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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-ZS200/TZ200 Review (542 comments in total)

I own the ZS100 and love it. Still, can't feel excited about its so-called successor. I pass.

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... and at the end of the day, this is how you get people to like what you want them to like: by showing them first and foremost what everybody likes.
Self-fulfilling prophecy at its best.

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justinwonnacott: does this work with LR4?

Yep. PS CS6 + LR4.1RC2 = no problem.

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"Lightroom 4 and ACR 6.7 could render files differently."

Afaik, ACR 6.7 "could" not do anything as it's not out yet... :D
Must be tricky to fix discrepancies between not-yet-finalized products...

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In a different field, my moderate use of HDR processing met with some success in "improving" to some extent photos of geological outcrops - e.g. fusing exposures to even the contrast of shadowy vs. sunny surfaces while enhancing local detail not originally obvious due to technical limitations.
The purpose in such a case is definitely to maximize the rendition of photographic information and to emphasize relevant features. Regarding the later publishing process, this has been deemed both acceptable and useful so far.
As pointed out the method is not inherently right or wrong, it is after all a (moral, personal) matter of what one's ultimate goals and ideals are. Out of integrity, being faithful to a 'true-to-life' combination of digicam abilities, photographer's skills and environmental parameters? Being truly artistic, impressing one's audience even if departing substantially from reality? Maximizing the transmission of useful, relevant, specific raster data?

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