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Maybe I should make a clip on body kit for NEX7 that turns the Sony into a Hasselblad and sell it on eBay.

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Larry Winters: Usain Bolt is NO LEGEND. Michael Phelps would more likely be called a Legend. He's earned I think 16 Gold and over 20+ medals in 3 Olympics from the 100m, 200m to 400m with mulitple strokes. And he has Gold 3-peated in at least 2 events. When Bolt Gold medals in the 100, 200, and at least medals in the 400, and throw in a hurdle event, in 3 Olympics, then he will have just equalled Phelps. Bolts has only doubled in 2 events and now has a paltry 6 medals. I'm really no fan of swimming or Phelps but the standard he's set will take awhile to surpass and you can't deny him that.

Bolt is a character which is good for Sports advertising, but I'm still wondering want this has to do with reviewing digital photography here on DPR.


Make 50m, 100m, 200m, 400m in "Running Backwards", "Running with hands tied behind back", "Running like a retard" and etc. and see how many more medals Bolt will win.

Swimming is a joke. There should be ONE gold medal for a best swimmer.

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X100 for $1,200 sounds like a bargain.

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topstuff: Pentax K-01 is a supermodel compared to Canon G1 X.

G1X vs K-01 is like comparing North Korean design vs. Russian design.

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wskb: Pointless. The whole point of having the NEX is so you have a small system. Chucking a big Canon lens and an adapter on it and you end up with something the size of a normal DSLR anyway. Am I missing something?

Might as well spend several hundred more and get a Canon EF-S body, like Rebel T3i.

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