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Canon FTb hands down! Match needle metering is close to an "auto" mode as you need, beginners learn more from full manual and this camera makes it super easy to get perfect exposures every time by just matching the needle with the circle. Such a nice bright viewfinder, far exceeds those found in even the best full frame DSLR's today. Get a 50mm f1.4 or f 1.8 FD lens for it and it's all you need.

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But why?

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So what 3 NEW cameras are at the forefront of innovation right now - among all manufacturers?

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I think Canon already has some very good mature products to keep us busy for a while. I have a 5dMIII and a 6D and have no complaints about either. Right now, I don't need anything new. Yes, I was tempted by the AF video on the 7DMII but I'm not jumping on it right away. It will be around for a while, lol. And yes, I never understood why the 7D lasted so long. I used it from when it came out till a few years ago and was never happy with it (ugly snowy noise) and just rarely got a perfectly focused picture despite recalibration by Canon twice. I sold it and bought my 2 FF's and am 100% satisfied. But for most of history, Sony has been the company to innovate first - the Trinitron TV's, Sony Betamax, Walkman, Sony Watchman (which I still have even though it no longer receives TV and barely radio - just made so well can't seem to part with it) first mirrorless cameras, so I do have Sony DSLR gear too, so if they pop something new, I am open to that while Canon thinks..

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Hoo boy!

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I love the formal uniforms like we had in the old days in the US

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Mostly all men?

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Composite? Looks very processed

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Ice crystals on a window

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I knew they had stopped innovating the first day I spent with my iphone 5 (upgraded from a 3Gs). I gained nothing of use in the 5 and was sorry I got it. 6 months later I got a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 out of frustration and boredom with the 5 and looked forward to learning the Android OS, but there were too many problems so I returned it and was actually happy to get back to the 5. Apple needs to allow Flash, make it bigger and give us removable storage and a replaceable battery - then they will be on a more equal playing field (although Android doesn't support Flash anymore either, however you can find old versions that you can install on the Samsung which do work fine, for now at least)

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Please change the forums so that we can post from mobile ios devices! Since you changed the forums, you must use Flash now and we can only read not post - get with the times people!

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Who cares?

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Why is all of this connectivity starting with point and shoots only? Dslr cameras need it too, the eye-fi cards are really buggy, unreliable, Run HOT and are very yesterday. Bottom line is that we need to be able to instantly email a photo - sized as we choose on the fly as well as upload to our FTP and/or cloud space from anywhere. Not just upload to Facebook or other sharing and social sites - serious photographers need more than that. Some in-camera editing for the basics should be available also. Interfaces would obviously have to be modified to email easily. What is taking so long? The technology is very available and has been for a long time. I also think most people will not want to pay for a separate 3G acct - so it has to either be part of their existing 3G acct if they have one or just use wifi as a connection to not only the phone, but also directly to FTP space and email. The wifi NEX is ok but only let's you go through the phone to email which is clunky.

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Might be nice if they could FILL ALL THEIR BACKORDERS FIRST of Zeiss glass (esp the ZM rangefinder lenses) before introducing more NEW lenses.

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Eye Fi is JUNK! I am glad there will be a standard finally, then we can send our images from camera to ipad EVERY TIME and not fool with all their junk!

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I don't think I saw where it was taken


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