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Paul JM: Love the retro concept of these articles but this was a very weak camera
Flimsy build
Image quality acceptable in strong light at base iso but otherwise hopeless. The difference in IQ between image I have archived from this camera in 2000-1 compared with the 10d only two years later was probably the biggest jump of any camera upgrade in my collection
Printed only a handful of shots from this body

Given what was available at the time, I disagree that it was a weak camera. It had a very good feature set for the year 2000: RAW file format(!), compact flash storage, Li-Ion battery, manual shooting mode, fully articulating LCD. And it was not flimsy, it was a brick (I should say, it *is* a brick, I have one).

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Thanks for this trip down memory lane. I bought a G1 new when it came out at the Hunt's Photo show in Boston in 2000. It was my entry to digital photography and a great little camera. I still have it, packed away in it's box, and I have a framed 13x19 print (up-rez'd with Genuine Fractals) hanging on a wall that still looks pretty good.

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JonBush: Is it compatible with the DJI Smart Controller?

It looks like the Smart Controller is compatible with the Air 2s with a firmware update (v01.01.0040) that was released on launch date of the Air 2s. The Air 2S itself also needs to be upgraded (you will be prompted through the DJI Fly app after pairing with the Smart Controller), but with both of these updates the Smart Controller looks to be compatible with the Air 2s. Kudos to Aldryn Estacio at for posting this information on his YouTube channel.

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JonBush: Is it compatible with the DJI Smart Controller?

Thanks ^^^. I wasn’t sure given that the Smart Controller page on the DJI site shows:

*Compatible with the Mavic Air 2, Mavic 2 Zoom, Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Enterprise Series, Phantom 4 Pro V2.0.

But maybe it’s just not up to date yet. I was concerned that with the the Air 2S having OcuSync 3.0 that they might not be compatible.

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Is it compatible with the DJI Smart Controller?

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I had the same, or similar, issue on my A7II with the shutter and it seemed to be pretty well known. I was not willing to pay hundreds of dollars for something that appeared to be a product defect and it’s amazing to see it carries on in the A7III. Sony makes some good cameras, but I ended up selling my other A7x camera (A7rII) and moving away from Sony. This particular issue left a very sour taste in my mouth with Sony’s service and build quality and I don’t expect I’ll go back.

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KAAMBIC: It's not the 3rd parties people don't trust, it's the 1st party. That's the point.

When I read the title I felt the same way. I think the end of the 1st paragraph is clear, but inconsistent with the title, which should probably read “... preventing DJI and third parties from accessing flight info” if that is actually how it will work.

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Xentinus: what is the name of this place in photo 1
and that bathroom in photo 36 is in the same place?

It makes more sense (to me) that the bathroom is in the house 3 images before it. I’m guessing it’s the room on the top floor on the far right side of the house since the blue spruce tree on the right in the house picture is also visible through the right-hand window in the bathroom picture...but I could be wrong! ;^)

Nice images BTW. Those little sensors have come a long way.

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Horshack: Great comeback story. The tablet idea is innovative. Hope they come in different flavors, to make the bitter taste of the toxic chemicals more palatable.

Tide Pods redux.

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Chris Noble: I had a darkroom when I was in high school back in the early 1970s. I loved it! But with the digital shooting and post-processing technology available today, I can't imagine why anyone would want to try to re-create that experience to produce images that are technically inferior in every respect. If it's historical curiosity, it would seem to me that shooting and developing 19th-Century daguerreotypes would be much more interesting. How about an article on that?

I agree. Having also shot and developed film from the 70’s through the 90’s (35mm, 2 1/4, 4x5) I have no desire to go back. I think it was when I bought a new Nikon D700, and saw the image quality coming from that camera, that I realized I’d never shoot film again. I’d like to think that digital is also better for the environment, but I’m sure there are arguments that would show the manufacturing of digital cameras, and the toxic byproducts of that process, are not insignificant. However, I still prefer not to work directly with the chemicals associated with darkroom photography...I enjoy the results of the digital process so much more.

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(unknown member): Holy moly, "Top Of Java" is amazing! Jaw-dropping beautiful!

I'm kinda doubting 400-foot altitude limitation for some of these photos though... 🤔

FAA rules apply only to flying UAV’s in the US, not world-wide. I’m not sure that the rules are different outside the US, but I suspect that they are.

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JonBush: I will never own one, but it would be fun to see the long awaited sequel after a 10 year wait:

...I should mention that it's a review by (a 10 year younger) Chris Niccolls. :^)

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I will never own one, but it would be fun to see the long awaited sequel after a 10 year wait:

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I sure wish the folks at Fujifilm would show some firmware upgrade love to GFX 50s/r users. It’s one of the reasons that I chose this platform (after owning X-Pro1, X-E1, and X-T1).

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I just downloaded this software, and if there was ever a sign this might not be for absolute beginners, it might be the 3,016 page PDF Reference Manual (111MB). Beyond the intimidation of its sheer (digital) mass, it looks like an amazingly comprehensive guide that, if you invest the time, could be the springboard anyone would need to become proficient at editing video. I look forward to diving in.

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Fotoni: One hundred years have passed and cameras still have two major flaws. Poor low light performance and white balancing mixed light sources. Cameras can see tons of more in low light than humans, but the quality is much lower at the levels when humans can still see. Mixed lights are just terrible and require manual editing and good memory.

Scrooge is in the house!

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Leonp: So it's basically a very complicated flashlight.

A Lumecube is to a flashlight what a flashlight is to a candle. ;^)

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Rick Knepper: 3.30 for the GFX is already available.

Can you post a link? I only see version 3.20 on their website. Thanks.

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mxx: Whenever I hear/read the word "subscription", I lose all interest. You subscribe to magazines, not software.

What are “magazines?” ;^)

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There is something very unsettling about seeing a mother cradle a baby in her arms (#2) with “HATE” tattooed on her fingers. Then again, this is likely the point of the image with the juxtaposition of love and hate.

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