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As an M43 user, where Olympus missed out was in video...that is where it is really strong. Panasonic realised this a long time ago, but Olympus never got it right, especially with their bodies. The lenses where OK in this regard.
I went with Panasonic for M43, as it seemed that thelr bodies allowed more flexibility as a stills/video shooter.
Never the less, this is sad news. Olympus has a great history in this market but I suspect any future camera with the Olympus name will just be licensed out, although from what I gather the company they sold to has a history of putting things quietly to bed.

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Foskito: Good luck editing 8K, plus the refrigerator-size hard drives needed to store the files.

"Good luck editing 8K"...obviouslky not heard of proxy files amongst other things to smooth out work flow.

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Congrats to Nikon for finally pulling it off. Their first step into FF mirrorless is a decent step. The new mount certainly shows they are looking forward and taking things seriously. Im really looking forward to what they can bring to the table in the future.
Nobody should be too hard on them for this first attempt into a new format. Specs look good and it shows that Nikon had a good understanding of what was expected of them.

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Blaklynx01: Since rent-a-software is cheap, why not rent ALL software on your PC and see if you can afford it? Anybody care to calculate all their software at say $10ea / month and see how many Starbucks coffees you'll need to give up?

C'mon, let's see some real numbers from you rent-a-software fans...

Sorry, but like many here you are wrong. If you buy software you do not own it. Read the EULA of any software you have purchased and it will tell you that you purchased the right to use it. Nothing more, nothing less.

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I appreciate the skill and dedication required for these types of shots. I'm a fan of natural environment timelapses, but in this case I couldn't find anything to inspire me.
Individually, the timelapses of NYC and star trails would probably be cool, but when put together they fall apart. Nice idea, decent editing, but the the result was lacking for me...and probably through no fault of the artists. Sometimes things just dont work.

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nachos: Lighting evolves pretty slowly; no need to return only 8 months later with the same products as before.

I@ dM photography

I can do that with godox/flashpoint gear. Buy an extension head for 70 bucks and good to go.Not difficult and stll a lot cheaper.

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marc petzold: I do like the idea, that maybe Pentax would be the last brand, which is producing DSLRs. Pentax is way traditional, and Rangefinders are out of style for decades...but as you know, Leica is doing great! So why not? :-)

I am a huge fan of classic camera controls, since the SLR days, so Fujifilm has won me over with their analogue dials. Look at the Pentax K-1(II), that DSLR is perfectly engineered. It just reminds me the great old Contax SLR days.

If i'd be a Billionaire, i'd buy the brand right Contax from Zeiss, and develop new Contax cameras, DSLR. finally....or perhaps even Mirrorless.

Can't Zeiss show a heart and bring the famous brand & quality back to Life ?!

Good Light!


@ marc petzold
I'm with you. Pentax are one of those traditional companies, and instill a lot of nostalgia. Who hasn't shot through a Pentax K mount lens in their past?
Unfortunately, I dont see a rosey outlook for Pentax. They come across as a company struggling to make ends meet.

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Cheng Bao: Where is Nikon interview?

There are one of two things happening at Nikon at the moment:
1. The DL, Key Mission and Nikon 1 adventures, have left management in a position of not knowing what to do (call it lack of self confidence or incompetency).
2.Internally they have got their act together, and coolly playing their cards close to their chest.

At the moment Canon are in a better position to enter the FF mirrorless market, as they are certainly introducing tech that will be valuable to them in that market (dual pixel AF, for example). Also, their lenses do adapt well. On the other hand Nikon aren't showing anything, and retreated even further back. I'd rather be in Canons shoes at the moment, thats for sure.

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CheersUK: Being a Nikon shooter most of my life, before I moved to mirrorless, I worry about Nikon leadership at the moment. Some bad judgements have been made (Key Mission, the DL series) although the D500 and D850 shows their quality.
Nikon havnt the best track record when entering new markets. They will either home run it when they do release a mirrorless...or completely miss the mark.

