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This is much better than Nikon's APS-C mirrorless camera. :-)

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Full-frame cameras get the hype, but it's sales of lower-end models that keep the industry alive.

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"Why is this change happening?" - RED

Because sales were poor?

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Bgpgraebner: “(...) can capture 4K UHD video, albeit at a why-did-they-bother 15 fps“ this is why I read DPReview

Faux-K? :-)

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Back in the real world:

Last year, Canon had a 48% interchangeable-lens camera market share, and they project that they will have a 50% ILC market share this year.

As of 2019, Sony will no longer have the FF-mirrorless niche all to themselves.

And Sony is still #3 in ILC market share.

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Fujifilm made a fortune by reviving the concept of the Instant Analog Camera, so there may be a place in the marketplace for this Kodak camera.

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Canon makes twin versions of their 5DS. Why not make twin versions of their future FF mirrorless camera? With their automated/robotic manufacturing, that would be easy to do.

One version would have a standard EF-DSLR mount.

The second version would have a mirrorless-specific mount, with an adaptor for EF-DSLR lenses.

That would settle the debate over which mount they should go with. :-)

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Charrick1: What is 4K15p? Is that 15 FPS? If so, that is unusable. It seems like a typo, but it is mentioned multiple times, including in the source page. I hope that's not the case. 24p is the minimum. Certainly, 1080p 60 is far better than 4K15p.

The Fujifilm X-A5 has "up to 5 minutes of 4K/15p video", so it's probably not a typo about camera.


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Fujifilm accidentally used a Bayer, rather than an X-Trans, sensor. :-)

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Sometimes "accidental leaks" are in fact deliberate marketing department leaks, designed to build "buzz" before an announcement.

(It got them publicity on DPR. Mission accomplished.)

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Doesn't Google have a history of abandoning / cancelling many things that it starts?

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That has interesting possibilities, if used as an art gallery installation.

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For their Imaging division, for Fiscal Year 2019, Nikon forecasts no increase in interchangeable-lens camera market share, a decrease in revenue, and a decrease in operating profit.

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In a previous Fujifilm annual report, it states "Instax instant camera, annual worldwide sales volume exceeded 5 million units".

For Fujifilm, digital cameras are just a "side hustle" :-)

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stevo23: A restructuring that yields 800% that should raise serious concerns.

Nikon's Imaging Division forecast for Fiscal Year 2019 is that both revenue and operating profit will be down.

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Mariano Pacifico: "...strong D850 sales lead to 8x increase in annual profit"

DPR subscribers will run to the nearest camera store to buy D850 before it runs out.

No, do not. This is an advertisement embedded in their Financial Report.

Well, they couldn't talk about strong Nikon 1 sales, or strong KeyMission sales, or strong DL sales. :-)

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Nikon's interchangeable-lens camera market share for Fiscal Year 2018 was 23%. Nikon projects that their ILC market share for FY2019 will be 23%, so they don't anticipate that any new mirrorless camera model will increase their market share during that time period. For comparison, Nikon's ILC market share in 2010 was 37%.

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On article DPReview TV: Sony RX10 IV Review (278 comments in total)

So, DPReview TV has now done three reviews, and two of them were promoting Sonys.

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Somebody should make a "waterproof/rugged compact" with a 1" sensor.

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On article CMOS image sensor sales at all-time high (77 comments in total)
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Mariano Pacifico: "Smartphone cameras accounted for 62% of CMOS image sensor sales in 2017."

I just wonder how much sales they did for P&S, Mirrorless and the perennial laggard, dSLRs.

"In terms of units shipped, CMOS imagers represented 81% of all image sensors sold in 2017"

Out of 81% sold to CMOS imagers, 62% were snapped up by Smartphones !!! This is a telling sign Mirrorless & dSLR dodos are losing sales.

Sony once released a bar graph of the image sensor market as a whole, and "photo cameras" were just a tiny little band. Smartphones dominated, and automotive and security cameras were also significant sectors.

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