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HeyItsJoel: Of all the bad things android users say about the iPhone, at least one they can't say is that it threatens your life by spontaneous combustion.

Actually I'm an Android and Apple user. I like to keep an open mind rather than blindly following like a mindless sheep.

Still doesn't change the fact that all smart device manufacturers are still using a power source technology, that is difficult to mass produce. OK it holds a vast amount of energy, but the very slightest defect can result in all that energy being released as heat. Apple aren't using a special kind of Lithium, that stops this...they have battery issues too.

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HeyItsJoel: Of all the bad things android users say about the iPhone, at least one they can't say is that it threatens your life by spontaneous combustion.

Any device that has a high capacity lithium battery, has the potential of having the same falt. In fact many experts believe that most smart device manufacturers are pushing the limits of lithium battery tech beyond acceptable.
Apple certainly are not an exception to this thought either... as anyone who had a macbook pro and a swelling battery can attest to.

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Karroly: RX100 power and features increase at each iteration but at the cost of battery life :
RX100II = 350 pictures
RX100III = 320 pictures
RX100IV = 280 pictures
RX100V = 220 pictures
Will the next ones be so powerful they can only take 1 picture ?

Yes battery life has gotten a real PITA. 220 pictures battery capacity is a pretty big flaw, and not very convenient for the type of photographer this is aimed at. Actually the more I look at the whole feature set, the more I realize how much this camera could be crippled by its battery life.

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PatMann: To show the earth's rotation, it would be better to shoot from the moon, or from another point in space. This video actually just shows an effect of the earh's rotation combined with the moon's rotation and its movement in its orbit around the earth.

The moon does rotate once for every orbit around the Earth, which is why we always see the same side. FYI the moons orbital period is 27 days, or 29 1/2 days (synodic period).

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Chris Williams...I found your comments rather bias. I'm in agreement that Nikon had a quiet if not disappointing Photokina, but your comments, " Olympus and Fujifilm both made huge announcements with respect to flagship cameras that they are developing, but I was honestly a bit disappointed by the announcements from Nikon and Sony." followed by " Sure, they recently released the D5, but it's an expensive, niche product.". Hmmm, you conveniently failed to mention the D500, which may I add, with the rumors of the anticipated price of a EM1 II along with Olympus' claims, could be classed as a competitor to the EM1 II. The D500 is certainly not a niche and expensive product, yet you fail to mention it...conveniently to make YOUR point?

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On article Leica and Huawei to create joint R&D center (88 comments in total)

Hmm... Software and lens development with a German cimpany. Does that mean when DXO tests the a new product from this collaberation, the phone will detect its being tested and initiate a software program that makes the lens seem better than it really is?

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On article Teardown reveals Sony image sensors in iPhone 7 (199 comments in total)

Camera phones are so yesterday. Instant film is where its at!

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It seems to me that everyone wants to get into the action cam act. I thought the market was already saturated. I'm really surprised to see so many brands trying to enter (Nikon, Olympus etc, etc). Am I missing something?

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Frank in Bridgewater: For an enthusiast rather than a pro, I'd need more general lenses, something at least as versatile as a full-frame 24-70. And I wonder what the price will be? it would be interesting to see if this could be a competitor/surplanter of the FF Sony a7RII... One would hope that they keep the rather nice user interface from their current X-T2 and similar cameras.

Being Fuji I would expect a price tag of between $7K - $8K. A bit more than it's perceived competition, but still worthy of attention.

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Very tempting!

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TyphoonTW: Nice images. When I was 16 all I could afford was a 60$ Kodak point&shoot film camera, feelsbadman.

RedFox88. What would you prefer him to spend the money on? Weed, or something other less inspiring for people to enjoy?
I remember saving up money from a paper round for 18 months to get something I wanted when I was 14.
Good luck to him. His photos are inspiring, and I hope he has a great future ahead of him...however he decides to spend HIS money.

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WilliamJ: A machine operating machines, how exciting ! Where is the Human skill ? Where is the Human point of view ? That's not "photography", just "automated picture taking" at its finest, as do everyday security cameras.

I think WilliamJ has been reading too much press and commenting from a position of uneducated rumor. Just an FYI: what we now call "Drone", in the old days was called "Remote Controlled". A real human still has to control the "Drone" and still has to be artistic enough to imagine the shot, to actually take it.

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$3500 for a prosumer camera! Thats a huge chunck of change for an enthusiast and about $700 more than I would expect it to be.

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virtualreality: Any macro-photographer should upgrade to mirrorless. Lots of benefits over DSLR. Easier to use, better focus, no mirror shake. Also you get access to the best (sony 90mm f/2.8) macro lens.

I have worked with a 90mm, 120mm equivalent, 225mm equivalent macro lenses, and in all honesty although working distance helps a little, knowing your insects behavior is far more important to getting a 1:1 shot. At the moment I'm using a 60mm macro on m43, and success rate for a variety of insects is very good, just because the setup is so light.

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I used to really ike Manfrotto gear, but recently have been more impressed with the range and quality from the decent chinese manufacturers. I love my induro gear and feal I am missing nothing.
Personally I never really liked Manfrottos tilting center column.

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Henrik Herranen: Pretty balanced article, but there are two points that I think could have been better.

Page 2: "In this instance, the a6300's finder is around 20% larger than that of the Canon. Its fast refresh means it's better able to help you follow the action than ever before."
This is my opinion not true at all. While fast refresh may make a6300 better than some other mirrorless cameras, how could it compete with the natively zero lag of an optical viewfinder? EVFs have some advantages over OVFs, but following action definitely isn't one of them.

Page 8: "While Canon's APS-C lineup isn't quite as comprehensive as its offerings for full frame, it's still pretty comprehensive, especially when you include those full frame lenses that remain useful on the smaller format."
I find this a bit of an underhanded way of saying that Canon has the most versatile native (EF, EF-S, TS-E) lens selection of any camera maker in the history of cameras. Nikon is the only one who comes even close.

- Henrik

Agreed rrccad. I'm not sure he understands how live broadcasting was accomplished before the digital era.

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Lars V: We're nowadays pretty far from the original meaning of "mint condition".

I'm with you there. Mint condition should mean that, no matter an items age. Saying something is 'mint' then proceeding to describe scratches and/or chips (although an honest description), just doesn't seem or feel right.

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(unknown member): ISO is a relative illuminance. So ISO 100, f/8 will result in the same shutter speed across formats. But it's also true that smaller sensors collect less total light, so on a smaller sensor, more amplification is needed to achieve that same illumination, hence the appearance of additional noise from that amplification.

I think you'll find that for any given area the light collectiion is the same at the same f stop be it ff or m43. If you taped off a segment of ff sensor in a ff camera to the size of a m43 sensor and measured the amount of photons hitting it, it wouldnt have a greater photon count than the native m43 camera.

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On article Photoshop CC 2015.5.1 available (89 comments in total)
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Nobby2016: unbelievable that they still don´t offer offline installers for all apps.
and the PS offline installer lets you not choose the language.

adobe really is into this data collecting cloud BS.

I hate to tell you this, but if you use a smart phone (especially) , then Adobe is the least of your worries as far as this issue is concerned.

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Im not going to knock this. Anything that introduces kids to photography is good by me.

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