...just to add. I go back to my point about Nikon leadership: With the Nikon 1 system they had a hand on that particular relay torch, but then decided to drop it. They didnt have the courage to continue on. Financials seem to drive Nikon R&D a lot more than other camera brands (apart from Pentax). I get the feeling Nikon are hesitating at a time when positive action is needed.

I hope Nikon come out with something special. I really do...but my confidence is low with them at the moment. The D500 and D850, will go down as Nikon classics, I'm sure. Maybe the perfect DSLR swan song.
Nikon management and their decision making process makes me nervous though.

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CheersUK: Being a Nikon shooter most of my life, before I moved to mirrorless, I worry about Nikon leadership at the moment. Some bad judgements have been made (Key Mission, the DL series) although the D500 and D850 shows their quality.
Nikon havnt the best track record when entering new markets. They will either home run it when they do release a mirrorless...or completely miss the mark.

...and how successful was that venture??

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Chris Dodkin: Mirrorless was the push five years ago - the next horizon is the global shutter.

The necessity for Canon and Nikon to protect their 'cash cow' lens systems has prevented them from innovating into mirrorless, and now they are at the point of doing so the smarter smaller companies are 5 years ahead of them, moving to MF instead of sticking with FF, and moving towards global shutter.

So glad I dumped my Canon gear while it was still worth something

@melgross...again. Man, you obviously do have your head stuck in the sand, as Chris Dodkin pointed out. "Global shutters have little to do with still photography, and Canon is the leader in R&D there.", shows little understanding of the technology. In fact it can easily be argued Canon do not lead in that area at all. I would say Panasonic are leading that race, with organic sensor tech.
I expect that Panasonic will have a broadcast video camera with an organic sensor ready by 2020, and possibly a consumer camera by 2022. Hi res 8k capable sensor, global shutter, huge DR and electronic ND filter. Show me Canons offering!!

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melgross: First of all, I’ll repeat what I say every time I read an author say that some company or other “welcomes” the competition. Companies don’t welcome competition, particularly when they’re struggling to get somewhere in a market. Yes, they have to say they welcome competition. Otherwise they’re seen as weak, and nervous.

Sony has seen failure after failure in the DSLR race. They have the same 5%, or so, marketshare there as they did when they first bought Konica/Minolta. Going mirrorless was an attempt to enter a market that their much bigger rivals weren’t in. An early arrival in an attempt to own that market. As Canon has shown, a late entry can be very successful if that company understands the market. Canon’s mirrorless is now one of the largest and fastest growing.

Sony knows that if Canikon plays their cards properly, they will again be relegated to third place. And believe me, they aren’t happy about it.

OMG. I'm not a Sony shooter, but I admire their balls and determination in the camera market...but melgross, you are incorrect. In fact, Sony have a clear advantage and are a major success in the sensor market. This is what really drives their camera division. They are probably in a as strong as a position as any of the other major players, purely based on their sensor division and its market share.

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ttran88: Knew it all along, DPR are mirrorless bias!!! Canon 6DmII review was the most obvious. And this article here is a warm up for their imminent release of their glowing gold award review of the A7III...

The Canon 6D mkII was obviously a disappointment and didnt meet expectations. Actually its a great example of the general stagnation of DSLR development, and deserved the critical reviews.

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Theo Ghefner: Let's talk about aging.
Funny but, please remember that it happens as soon as we're born.
Now, what's the photographer most valuable tool you'll eventually ask, and don't be surprised by my statement, is the same for any fighter pilot, the eyes, and they're aging as well.
Thus, coming back to the digital chase to equal Kodachrome 25 resolution, the same should take place on the EVF versus Optical Viewfinder, because a bad EVF is really bad for the eyes.
The best EVF today is the one incorporated into Leica SL, all the others are way behind and still moving with snail speed toward improvement, and that is for the 35mm/FF style cameras.
Fuji GFX 50S, has an EVF on the acceptable quality level, but it should be much better than it is now, because is much bigger, Hasselblad X1C, please take note.
Bottom line, the camera makers have now quite a nice load of work on their plate.

