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qwertyasdf: Why are people complaining about other people complaining???
Seriously, do we have to use the camera to know what's gonna happen????
A 2.7x crop is a 2.7x crop, even inexperienced photographers will spot the difference between a 35mm (full-frame), 53mm (apsc) and 95mm (V1, J1) field of view!
I'm sure Nikon users were looking forward to use their Nikkor lens collection on a mirrorless. But look what's gonna happen....wteva lens you mount on the V1, J1 it will become a telephoto lens!!! Also the DOF will be very very wide, it's just simply a physical phenomenon, and a forgone conclusion even without trying this pointless camera!!!
BTW, I'm a Canon user, Canon, please don't screw it up!!!!

All you need is the dedicated 10-100mm as an add-on to this.
Again once you see the quality, you'll change your tune. I suppose many will buy the F-Mount adaptor for existing lenses, but c'mom, if you have those you'll have the DSLR so what's the point.

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huskyice: I own a Nikon D90 with a couple of Nikkor lenses, It is a great camera, but I travel a lot and I'm looking for a smaller, lighter and more modern solution. Mirrorless camera is the future and it's a real shame that Nikon is not looking more seriously into this business, but is coming out with a toy camera. BTW I've chosen my next camera: of course it is a mirrorless and, sorry for Nikon, it is a Sony...

How can you choose between something not on the market and an overpriced consumer brand? Let me Wiki how many Magnum photographers shoot Sony!! How many Pulitzers Mr. Stringer?

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gregoreau: I think there is alot more potential than some people are giving this camera.

It is definitely not going to be an outstanding camera for stills, we have fx and dx for that.

However in it ability to capture a multimedia experience, I think there is huge potential. In the hands of a skilled operator, it could capture the video and stills of a wedding. I think the capability to capture a full-size still while taking video will really open up the posibility of a single camera putting together pretty impressive multi-media presentations.

I think it will be great for vacation/event videos etc, with one person doing all.

I would say, most people who read dpreview is probably not the right market for this camera, but if you are able to think a bit creatively about capturing an experience, I think its a very exciting proposition. For myself, if usability is up there, I could possibly get one for this kind of purpose.

I think you're correct amount the niche for this. But your mistaken if you think it doesn't take great stills. This is serious glass and tech and it takes beautiful stills!

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ianz28: This is the modern day equivalent to the 110 film camera.

Go into your local camera store when it arrives and hold this thing. It's substantial, well made (V1 Mag Alloy), shoots fast and has an amazingly resolved screen.

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Here's a couple of photos from the N1 J1. Taken on Raw with minimal adjustment.
Leather jacket at 200 ISO. Kitty at 900 ISO. sRGB Both shallow DOF at F2.8 at 1/60, with the 10mm.
I'd say rivals dSLR quality. Download and see for yourself.

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And what exactly is that market? Perhaps if you saw this as not a "point and shoot crowd" upgrade but a completely separate market then you would be able to finish your sentence. How many customers are sold on the better image quality of dslr cameras yet regret having to pack it some where? This fits that crowd perfectly.

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Having just shot with the camera today I have to snicker at most of the comments of shame, disapproval, dashed expectations from many users of this forum. You're not Nikon's market for this thing boys! It's a very intriguing camera when form factor is important. The little guy shoots lightning fast, has a very novel still video effect. It would be a great little tool when you want performance and need to get the shot. I would describe the quality as better than p&s but certainly not guaranteeing great enlargements that most dslrs can achieve. The video is beautiful, sharp screen, accurate and nicely saturated color. More noise than I like to see, unfortunately. Buy this for the video!

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