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halfwaythere: Hopeless guy shooting with inferior Canon equipment this day and age. Just imagine how better this image would've been with a Sony sensor-ed camera.

Yeah, just imagine what cool things Da Vinci could have drawn if he had Wacom.
Mind boggling.

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TacticDesigns: I'm tempted to get one of these and hang it around one of my kids neck so maybe next vacation there will be a few pictures of me too! <grin>

But seriously . . . if I remember . . . this thing was developed to help people with memory problems remember what they did? If so . . . cool use of tech.

And I could definitely see these things all bling'd up and worn like a necklace. :)

Not unless they become like four times smaller.

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wcbert: "Autographer chooses the perfect time to take a picture, using its five on-board sensors to detect changes in light, motion, direction, colour and temperature:"

The perfect time? Lets face it is a camera for lazy people. They cannot say I "shot" this, but can say the camera shot this while I was walking. Also does it shut itself of when people go to the bathroom? I can see someone walking into the bathroom and the camera thinks this is the "perfect time" to shoot man sitting on a toliet seat.

I am apparently do not have enough photos of me sitting on a toilet seat. So I would gladly buy an autographer.

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(unknown member): It's nothing near a finished product, however it is an interesting approach to photography. I imagine most of the images being captured will be crap. Now, all it needs is an auto-upload to instagram feature (+ preselected filter) and people doesn't even have to bother pressing a button anymore. Yay!

Give me two!

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Andreas Stuebs: Who needs Big Brother is Watching You? Hey guys, I will watch for you and guess what, I will tell you also alll the place I have been as I go along. That'll make a lot of NSA guys redundant. Come to think of it - first you do not need any photo journalists any more, next we can get rid of all clandestine observation persons. A real saving of taxpayers money.

Don't be so arrogant, you are not interesting to anyone.

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Jay A: Yes but can it do 3d?

Yes, but will it blend?

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It depends on a child really. My son was making photos with my iphone since he was 1.5, so I bought him a camera (ixus) and he is being shooting with it since. He haven't destroyed it yet and dropped only a couple of times.

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I prefer instagram over Vine.

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Camediadude: Every now and again dpreview makes a serious misstep.
(Been lurking here for over a decade) ...
Re-posting this irrelevant-to-photography, politically-charged story is precisely one of those missteps. Learn from your mistakes, guys.

I twice that

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WilliamJ: Does that mean that future Nikon's too will include in their circuits a backdoor (cf: http://tinyurl.com/32gogme ) that allows the Magic Lantern users (cf: http://tinyurl.com/28x228 ) to browse at their heart content your SD card ?

this is spam. it includes vague disguised links

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I love its looks.

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