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I really run out excuses for taking my regular Fuji mirrorless camera with lens on trips now because smartphone is getting real tele lens. With good wide and tele prime lens and you can adjust raw files you take on the spot in few secs. I fail to see the need for regular camera nowadays. For regular folks, not professional, these pictures are too good. Cannot believe this day is here.

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For people think Huawei send the data to ‘somewhere’, you do know it still need to go through the carrier’s data plan and Android os system calls, right? There are too many places to trace it without being caught, and so far not one evidence found for many years of selling huawei’s smartphone that ranked number 2 in sales in the world.

I am pretty sure FBI and CIA tried many ways on huawei products to dig up some dirt but failed to do so. Even bloomberg news on Chinese spy hardware chip in the motherboard used by amazon and google ended without any evidence.

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I think a lot of people are way too harsh on this camera. They said from the beginning it is made of plastic. People are complaining about photo iq? It is not a FF with quality lens, picture is decent actually if those are true. Anything custom made won’t be cheap. You order only 7000 copy parts the cost is going to be high. Yes it is over $100, try to make it yourself see how much it is going to be. You can not compare the price model with used film camera. Also the delay timeline is nothing new in Kickstarter. There are quality issues and they do need to fix them, but crying like crazy and ask them to ship asap doesn’t help on the quality issue.


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