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noisephotographer: I really hope that the sales get much worse. What camera manufacturers offer is an impertinence. Just an example:
Canon M6 costs 650€!!! 650€ is a lot of money, shouldn't cost more than 250€. Yes, nearly all good cameras cost more, but this doesn't mean that they don't cost far too much.
For 650€ you get a M6 with no viewfinder, no lens, without 4k, without ibis, unusable autofocus in low light, very bad in-camera HDR, the user interface and the exposure simulation lag, the camera occasionally chooses 1/250s in p mode +auto iso at 18mm, in-camera noise reduction bad, no exposure simulation warning when the simulation fails, no silent shutter, no minimum shutter speed (per lens and per focal length) or minimum/maximum aperture settings, no distortion correction.
Camera manufacturers live in the past.
These arguments apply to nearly every camera on the market. Actually in 2017 every camera must have pinch-to-zoom. Unbelievable that even some 3000€ cameras don't have this.

In the Canon M series, the low-end M100 is a decent value. Here, it is officially US$499.99 (with lens), US$300 less than the M6.

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PWPhotography: Mirrorless will replace DSLR, just a matter of time, 10 years maybe.

@dansclic: "Sony has taken the second place."

False. The last time that Sony officially reported their worldwide interchangeable lens market share in their financial documents, Sony wrote that it was (by value) "14% (No.3)". Nikon's worldwide ILC market share is 24%.

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ojos azules: Dinosaur SLR.
Old friend, you could only breath lately with the mirror lifted from your chest.

Live view respiratory help.
But nobody is fouled by that anymore.

Good bye

Dinosaur ILC.

All the Cool Kids use smartphone to take photos.

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CameraLabTester: Of course sales will be disappointing... cameras are not quick consumables you buy from a barista, gulp down, then chuck in the bin... you use it for a while... a long while!

What do these camera manufacturers want? We buy their cameras as regularly as cappuccinos?


"What do these camera manufacturers want?"

Among other things, I suspect that they want more first time camera buyers.

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That's seven straight months in which 2017 ILC sales have been below 2015 ILC sales.

(2016 was an earthquake impacted year, so it's not the best basis for comparison.)

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A downside of Nikon DSLRs is that they offer worst-in-class Live View autofocus.


"Setting up an Olympus m4/3 camera for a new-to-Olympus owner has the highest learning curve of the mirrorless bunch, particularly if you're trying to figure out the camera's most advanced features." - Thom Hogan

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Leica's press release doesn't mention the word "profit", leading me to suspect that they have nothing to brag about in that area. Just because a company sells expensive products doesn't mean that they are profitable.

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mandophoto: You can bet the executives of other camera brands are jealously wondering how they can achieve Leica's success. Perhaps they can take a page from the Japanese car industry like when Toyota created the Lexus brand and Honda the Acura brand.

Yes, other camera companies are wondering how they can slash their earnings, so they can match Leica's "success". :-)

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"With strong revenue growth of more than six per cent..."

But what about profit/loss?

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Since a minor bump by a cameraman reaggravated a preexisting knee injury, the football player wasn't healthy enough to be on the football field in the first place. In football, quarterbacks often get tackled. That's much harder on the body than a little bump from a photographer.

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On article Ugly Places, Pretty Photos: A portrait shoot at Lowe's (40 comments in total)

If you're looking for ugly stores, Sears/Kmart are the ultimate photographic destinations. :-)

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ProfHankD: Well, the D850 was clearly a good move for Nikon: **EVERY** body/body+lens listed in the above "Shop with amazon" links says "OUT OF STOCK."

Not accurately predicting demand is a bad move for Nikon. Rather than waiting, some people may decide to spend that extra $3,000+ on something else, like a vacation.

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justmeMN: Does Nikon have a trade-in program, so owners of Sony cameras can trade them in for a camera made by a real camera company? :-)

@kamituel: Pfft. I don't even own a Nikon camera. Sony people are so sensitive. :-)

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Does Nikon have a trade-in program, so owners of Sony cameras can trade them in for a camera made by a real camera company? :-)

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DrEvil: TIME Magazine is irrelevant and struggling to find its place in today's world. Stories like that are an embarrassing proof.

Can't wait for Rolling Stone to give their blessing to Panasonic Lumix.

@skookum8: "What media channels or properties would you say are more relevant then?"

The Washington Post and New York Times, although I wouldn't look to them for camera buying advice.

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Maverick_: On a similar note, Gourmet Magazine just picked Peterbilt as the best Semi.


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Poor Sony. Time magazine rated their camera #10 on the list. Sony was totally whipped by Time #1 rated Nintendo Switch.

BTW, Time magazine isn't exactly my go-to source for technical expertise. :-)

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On article Video: first look at the Leica CL (111 comments in total)

A First Look at the price is all I need to know. :-)

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Image 19 reminds me of my dog. Every time I went to the bathroom, he would push the ajar door open with his nose, and "supervise" me.

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The dog photos are cool, but I find cat photos to be deeply disturbing. :-)

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