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bdbender4: Chris, does the linear motor rattle when the power is off? I think I saw elsewhere that it does but curious about your impression?

A few years back I had the 90mm Fuji lens which I think was Fuji's first linear motor lens. It rattled when power was off. Roger Cicala noted and discussed it at the time.

Maybe it doesn't matter in terms of performance but it made me wonder about long-term internal damage possibilities. If it doesn't matter to someone else, that's fine, but I was not comfortable with it and that lens is long gone. So it's disappointing if this lens does the same thing, several years later.

Linear motors often rattle or make noise when the camera is not on. It's my understanding that they work with the camera using magnets to focus, and when the camera is off then obviously nothing is there to hold the lens elements in place anymore so they float freely inside the lens if you shake it. You could always just not shake it. lol

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Serjojeee: That is the ideal portrait zoom!

Tamron VXD motors can definitely keep up for sports.

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Funny Valentine: What JIP should do:
- Continue m43
- Make a fixed lens, range finder style, full frame cameras in parallel, with IBIS and weather sealing. It will sell like hotcakes.

What they should actually do is go all in on computational photography, including autofocus, image stacking, their wonderful pixel shift modes, etc and use them with a high readout speed of their smaller sensors and their incredible IBIS tech to rival full frame quality. If smartphones are getting smart enough and fast enough to push entry level m43 out of the market, then entry level m43 needs to get smart enough and fast enough by using similar techniques to justify its own existence.

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Can you all do a comparison shootout between all the 85mm lenses for E-Mount with AF? Failing that, at least a comparison between the f1.4 options would be amazing, especially the two Sigma options and the G-Master!

Also, please include more shots taken wide open in future galleries, thanks :)

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