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$1500 by Xmas 2017 grey mkt.

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Why is there so much noise at iso250 when you closeup on her face?

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Why the crop 2.2x in vid3o?

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Vitruvius: Interesting that Sony isn't even considered. Typical. I have used Canon and Nikon for sports. My Sony A77ii with Minolta 80-200mm f2.8 HS and a 2X teleconverter is much better than both these cameras. The Sony has IS built into the body, 12FPS with RAW and full time phase detect AF linked to real time object tracking. It also has adjustable front and back focus limiters. And the high speed shaft drive AF is much faster than any Canon or Nikon lens. All this with an old lens.
And of course everyone is going to spam me now with all the Canon an Nikon propaganda defending their investment. I love(d) Canon but they stopped innovating many years ago and now I have to use what works best and that is my Sony. I know there is very little chance that DPreview will ever take Sony seriously either. Oh well.

You said "My Sony A77ii with Minolta 80-200mm f2.8 HS and a 2X teleconverter is much better than both these cameras."
SO purchased both the D%5 and 1DXII along with lenses and tried them out extensively? Can you direct me to your to your flickr page with the exif data intact to prove this. Otherwise you are a liar.

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330mm shot. What lens?

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fukkkking awesome

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why can't i re-edit posts more then once or twice?

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Cy Cheze: Firmware for a $325 P&S is something of a novelty. It's also curious that, of all things, GPS accuracy should be so might important. People must be taking pictures of their houses, then complaining that the GPS coordinates aren't good enough for strangers to find their way to the door.

Wouldn't it be something if camera companies stopped rolling out new hardware at all, but simply sold annual firmware updates? This would also spare folks from buying things they don't want, like sensors with more pixels or bodies without their favorite dials and knobs.

gps is excellent. if you are fishing/hiking/hunting/vacation. you take a photo of a place that has value to you and then you can backtrack to it via gps info. very useful for those of us who do not live in bars.

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