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  • 2 out of a thousand. I use multiple profiles with Spectraview and my old-but-still-perfect PA241. The print-proof profiles are done by visual matching with a printer test target under my viewing ...
  • My experience with C1P is that folder sync doesn't work as it does in Lightroom. It will not import a subfolder as part of the sync. You need to use the import command to import the subfolder ...
  • I do that with an old Intuous 3 and a Logitech M510. No problems, unless you try to move them at the same time, of course. :-)
  • In that case, I agree with Andrew. I would go for the 2016 model or find a clean used one with 370X. I would not buy integrated graphics only. Lloyd
  • I've been using the 2015 rMBP 2.5Ghz 16GB 512GB model for the past year as my sole computer and it has been great. I think the 15" models all have discrete AMD graphic as well as integrated except ...
  • Replied in NEC monitor
    Please elaborate on why you have doubts about their warranty. I have a NEC PA241 that is 5.5 years old and is still giving me delta E's less than 1 using Spectraview II. This monitor is a warranty ...
  • I wasn't going for a refund but now am considering it. I've had a bad taste in my mouth about ON1 financing the alpha phase of development with the "pre-release". As someone else pointed out, this ...
  • I've been interested in the SW320 as well. I've been using a NEC PA241 for about 6 years and it is still going strong. But I would like a larger display. FWIW, I recently saw a b;urb in Pop Photo ...
  • They are having a "launch event" live tomorrow at 10 am PST. So, I believe that Dec. 19 just turned into Dec. 20. Naturally, I have an obligation then and won't be able to watch it live. :-(
  • I believe one reason that they went with the proprietary format is that it is interchangeable among their apps. Afphoto and afdesign (vector) files can be used interchangeably in Affinity Photo ...
  • Correction: that should be displaycal.net
  • Not surprised at all. These guys have been less than stellar for many years. I got taken on that software as well. Years ago, I was banned from their tech forum for pointing out their not so good ...
  • Glen, The exact same behavior exists if you invoke NIK plugins from Affinity Photo. I think it just boils down to these being PS plugins and are really only fully compatible with PS at this point. ...
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