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On article Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1 preview extended (280 comments in total)

All this talk about being ground breaking. Didn't the Sigma DP cameras already achieve most of this already? Certainly the latest DP Merrill cameras produce incredible shots. Amazing how consistently Sigma is overlooked in these sorts of puff pieces.

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On article Ricoh GR Digital IV Preview (187 comments in total)

"Ricoh's GR Digital cameras, with their fixed focal-length lenses and compact sensors have no direct peers"

Utter nonsense. Have you not heard of the Sigma DP range of cameras? Seriously, how DPReview can make such a comment is ridiculous. It has also been superseded since with the Fuji X100 too of course, but the Sigmas have been around for years.

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On article Just Posted: Canon EOS 5D Mark III review (705 comments in total)

The Canon Mk3 and Nikon D800 are clearly both excellent cameras both capable of taking excellent images. The choice between them, in my opinion, does not come down to moronic, pointless techie-babble about shadow noise at ISO 25,000; the choice comes down to the current lenses you have and ergonomics.

I was going to buy a Nikon D700 and even put in an order on Amazon (which fell through), but I was never comfortable with the ergonomics - the camera felt like a brick and the bottom right corner rubbed my palm in use. I have large hands and it just was not right for me - even the finger notch felt uncomfortable. I was in a store and asked to try the Canon Mk2 - I had a Mk1 which I really disliked for its crappy LCD and front-heavy weighting with a decent lens and poor ergonomics. Well, compared to the D700, the Mk2 felt like a dream. It felt so much lighter, was smoother and more comfortable to hold and less brick-like. Both are great; I chose the most comfortable.

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On article Just Posted: Canon EOS 5D Mark III review (705 comments in total)
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Razaghi: I come to this forum to read some useful opinions, and what do I find? Childish discussions about whose gear is better, mine of yours (which obviously most even don't really own). In the past, when negatives and positives were used, camera's were also being rated, disregarding the films being used, and they were given scores. Now, sensors have replaced the film, being still only part of the whole rating. Canon already made some of the highest mp sensors, read:
but a camera's quality is not measured 'only' by its sensor.
The German 'Foto Magazin' which I read for years, has rated Mkiii 87% and D800 86%. Nobody can accuse them of being biased, as the past 60 years have shown they are not. The Dutch 'Digifoto Pro' has given both its platinum award.
Both cameras seem to be excellent and when used, creating beautiful photos. So, Please stop the childish game of whose is better and leave space for photographic related discussions.

Amen. DPR has decent reviews, but the people who come on here and post carping, childish posts are complete muppets. I have never known so many idiots criticising about each others' equipment. Do you think true pro photographers post these sorts of comments? I remember seeing a documentary which featured a NY photographer (I forget who, he was in his 60s and was v well respected) and he was taking shots in the street using a Canon ixus snap camera with probably 8 MP. He wasn't on here comparing shadow details at ISO 25,000....

Seriously, it seems 99% of the people on here are techie morons whose opinions are completely worthless in the real world. People have taken award winning shots with cameras half the quality of the Canon Mk3 or Nikon D800. Both are clearly excellent cameras.

Anyone who says one camera "blows the other away" should be banned. Such utter hype and nonsense. They blow away cameras from 10 years ago for sure. That is all.

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