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Phone cameras continue to get increasingly powerful capabilities and features, allowing pretty damn good pictures… and instant sharing. Alas, from what I see on Facebook, YouTube, twitter and elsewhere, *any* instant cellphone pictures and videos - 3 main flavors: OK, crappy and embarrassingly pathetic (:-(- are simply good enough for most people… and these they delightedly, and perhaps gratuitously, share instamagically with their wide social media universe… which sometimes includes more discerning (and talented) photographers… like you and me. (:-(

Convenience is king, and the cost of entry to "cellphie" photography seems to be nil; most everybody's got a phone with a camera. IMHO, we're doomed to the dismal signal-to-noise ratio of everyman's smartphone photo/video content-sharing. (:-(

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Pros will always have their D4- and 5D-caliber gear; I suspect prosumer gear will also still have a market, perhaps dwindling, of committed shutterbugs; the future of dedicated consumer camera gear seems uncertain.

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FolioBook is $13, not $10

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Re: 20-1200mm zoom, I'm waiting for this crazy lens technology to make it into the SLR space - that is, hoping for small and lightweight Bigma alternatives.

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Disappointed that there's no GPS and no articulating screen. (:-( I'll pay more money for these desirable features.

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Having some reporter, even a very competent one, take some iPhone story shots isn't just a *small* compromise on image quality; it's absurdly and obscenely *huge*, a wholesale endorsement of image mediocrity to the masses (for whom, alas, the bar on image quality continues to drop). Heck, CS-T might as well just crowdsource from the public (e.g. cellphone/P&S iReporters) and exploit their free tweet pix. If the CS-T previously sold its photogs' images on its website, I strongly believe sales of iPhone shots by reporters will drop radically, if not entirely. (The Denver Post sells images via secondstreet's myCapture platform, while its sister paper, the nearby Boulder Daily Camera, uses SmugMug Pro; I have no idea what kind of income they generate but would love to know.) In summary, I'd expect zero photo Pulitzers from iPhone-shooting reporters. (;-)

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Of course, a trained, dedicated and gifted photographer or photojournalist, with years, or especially decades, of experience (including a well-developed instinct), can still produce some great images even with modest gear, such as an iPhone. However, we all know that no iPhone - or any other cellphone, point-and-shoot, or even most amazing latest superzoom bridge camera - has anywhere near the capabilities of pro DSLR gear - that shoots 9-11 FPS at ISO 100,000-200,000 with a full-frame sensor and fast, powerful f2.8 AF telephoto or wide angle zooms.

Presumably, they'll be using skilled freelancers to pick up at least some of the slack from the laid-off staffers, hopefully not just former staffers at reduced wages and no benefits.

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I appreciate Canon's 7D firmware update overview webpage, the short video, additional features page, helpful 1.x/2.x comparison chart; very thoughtful.

I'd appreciate an updated manual - complete, current documentation for new and updated features.

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Glenn Haley: The survey kept asking me about my mobile phone. I don't have a mobile phone. Could not complete the survey!

Re: assumed mobile phone, damn annoying of the survey people. I entered something so I could continue with the survey - not throw away my time spent to that point.

Survey makers should learn when to use a checkbox vs. radio buttons. Ugh.

I don't think there was a place for me to say what features are most interesting, useful to me, e.g. fully-articulated screen, GPS, long battery life, etc.

Anyway, *way* too long a survey.

(Nit-pick: they use "Press" for buttons instead of Click/Tap.)

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