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  • nah, can never have enough :-D I was charging up a pair of batteries for tonight's astro session and couldn't reconcile batteries with boxes. And I can see that I have left one battery on the desk ...
  • Created question thread BLH-1 clear plastic battery boxes ?
    A trivial question . . . I have six BLH-1 batteries for my two cameras (both with HLD-9 battery grips) but can find only four of the little plastic BLH-1 boxes. Have I lost two or did the batteries ...
  • Added 7 photos to their gallery
    S1950072-PanoS1950068S1950046S19M0348-PanoS19M0347: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAS19M0346S19M0342
  • I’m certainly interested Lawrence. I always enjoyed your bird posts - always something out of the ordinary. Peter
  • Replied in Yes!
    I agree with that except for when a I have a camera mounted up on my telescope and the body is at an odd angle and Ican’t put the camera grip into my right hand. With the Olympus E-M1 II I have ...
  • DPR’s owner might not be pleased by that Peter
  • As a birder using APS-C my choice would be the 400mm F2.8 III and both 1.4x and 2x If limited to a FF body I’d go with the 600mm but I’d find the size of the lens restrictive with the hand-held ...
  • I didn’t know there were any other meanings.  What were you thinking it meant ? I just went through a couple of pages of Google search results and couldn’t find anything else besides what I thought ...
  • Looks pretty darn good to me ! No cabin windows - must be the cargo variant :-D Peter
  • By normal I mean the range we see between people who are not afflicted by some medical condition or extreme age (young or old) or people with low strength trying to manage a very heavy camera. And ...
  • Peter
  • an interesting question. I haven’t yet seen any video shot with this lens where focus is being pulled or any comments in that regard from the major reviewers. It shouldn’t be difficult for one of ...
  • Which is why those unofficial comparisons  are not very useful and definitely not worth argument. Peter
  • I love the  first three Rich. You’ve captured the delicate beauty amongst the rough exterior and the thorns. As for logging and chipping and land clearing in general  . . . better I not make a comment.
  • whatever degree of normal unsteadiness the user has will affect their upper shutter speed limit (IS off) as well as their lower limit (IS on). So unless we’re talking about a passenger in an ...
  • Their claim has been for Synch IS with the 12-100mm F4 at 100mm. I have not yet seen any systematic testing by anybody refuting the Olympus figures - can you point me to test results ? Peter
  • Replied in Payday.
    What’s going on up there Dicky, is there something in the water making your birds go wacky ? They seem to be conspiring against you - distracting you, making you lose sleep, sabotaging your solar ...
  • The old Toledo town has a real old world feel, yet it’s a normal residential area.  We were there for only a few hours.  Definitely photogenic ! Yes, we spent 4 days in  Granada. In coming weeks ...
  • Well captured Bob.  The double pose is my favourite I hope they are well behaved around your house. Which won the fight - Sulphur or Rainbow ? Peter
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