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It's a proper bag of shoite.

Opening images, you drag and drop. Can't get rid of the import nagscreen in the workspace.

No visible adjustment tools. Where the fug are the adjustments for levels? Nowhere to be seen.
Lightroom replacement? Oh, it just gets worse. Instant uninstall.

Can't uninstall. Just says 'Installation canceled' (sic) when you press the effing uninstall button.
Can't uninstall with CCleaner either. So, we're off to see the Wizard and magically to do the dirty uninstall.

Avoid, avoid at all costs, it's sh*t but thinks it's the sh*t.

Snowflake hipster flashy toss crap without substance.

Five minutes for a tryout - didn't even get that far. FAIL

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gmarmot: As a retired Federal law enforcement officer, who was also a Federal firearms instructor for over 20 years, many of the comments here come from people having absolutely no experience with these matters.
Not being privy to exactly what occurred here, I’m not going to comment on this specific situation. You should not rush to judgement either.
There certainly are bad cops who shoot for the wrong reasons, however most police shootings are justified. Some police shootings happen because of odd circumstances. Example: A 12 year old has a toy gun in the dark, and points it at a cop and is shot and killed. Even if the cop knew the person was 12, that kid will kill you as dead as a 23 year old (has happened many times in the mideast wars/fiascos). That’s the reason I feel that toy guns should be outlawed.
Don’t forget that police are sometimes placed in impossible situations. All humans have a reaction time, and that can kill you.
If my comments bother you, call for disbanding all police.

Well, there's an oxymoron on his way to an NRA renewal in January.
Not going to comment, but you do? Whoops!
Not giving example, but, whoops, you do.
Don't rush to judgement, but, oh, wait, ban toy guns?

Here's some Big Shaq, I think you'll find it less bigly confusing

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Instant fail when they try to do an information grab even before I download the trial.

CBA to give info to try something out which they will then sell to the highest bidder and spam me for the rest of eternity, even if I don't like it.

IDGAF if it's made with love, it's not going to be made with my coin. Trial? Why even bother. Next.

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And for the rest of the world (Venn Diagram explaining the set 'Everything but 'America') the weight, in standardised ISO kilogrammes, is...?

*insert Faceplam*

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adamgreen: The WU-1a works with the D600. It's a bit clumsy (and not weather-sealed) compared to the Canon D6, with built-in wifi, if that floats your phot) but it works. I don't see how this CameraMator can kickstart itself with a $299 price tag compared to built-in with Canon or a cheap ($60?) dongle from Nikon.

Toshiba FlashAir does it far more simply via FTP for a sixth of the price.
IF you want to control the other things then yes, tethering is great but only if you have a compatible camera.
What's the RAW transfer speed?

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So who controls the image if you the creator took it and owns it?

An *pple inspired approach to control and distribution, fantastic, more corporate land-grabs. Except worse.

Thanks, I'll pass. Convenience, something I flush after using.

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