I agree with Scottelly. The EVF v OVF argument is a matter of your point of view. Somebody could say an EVF with focus peaking, zebras, live view with WYSWYG view as far as aperture and shutter speed goes etc, would mean the OVF needs to improve.

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Being a Nikon shooter most of my life, before I moved to mirrorless, I worry about Nikon leadership at the moment. Some bad judgements have been made (Key Mission, the DL series) although the D500 and D850 shows their quality.
Nikon havnt the best track record when entering new markets. They will either home run it when they do release a mirrorless...or completely miss the mark.

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entoman: I've always found the ergonomics and menus of Panasonic M43 cameras to be more pleasing and easier to use than Olympus equivalents, while Olympus have the advantage of arguably tougher cameras.

It's good therefore to know that Panasonic intend to take their stills cameras more seriously, and hopefully produce a pro-level body that can compete with pro APS cameras such as D500 and 7DMkii.

@ entoman

I totally agree with you on AF speed...well CAF any way, but the build quality of the G9 is every bit as good as the D500.

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James Wages: Depth-to-Defocus (DtD) is marketing hype trickery for those of us who use the GH5 and know that Olympus PRO lenses, which are sadly incompatible with DtD, are superior to Panasonic’s lenses, by and large. Only Panasonic lenses are currently compatible with DtD, which is limiting and ridiculous. Hence the strong demand among GH5 users for phase detect AF that works with any lens. If Panasonic wants us, valued users who keep their business alive, to support them and their efforts to improve AF, Panasonic should freely DtD technical details to any u4:3 lens maker so most lenses can become compatible with it.

I'm a Panasonic shooter, but I have to say, when I buy lenses, I buy Olympus lenses with more confidence than Panasonic lenses. There just seems to be less chance of a dud when you buy Olympus glass. Leica branding is just that - branding. For the amount of sample variation you can get with PL glass, obviously QC isn't covered within the "Lieica branding".

I do like what Panasonic are doing with their cameras (which is why I shoot them), but I'm disconcerted with their after sale support. To be taken seriously, they need to offer a pro level support program...just like Sony, Canon, Nikon and Olympus. They need to look at the whole picture, which I feel they are not presently.

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neneboricua: Most people here don't realize Lytro was ahead of it's time. Its technology could have lots of applications, even if traditional photography isn't one of them. They would have done better as a sort of "skunk works" R&D group inside Google, Microsoft, Tesla, or some other large tech company. But they were limited by needing to put out some sort of consumer product to keep the company funded. Imagine what they could have done if they could have focused just on developing that tech for a solid 10 years. Most people don't understand that 80% of the time to bring a product to market is spent on the last 20% (or less) of work to smooth out the rough edges...

The tech was probably ahead of its time...but the real issue was they didnt understand business. They didnt understand the consumer imaging business, or the cinematography business.

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Mssimo: If you go to Lytro's website, I challenge you to find a picture of the current "Lytro Cinema" or "Lytro Immerge". Its almost like bigfoot, you may see something in the videos but you cant quite make it out. They oversold the technology they had to the wrong audience for way too much money.

I agree. I remember when the Lytro Cinema was announced, and I butted heads with Rishi [Sanyal], in that I thought it would not succeed in its current form...probably ever. With out doubt it is fascinating technology. The main problem with the Lytro Cinema, in particular, is that no Cinematographer worth his salt is going to turn over his creative control (envisioned on set) to some chump in the editing room further down the pipe.

The last time I saw anything about Lytro Cinema, was way back in 2016, and if they are now being purchased as a company for $40 million, I think its safe to say the company is in dire straights. For some small change (in Google terms) they have probably acquired a nice set of technology rights, to store away for a a rainy day

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A typical interview you would expect from corporate staff...vague, if nothing else.
I use to be a Nikon guy, but moved to mirrorless. Nikon, as well as Canon, make great cameras but innovation in the DSLR market seems to be stagnated compared to mirrorless.
I do have to give Canon some credit. At least they have started to dip their toes in the mirrorless market, where as Nikon have nothing to show, apart from a zero market share in the mirrorless market. I"m frightened for Nikon, as their track record for products when entering new markets hasnt been great lately.

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