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  • Changing from Canon 400mm F5.6 to Olympus 300mm F4 gains you 1 stop, so in the lighting of that soccer game with the EM1.2 and 300mm wouldn’t it still have been at ISO12800 to give you 1/1000 sec ? ...
  • Hi Erich I have a Fn button set for Magnify View. Pressing the button in LiveView or Video mode brings up the green Magnify rectangle. The rectangle can then be resized using a wheel and ...
  • maybe like most of us you have simply learned to stay within the reasonable limits of your camera. Perhaps if you had a more capable camera - less noise, better colour and DR at very high ISO - ...
  • The E-M1 was released in 2013. The ‘top of the class’ DSLRs in 2014 were the Nikon D4 and Canon 1Dx. I am surprised to learn that the E-M1 has C-AF performance equal with these 2 giants of ...
  • Well captured Dennis. I don’t see many  up here, and haven’t seen that feeding behavior but it explains the powerful looking bill. Peter
  • that may be true for wide angle photography but I can’t see it happening with longer focal lengths Peter
  • Recently I came across a pair of birds having a territorial dispute. An Eastern Yellow Robin was defending a fallen log from an Eastern Spinebill . I'd never seen these 2 species interact before ...
  • Added 4 photos to their gallery
  • Replied in Welcome back Pam
    thanks for your kind comments. It's been quite a while since I've seen any posts from you and I've especially missed your Humming Birds. I hope that you are well, still taking photographs, and that ...
  • I don’t see the relationship between dance photography and spiders or how that has a bearing on professional vs enthusiast Many amateur enthusiasts produce amazing macro images and they become ...
  • Are those ‘professional’ macro photographs or by an amateur enthusiast ? Peter
  • Ask your dance photographer to shoot a spread on the illusive xxx species capturing breeding and feeding behavior. Would they know where to start ? Peter
  • Enlarged LiveView. See page 24 of the user manual Peter
  • The real world . . . I suggest you look at some web sites of enthusiast avian photographers. Sure, some of them eventually find commercial outlets for their work and turn pro, but most remain ...
  • Amateur enthusiasts are often willing to go further than the professional who is less likely to waste time if there is no money in it. Many enthusiasts spend more money and effort, have just as ...
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    but sometimes they put a heavy load in their trunk, or have 4 or 5 passengers, or need to tow a trailer, and comes the long hill ahead . . . and then the engine torque, which they would usually ...
  • Replied in the look
    All of those models have a sad look.   Is that the M.43 look ? Peter
  • Replied in the look
    Read my first sentence above. Then check the release date of the 5D Mk III. And then read the post from NCV about his (even older) D700 experience I ...
  • Replied in House martin
    An intersting sequence. Do you know if the parent bird feeds the chicks even shares, or the strongest chick gets the biggest share. thanks for posting Peter
  • The 1.4x is included there, but I don’t see any lenses. Peter
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