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I hate the subscription model and will never use it. It's the same thing in my mind as leasing a car. When the other guys hold all the cards, they call the shots. And it's obvious to me that is what Adobe's business model is all about.

Why doesn't Adobe just offer CC *AND* the old way of buying a copy? Then everyone can have what they want.

If Adobe won't sell Photoshop as they used to (non subscription), I'm through with them. The honchos at Adobe cannot imagine how adamant and inflexible I am on this.

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Whoever came up with the idea for the subscription model, and everyone at Adobe who supports it, are going to run their company into the ground. By now it should be obvious to Adove that by a wide margin, people do not support the idea. Look at the poll. It's almost 96% against. Are you really going to stay the course, Adobe?

Some, including me, feel viscerally about this move. Even if Adobe reverses course, I feel I've just had it with getting nickel and dimed to death. I feel that strongly about it. So no more purchases from Adobe from me. Already, I have Aperture, Pixelmator and Capture One. Oloneo is another great piece of software that I plan on getting in the near future. I am already on a course away from Adobe software.

Bye bye Adobe, it was nice while it lasted.

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I see a lot of people angry with Adobe and calling them greedy. I also see a few people who can't understand why anyone should be upset with Adobe.

To the latter and Adobe: does it matter why they're mad or if they're justified? No, not really. All that really matters is that they ARE mad, there are a lot of them, and they say they intend to avoid being sucked down the money drain. I think they mean to do just what they're saying. I believe whoever is pushing the subscription model needs to go, and fast.

It looks like Adobe thinks people won't abandon them. Think again, Adobe.

One more thing: as a Mac owner and iPod Touch user, I can attest that you always get updates / upgrades / bug fixes for any and all apps for exactly $0.00. It's in the app creator's interest, or they wouldn't do it. Rovio (Angry Birds) for example does it (and makes money doing it) so why can't Adobe? You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

Wise up Adobe: charge less, make more.

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On photo Orbs in the Spider Webs challenge (8 comments in total)

Thanks, olmail! I have yet to top this point and shoot image with anything produced by my much more expensive DSLR gear.

olmail wrote:
> a wonderful macro- was my favorite of many very good entries in this challenge

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On photo Orbs in the Spider Webs challenge (8 comments in total)

Thank you Nagas. Yes, you do get a different look by being physically close as opposed to what you get with a telephoto macro.

Nagas wrote:
> There are a lot of good pictures in this challenge, but super macro mode makes this one different from the rest. Nice done!

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On photo Orbs in the Spider Webs challenge (8 comments in total)

They are dew drops formed by fog, on a cobweb on a pier. The droplets are very tiny, which is why they are so round.

yadanikon wrote:
> Is this a macro mode of water drops? Or are they other things?

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On photo Orbs in the Spider Webs challenge (5 comments in total)

Thank you. The Coolpix 4500 is a great macro camera. You have to get physically very close to your subject. I was about an inch from the web, the largest dewdrop was much smaller than a BB. It wasn't easy, I was handholding and there was a breeze which kept pushing the web in and out of focus. I really like the way macros look when you're physically close. Sorry for the late reply.

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On photo Orbs in the Spider Webs challenge (5 comments in total)

Thanks, jezsik!

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