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In the entire United Kingdom there are 4 firearm discharges and no deaths in any given year. In the USA the average city has that many shootings every week and nearly always there is the fatal shooting of a civilian.

I am aware of how US and Israeli soldiers have made it a common practice to shoot photographers and video camera operators but it is more than a little scary to have police officers in the USA now immune from prosecution for doing this.

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On article Pro Services: Are they worth it? (151 comments in total)

I have used both CPS and NPS and neither are particularly good at providing meaningful support for their pro customers. Neither are good at expediting repairs. With NPS I have been able to get first crack at buying a new camera or lens, though recently as with the D850 they limited their members to a single body.

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Adds complexity and slows down shooting with the flash. Definitely a gimmick for novice photographers that is not at all needed with eTTL having been available in Canon flash for nearly two decades.

A true gain would be going to RF and dropping infrared entirely. Long overdue for Canon and for Nikon.

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Great out for the incompetent instructor who let his student crash the helicopter and then wants to blame a 2 lb. drone. It is like a driving instructor blaming a skateboard in the road for crashing into a tree.

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The military does not want photographic evidence of the war crimes it commits. The so called war on terror has had photographers prevented from accessing combat areas during and after action and the military and the corporate media have censored heavily any images that do get taken.

This is the most unphotographed war since the invention of photography in the 1830's. What people cannot see they cannot object to when it comes to the true cost in human life of our country's obsession with endless war (and endless war profits).

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On article Sigma announces full-frame 14-24mm F2.8 DG HSM Art lens (233 comments in total)

Sigma got it half right which seems to be a trend with them. Having a lower profile hood to better accommodate filters and for VR is a half step in the right direction. It should have been a thread on alternative to a thread on hood with the large scalloped hood. The product engineers are evidently not photographers.

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On article Why you should own a 135mm F2 lens (385 comments in total)

When all that was available were APS-C crop cameras a 85mm lens provided a near equivalent view angle to the 135mm on a full frame camera. I found this highly restrictive for shooting indoors where there was seldom enough distance between me with my camera and my subject(s). I was very happy for this reason to eventually get a full frame DSLR in 2007 and sell the 85mm lens and buy a 105mm one to replace it.

Even if I wanted a 135mm lens (and the 70-200mm f/2.8 is more versatile) it would be the Nikon 135mm f/2 DC lens. Defocus control enables the photographer to use an aperture of f/4 for the subject and to adjust the amount of background blur or the amount of foreground blur. Nothing else like it and the reason the two DC lenses have remained in production since they were introduced in 1993.

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Explains in part why the US military banned the use of DJI drones until such time as they could be operated autonomously and no flight data going to DJI (and the Chinese government).

Our own government is using smartphone data to collect location information on individuals and they are doing this without a warrant. The differences in civil liberties between the USA and China and Russia is become less and less year by year. Guess no one won the cold war after all.

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Love it. love it, love it. Even on a computer display it is most impressive. Would love to get a large print of this image on Kodak Endura metallic paper. Seldom put other photographers' work on my walls but this would be a most worthy exception.

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This will be of possible interest to cinematographers and possible the NSA, but not to mainstream videographers. 4K is overkill in most situations and ignores the ppi limitations of the human eye at normal viewing distances. Great way to sell more hardware to the gullible.

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On article Gear of the Year 2017 - Richard's choice: Sony NP-FZ100 (246 comments in total)

How many people with P&S cameras take more than 400 pictures during the day before they can recharge the camera battery overnight? I want a P&S to fit inside a shirt pocket or I may has well carry a MFT or DSLR.

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On article RIP Lightroom 6: Death by subscription model (1633 comments in total)

Great for further increasing Adobe's profits which is the entire reason behind the move to have all their applications on a Web server and charging a monthly fee to rent access. Not great for users, in particular those living in areas without broadband internet access or who travel to locations where there is not broadband internet access.

Lightroom is still based on a single user with a single computer and as such it is of no use to those who have multiple users or who use multiple computers to access files on a NAS.

Fortunately there are plenty of options for both image editing and for file management.

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Canon shooters have complained about the relatively poor autofocus performance with the 5DS R camera and suspect that it is related to the smaller pixels which make contrast detection more difficult for the autofocus system.

The sports oriented video showing better capture rate with the D5 is also irrelevant for many shooters. With wildlife I do not choose to photograph a bear, elk, etc. charging in my direction. More often I am photographing birds that are 1/10 the size or smaller than a human and in this setting the D850 while very good is not as good as the D500.

I read the same hype about greatly improved autofocus when the D750 was released and I bought one as a result. I quickly found that it was no better than my D7200 in most shooting situations and that I had wasted my money.

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On article Nikon D850 Review (2095 comments in total)

Not a proper test. If there is noise at ISO 64 when the EV is adjusted in processing then the image was underexposed. Nikon DSLRs since the D3 (2007) have produced better image files from overexposure than underexposure. Recognition of this is why the advice has been to expose to the right on the histogram.

Take any camera and underexpose by 1EV and then overexpose by 1EV and the overexposures will nearly always produce the better image after converting the RAW file. With an underexposure there is less real data in the file and so adjusting the EV after the exposure will of course increase the visible noise in the file.

The D850 is evidently more forgiving of a bad exposure made by its user. Nikon with the D3 and subsequent cameras designed them to be more forgiving of overexposed elements in a scene (less data lost) as when photographing a bride in her white dress in full sunlight and not blowing out her dress.

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On photo Muddus in the Wide open vistas challenge (8 comments in total)

illustrates very aptly how it is most important to be at a place at the right time and with the right conditions and have the ability to compose and capture the scene. Masterful job overall.

Shows also how a dark stormy day often makes for the best photography.

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This is important in the western USA or anywhere there are hills which block the line of sight 4G signals from a cell tower. The DJI internet connectivity has required a smartphone with a 4G connection to the internet. 3G or 1xRTT is not enough to connect to the DJI web servers successfully.

This has everything to do with not being restricted to those areas where there is a 4G cell signal available than with the military issue as after all the army is not buying DJI Phantom drones in quantity but rather drones that can carry weapons and kill people. DJI drones, even the commercial models, are hardly military grade in terms of the reliability of the operating code.

The DJI drones are remarkable for the price but one is not getting a reliable or particularly durable aircraft which is why DJI has the $149 Care program to fix a damaged aircraft during its first year of use by a customer.

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This is a terrible approach. With product photography it is important to get the results needed but equally important to do so with minimal time spent with post processing of image files.

Two products that I have found invaluable are the Cocoon translucent light tents and small rolls of seamless material. Both make it cheap and easy to avoid corners or wrinkles in shots and take up very little space when being stored.

These also make it easy to take a table or a table frame or glass table top and light from all directions to get the effect needed even with complex products and those with very reflective surfaces.

Cheap flash units make it easy to have many lights that are easy to position even for very small items and light them to best effect from any side or from above or from below (with the Cocoon on a frame or piece of glass).

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And someday it will be available to buy one. No inventory or ETA for it at B&H.

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Most likely it is non-encryption of the live feed so others in the vicinity would be able to see first person view what the military is doing. It really calls into question what the military is doing with the DJI drones and not DJI as such.

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The TG-5 lacks Shutter Priority mode which I need with a P&S to insure sharp pictures in many circumstances. Using a Sport mode gives all the control to the camera and its programming and takes it away from the shooter.

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