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  • i think you should give him the sack not the sock lol good fun pictures i must say
  • Created discussion thread high wire act
    its not very often that i spot the swallows sat still  but today i caught them having a rest they are about 150 feet away from me and quite high up the first shot shows this by the rooftop on the ...
  • david have you thought about doing a 4k video and then capturing the pictures from the video man climbs ladder then smokes them out wasp go mental by doing a video you  will not miss anything that ...
  • good luck with your new camera ray i hope that it is not to much of a uphill struggle for you lol i just had to take a shot of this girl as she came up the hill side, beach in the back ground fitte ...
  • that is my dream shot  well done it looks great to me
  • yes french bulldog with a long body runs very fast and can stand up straight on his back legs
  • yes the 1 year old french bull dog likes to be out the door first,and first at everything he's still a puppy  and finding out about things.the 4  yearly blue staff puts him in his place when he ...
  • Created discussion thread come on look at me
    i swear that one day i will dangle a dog bone from my fz 1000s lens and then they both will look at me  at the same time  lol some cropping done,
  • Replied in played it safe
    i must say birds of prey are the ones that i find are the hardest to get they are so alert at all times,here are a few more shots just a few hours later, this sparrow does not look very old to me' ...
  • Created discussion thread played it safe
    and took these shots from my sisterinlaws bedroom window my theory is at least  get some sort of shot,before you try to get any closer my aim was to take these first then try to walk down the ...
  • my money is on shot 5
  • Replied in hello
    yes that little dog looked lost under the staffy,at least  i could not see any angry looks i did see a angry looking guy the other day while we were out with the dogs a man and his 10 year old son ...
  • Replied in hello
    jerry that made me laugh thanks
  • Replied in heron
    thanks guys this forum is a very friendly forum to be part of,cheers bassy
  • Replied in heron
    russ just behind the bird is a river that is out of sight in fact the bird is only about 5 meters away from his hunting ground,and now that you have said it  i do think its my  first time  i have ...
  • Created discussion thread hello
    i don't think i will argue with you,just a little pup that we met on our walk  on sunday this blue staff is very soft and gentle and strong at the same time
  • Created discussion thread heron
    we had just pulled  up at the car park,when i spotted this bird in the distance at first i did not know what kind of bird it was  but as soon as i zoomed in with the camera i could tell that it was ...
  • ray i  would say you have done the right thing getting your money back i know that i would pay another 120.00 pounds and get a brand new one with a 2 year warranty
  • Replied in thirsty work
    hal i miss sending pictures for bev also i know that she loved my horse shots i can see the smile on her face now as you stand beside her both looking at them together i hope you are still doing ...
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