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  • Just do it. I love my 20 - 40 lens, it's always on my camera now. I'm sticking with aps-c for a while because I love the smaller limited lenses, and the less weight I have to carry the better. ...
  • Created discussion thread Anyone Shooting Pentax and Ricoh II?
    I'm thinking about getting a Ricoh II for a pocket camera as a companion, not replacement, for my DSLR. Does the Ricoh borrow technology from Pentax and "feel" the same? Should I look for another ...
  • OOPS! I suppose it would help if I provided a link to the sale -->     https://www.adorama.com/px560.html
  • Created discussion thread DA 560 Bargain Price
    I suppose it depends on how one defines a "bargain" -  but you can get this super-telephoto for the cheapest price I've seen, $3497 US dollars is $1500 off the usual price.  So if telephoto is ...
  • FWIW, I'm using ON1 now and I'm pretty impressed with it.  It has great digital asset management capability as well as all the photo editing ability one could possibly want.  I'm not trying to ...
  • Created discussion thread Good Price on K-1
    Adorama has what appears to be a good price, not sure how long it will last; https://www.adorama.com/ipxk1.html?utm_source=rtbhouse&utm_medium=display&utm_campaign=lowerfunnel
  • Interesting note; I checked the prices of Pentax Lens at B&H and Adorama today; wow, there's often a difference of 200-300 dollars between the 2 stores!  Some lenses were the same price, but in ...
  • Created discussion thread Black Friday Pentax Deals?
    Any knowledge or rumors of upcoming deals on Pentax gear?   I usually get surprised by the good deals and hope to plan for them this year (i.e., have some funds on hand).  I'm asking cause I have ...
  • Well, my Shanny arrived. I mounted it, tried a few shots, experimented with the controls a bit, took it off and shot a few shots without it, put it back on the camera and shot a few more shots, ...
  • Thanks to all who replied. I have ordered the Shanny, it should arrive within a week.  I wss pleasantly surprised by my own research to discover that it has some weathersealing - at the hot shoe, ...
  • Created discussion thread Best Value Flash
    Folks; Seeking the opinions of our experienced Pentax strobists.  I have long used a manual flash and made do with it, but I miss the proper exposure on  a lof of shots as I "trial and error" it. ...
  • Thanks to those that replied.  It seems that everyone does it differently.  I'm going to try it using a fairly close shot with wide-open lens and see how that works.
  • So I got inspired by Florida Suse's recent thread on fine-tuning her lens autofocus and decided to do the same thing.  I have 7 Pentax lenses, and they all have variable success rates with ...
  • Replied in Two years on
    I've had this lens for 8 months now, and I really like it.  I replaced the kit 18-55 WR lens with it, and have been quite happy with the way it renders.  It's the lens that stays attached to my ...
  • Thanks! Good to know it will work on a Pentax.
  • Wow - thanks, I didn't know this existed. Now I just need to figure out if software exists to "reverse" a negative.
  • Created discussion thread Film Adapter for Pentax?
    Other brands have adapters allowing one to copy negatives and slides using a macro lens. Does anyone know of a film adapter for Pentax that would allow me to shoot 35mm negatives and slides? For ...
  • Help me understand - is this deal only available to Canadian citizens, or can U.S. citizens also order it for the equivalent U.S. dollars? If so, that seems yo be a good deal.
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