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I'm ready for a new 70-200.... Not so ready for $2800.

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I had the 260 because it had a PC sync

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On article Nikon 1 V3 Review (651 comments in total)
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Les Kamens: How come Nikon didn't release something that would be more comparable to Sony's A7s. I would be all over it.

I was referring the the Hi ISO, Silent shutter, and full size sensor ... unfortunately even in quiet mode DSLR's make noise
I'm an NPS member check my equipment list...it makes no sense for me to carry two systems.. not sure why Nikon didn't jump in more seriously. :(

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On article Nikon 1 V3 Review (651 comments in total)

How come Nikon didn't release something that would be more comparable to Sony's A7s. I would be all over it.

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On article SherpaFund raises money after Everest avalanche (21 comments in total)

My Heart goes out to their family and friends.
Gate' Gate' Paragate' Parasamgate' Bodhi Svah'a'

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Abu Mahendra: Right. Hasn't Canon had this for a few years now?

get off the name game doesn't matter who's first, just that we all get to use cool technology... could say the same about Nikon have higher iso first. so glad our canon friends can use that tech as well. But I guess the real question is nice for lens but how about extending that to our filters that are on the front lines.

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On article Calumet Oak Brook, Illinois store reopens this Sunday (42 comments in total)

I always found the NYC store to be the best calumet outlet out of all the ones out there. SF being the worst... I hope they reopen NYC. Those folks that work there don't deserve the corporate hatchet. some whom worked there for over 20 years. THE BEST RENTAL Dept. bar none. Best Customer Service BAR NONE. I wish B&H took lessons from them. But I guess as far as retail goes they were the medium expensive spread.

MY 2 cents

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On article Samsung Galaxy NX Hands-on (195 comments in total)
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Minolta4Life: I'm still waiting on the digital camera that can be surgically implanted in my eye, and the cell phone that is an implanted chip in my tongue. Anything else is archaic.

Google Glass is well on its way... not sure if that is good or bad

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On article New CompactFlash card to allow RAID-style 'mirroring' (100 comments in total)

I find this an interesting idea... I use the other slot in camera as backup or extra storage. I have only had one card in the past 12 years fail and i think that was due to handing it over to an editor that mysteriously gave it back corrupted. I don't transfer files that way any more and have not had any troubles with cards as well.

So my question is how many others out there have had real bad card issues using Sandisk or Lexar cards

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On article Tamrac 5592 Big Wheels SpeedRoller 2X Bag Review (44 comments in total)

My think tank international has been amazing, as it holds two pro bodies 5 lenses two flash heads battery charge and small bag of all the things youl'll ever need to keep your shoot going. It is also cheaper and sleeker than the Tamrac and on airplanes it fits most overheads and on commuter flights fits under the seat

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On photo Love my Think Tank Retrospective 5 in the My Camera Bag! (Capture Date Rule) challenge (4 comments in total)


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Although in theory it sounds wonderful...But i also, like the posters below don't want to rely on an internet connection to have to get my work out. The "what if's" are to much to think about. I do a lot of location work where i am sitting in a hotel room with really poor bandwidth that will have to share using the application and uploading my work. I will probably use my CS6 until I can find something else that will work in it's place.

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On article Online images and copyright infringement (255 comments in total)

I Guess they never heard of Getty

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On photo earth rising in Les Kamens's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

thank you NASA

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I really love Hipstamatic one of my favorite camera apps. some might say it's a toy and others just another brush and palette... make art!!!!!! it's fun

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Blaufeld: I tought that the meaning of photography was taking a meaningful image that tries to convey a message or to elicit an emotional response...
Here we have casual snapshots laden with a filter and uploaded to a network saturated with "white noise" in the meager hope that someone will click the "like" button and fill the hopeless need for attention...
I'm not a snob, I simply can't stand all this "social" crap.

remember the Holga..... and probably the Polaroid land camera before that just another slot in history of making images/art.

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On article Facebook pushes photo prominence in timeline (83 comments in total)

And aside form the small fact that FACEBOOK OWNS your images. Just another reason I don't participate with facebook!!!!!!!!
funny how their stock offerings are going south fast

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On article Scientists demonstrate 'paint-on' batteries (108 comments in total)

Gotta start somewhere. Great idea and as all new ideas get adapted, let's see where this goes. May flop or may fly. May just open a door to some other technology that could revolutionize everything as we know it today. Who ever thought after loading and shooting 8x10 film holders that you can now hold up and ipad that looks very similar and grab an image on it.... just sayin

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Stand Strong!!!!!!! The music industry is notorious for poor deals regarding images and their usage. When i was a Kid and went to shoot Santana and wanted to get paid from the management...His response was," there are 10's of thousands of people out there with cameras willing to give me photo's for passes to the next show. Why would I want to pay you?" Was an eye opener and decided to move specialties to still life and table top. What did I learn? Agency's pay and rock and roll not so much.

Next we should turn our efforts on FaceBook that blatantly say all images posted are theirs no if, ands, or buts.

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