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MikeCG: May be a silly question, but does anyone know? I have an Aperture 2 "retail box" with a CD and serial no., which don't remember but must have used for my original install, which is now ver. 3.6 (with a 2014 copyright date, I assume indicating the last, hopefully most current, update), running on an old iMac (early 2009). Assuming the current installed iteration continues to work with OS upgrades, my ultimate question is, how can I continue to use Aperture on a new iMac? Will I be able to install the ver. 2 using the disk I have, and if so, will it upgrade to ver. 3.6, using the serial no. that came with ver. 2? Or if I were to buy a new iMac and have my current software/date transferred by the Apple Store, would my current Aperture 3.6 work on my new computer? Anybody have any idea?

Next to my MP I have a mini as well. I fired up MAS, and on tab Purchased was able to download Aperture. Which seemed odd to me, because I too have only bought the retail DVD.

One caveat is that the MAS only had v3.5 and not the latest v3.6. So after the MAS had it installed I deleted the app and simply copied v3.6 from my MP to the mini. It just works. YMMV

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Thanks Ron007. I am actually familiar with the difference between public & private ip addresses. Would you happen to know if it is a public ip, or is the statement "in principle you could operate it from a different continent" from an author who doesn't know the ramifications?


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"Because this is all web-based, you don't have to physically close to the camera either - in principle you could operate it from a different continent."

Really? It has a public ip? v4 or v6?

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