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On photo Kosciuszko National Park clouds in the Clouds challenge (2 comments in total)

Well done Dennis

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On photo Kingfisher with catch in the Best Wildlife Photo of the Week - 5 challenge (2 comments in total)

Congratulations Dennis

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On challenge Theme Parks and more (1 comment in total)

the rules state:

Submit your work of a space that features a a large group of people and rides and attractions . . .

so far hardly any entries are complying with this. Some entries have no people at all, some show one ride with one person.

I wonder, will this be yet another challenge won by an absolutely beautiful image that does not meet the challenge criteria ?

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On photo Silverback in the A wildlife setting processed in black & white challenge (9 comments in total)

it's a nice shot, where was this taken?

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On photo Toss.....catch.....swallow in the Tryptics challenge (6 comments in total)

Excellent work Dennis - 1st place well deserved, congratulations

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On photo Mont-Tremblant Perseids 2015 & Andromeda Galaxy 2015 8272 DP in the meteor shower challenge (29 comments in total)
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Greg VdB: As Zachary noted, none of these are trails from meteors, they are all satellite trails. Besides the difference in appearance (as Zachary describes), this is easily confirmed by looking at adjacent images, assuming you were taking a sequence of pictures with only 1 or 2 seconds between exposures.

4 of the trails do appear to be radiating from a common point.
I suggest you trace them back to see if that point coincides with the Perseid radiant point before suggesting that these are not meteors

Link | Posted on Aug 30, 2015 at 11:28 UTC
On photo bubble blower in the Bubbles in Nature challenge (10 comments in total)

while it is surely a wonderful macro image, the drop of liquid is not a bubble

Link | Posted on May 17, 2015 at 00:17 UTC as 2nd comment
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