoulders above the rest and none are significantly different outside the margin of error or confirmation bias.

Most people don't shoot above ISO 3200. Those who do know enough to go for a higher-end model like 7D or 5D. High-ISO performance is actually not that important, after all you need *some* light to shoot. Otherwise you use a strobe, or don't shoot at all.

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KatManDEW: Yawn... 5th usage of the same old sensor. Canon obviously has nothing new to offer and continues to milk old technology. This is dissapointing especially after the lackluster 5D3 got spanked by Nikon, but it's exactly what I expected. I would have bet money that the T4i would have the same old sensor as the T2i, T3i, 60D and 7D. I have some of these cameras, and a significant investment in Canon glass, but I'm worried about the future of the company in which I am so heavily invested...

But 5D3 is available in stock at retailers, unlike Nikon's newer models. Nikon's paper launch means buyers will go to Canon instead of waiting for Nikon to produce enough cameras.

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qianp2k: I went thru DPR lab samples. It seems that 650D RAW is not as good as 600D in all ISO range (except 650D has the highest 25600). That is surprised. I am thinking to trade my 60D with 650D for a light/smaller package for travelling. But after seeing DPR samples I think I will hold off. I think 60D is still overall faster than 650D.

60D also has shoulder LCD, which 650D doesn't have. Very handy.

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garyknrd: Well they forgot about the birders for sure. With this it pretty much kills my hopes for a new high end crop sensor. I WILL NEVER BUY THE MK III period. I am going back to Pentax if they come up with a good new crop body. I kept my Sigma 500mm f4.5 lens and 300mm f2.8. Look's like and I cannot believe I am saying this. Canon 500 and 300 will be shelved until they come out with something.

I believe what you got is a lemon, not a melon.

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kenbass: I can't bear these comments.

I can't Bear the damage to the camera.

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