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  • Well, my Shanny arrived. I mounted it, tried a few shots, experimented with the controls a bit, took it off and shot a few shots without it, put it back on the camera and shot a few more shots, ...
  • Thanks to all who replied. I have ordered the Shanny, it should arrive within a week.  I wss pleasantly surprised by my own research to discover that it has some weathersealing - at the hot shoe, ...
  • Created discussion thread Best Value Flash
    Folks; Seeking the opinions of our experienced Pentax strobists.  I have long used a manual flash and made do with it, but I miss the proper exposure on  a lof of shots as I "trial and error" it. ...
  • Thanks to those that replied.  It seems that everyone does it differently.  I'm going to try it using a fairly close shot with wide-open lens and see how that works.
  • So I got inspired by Florida Suse's recent thread on fine-tuning her lens autofocus and decided to do the same thing.  I have 7 Pentax lenses, and they all have variable success rates with ...
  • Replied in Two years on
    I've had this lens for 8 months now, and I really like it.  I replaced the kit 18-55 WR lens with it, and have been quite happy with the way it renders.  It's the lens that stays attached to my ...
  • Thanks! Good to know it will work on a Pentax.
  • Wow - thanks, I didn't know this existed. Now I just need to figure out if software exists to "reverse" a negative.
  • Created discussion thread Film Adapter for Pentax?
    Other brands have adapters allowing one to copy negatives and slides using a macro lens. Does anyone know of a film adapter for Pentax that would allow me to shoot 35mm negatives and slides? For ...
  • Help me understand - is this deal only available to Canadian citizens, or can U.S. citizens also order it for the equivalent U.S. dollars? If so, that seems yo be a good deal.
  • Yikes, that's crazy!  I paid almost $400 for mine in 2015!  Seriously, if you don't have it, you will hate yourself for not jumping on this deal.  I have carried mine in my bicycle handlebar bag ...
  • I called Adorama - they issued me a $100 store credit to compensate for the cheaper B&H sale price. So no complaints here - as long as I eventually buy something else I got a very good deal, and I ...
  • Created discussion thread Good Deal on 20-40 Limited at B&H
    Wow -  $595 gets it - that's  $200 off. I just bought it for $695 from Adorama. Looks like I might have to do a bit of horse trading to take advantage of this.
  • MightyMike wrote; "why on earth would you ruin a perfectly good lens by putting a UV filter on it, most UV filters are junk and the ones that are good aren't really necessary IMO."  Lots of truth ...
  • JF; good point. I do have the 70 Limited as well, so I've encountered this before. But I mostly use the 70 as a portrait lens, and mostly indoors, so it didn't concern me as much as with a lens I ...
  • Thanks Doug. I hadn't thought about the ability to adjust a circular polarizer that way; perhaps I'll learn to like this design after all.
  • Created discussion thread 20-40 Lens Hood
    Warning to fans; this is a wee bit of a rant.  If that bothers you, just skip this thread. I just unboxed my new 20-40 Limited, and my first impressions are mixed.  It's a beautiful piece of kit ...
  • Wow - you got a deal!  If I converted the currency correctly, your price equates to $571 U.S. dollars - I paid $695 U.S. dollars yesterday for the best deal I could find.  Congrats on the sweet deal!
  • I did purchase a product - did you?  I bought the Limited 20-40 lens for $100 off from Adorama.
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