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On article Hands-on with Photosynth for Windows Phone 8 (34 comments in total)
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Wbah: For Photosynth to work well, you need to have a phone with a built-in gyroscope. It's really unfair to blame the app for the poor results when you use such a mediocre device that lacks the necessary sensors. The ATIV Odyssey apparently doesn't even have a compass.

Try it again with a L920 or any other decent model.

Getting a phone with a gyroscope will also solve your problem of having to constantly re-align the camera. My HTC Mozart was always fairly ropey in photosynth but the new version on my Ativ S is very good. As for the app working on older hardware, it is still useful, you can get some good results with a basic 4-6 frame stich.

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compositor20: It doesn´t work for m43 lenses! But olympus could make one with AF that would deal with the noise disadvantage of m43 against aps-c... while having the oportunity to have smaller lenses when you want to go light.

No they can't, the converter works by taking a lens with a wider image circle than the mirrorless camera and refocussing that into a smaller space so it only works for lenses that already have a wider imaging circle i.e. larger lenses.

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Jessops failing can only come down to price. Occasionally something in the shop would be reasonable, I bought the odd lens there because it was a good deal and being able to walk into a shop and buy something is very useful.
This will keep happening to high street chains until they realise they have to be competitive on price. It can be done, John Lewis is a prime example of a shop where you can go in, talk to someone about what you want to buy, handle the goods, get decent service and not pay any more for the privilege.

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KoKo the Talking Ape: Very sad.

So, what's "high street?" I can't imagine Britain has legalized marijuana, has it?


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Bluetrain048: Walked into Jessops in Edinburgh with over a grand in pocket to purchase an OMD-EM5 kit. I only wanted to try it out and do a final check of a few things but essentially I was ready to buy it.

The display model was out of battery life, and the assistants wouldn't open a box to let me try one. They told me to come back in a day.

I did. Nobody had bothered to charge the battery. They still didn't have another one for me to try. The staff were quite surly and started pushing me towards buying a Canon 650D - quite how they compare I don't know, but I felt somewhat patronised at the idea.. especially since I've spent about £5k in that shop to date - when I easily could have spent that money online.

If this is how they treat an easy sale, is anyone surprised they're running into trouble?

I think the problem comes from having few staff that understand what they are selling. If they did then they would have known that 5 minutes in the charger would give you at least 30 minutes of messing around on the camera to get the answers you needed.

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What's the point in having a modular sensor if all the modules have the same sensor?

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On article Photokina 2012: Interview - Dirk Jasper of Nikon (216 comments in total)
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micahmedia: Nikon produced 30 million S-mount and 1 mount lenses? Really?! I mean what other camera lenses does Nikon make that don't mount on the D600?

pre AI lenses won't mount without a modification. Also the lenses for the APS-C SLR which I think was IX mount, those lenses were similar to the Canon EF-S lenses, they protrude into the mirror box so won't work. Then there are a few fisheye lenses that required a proper mirror lock up mode, these won't work. I'm surprised that there are 30 million that won't work though.

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On article Just Posted: Nikon D3200 in-depth Review (358 comments in total)

I find it interesting the amount of importance reviewers seem to attach to an ISO button. Surely these people that are going to be using this camera in live view with the 18-55 kit lens permanently attached to the front using in camera effects filters aren't going to be adjusting the ISO; they're going to let the camera do it for them.
The only time I adjust my ISO is when I'm shooting with a flash I usually fix it at 400 to add a bit more ambient light and give the batteries a rest but the rest of the time I just let the camera choose the ISO for me.
As for the score, I think it's probably fair enough. At the moment the camera is quite expensive for what you get. The D5100, to my eyes, has slightly better IQ at all but the lowest ISOs and at the moment it's cheaper and you get the moving screen. Once the D3200 hits the £325 mark it will be an excellent camera.

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jose ordonez: I always wanted to upgrade my old Coolpix 5400 to a Rebel. After spend hours reviewing samples, I know now that my next camera will be the Nikon 3200 with Sigma 1.4.

Hope you don't mean the 30/1.4, it's a poor lens by today's standards. You are far better off getting the Nikon 35/1.8 it's cheaper, smaller and sharper.

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On article Woven app lets you browse all your images in one place (18 comments in total)
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Tom Z: The JustPictures app has been doing this for a while. I will give this one a try also.


I'll hold my hands up and say I haven't actually tried these apps but I'm guessing that rather than giving them your password you grant them access to your account using the api. You can do this on a read only basis so the app just has access to view your photos.

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Flickr should offer to upgrade your old photos for a one off fee. It wouldn't have to be much, just enough to cover the processor cycles required to convert your collection. I'm thinking less than $5, people who cared would pay.

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On article Just Posted: In-depth Nikon D800 review (541 comments in total)
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JohnMatrix: Am I right in thinking the D800s cross-type sensors are all clustered in the central area of the frame, rather than having some of them located towards the edges where they'd be more useful in portrait orientation?

The review doesn't really pick up on that fact, unless I missed it?

I think this is the case for all full frame cameras. It's due to the way phase detect AF works. You can't place the sensors further away from the sensor.
That's one of the advantages of a DX camera.

Link | Posted on May 9, 2012 at 08:07 UTC
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Timbukto: It has wireless flash capability? Something the D5100 doesn't even have??

That's just Nikon's marketing, all iTTL dSLRs support wireless flash. If you go and find the full specs on the Nikon site you'll find that to do wireless flash you need to use an SB-700/900/910 or SU-800 as the commander. The sync terminal is available using the adapter.
The new specs on this camera are detailed in the article, new sensor, new frame rate (4 from 3), new LCD, wireless accessory and 1080p/30 video. Everything else is the same as the old camera.

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DotCom Editor: The lens shown in the photo has Nikon's counterclockwise zoom from wide to tele. Does the Canon version rotate in the opposite direction, as actual Canon lenses do?

pretty sure Tamrons rotate the same as Nikons, whereas Sigma goes the same way as a Canon. I think Tokina are the only people who swap the rotation for the two mounts.

Link | Posted on Apr 6, 2012 at 22:00 UTC
On article Sigma USA announces pricing of 50-150mm F2.8 OS HSM (105 comments in total)

It's taken Sigma so long to release this lens I was sure they had gone back to the drawing board to sort out the size and weight so that it was closer to the original lens.
Looks like all they've done is added a tripod mount. This lens is going to sell in very small numbers. It's a pretty small niche that wants an f/2.8 lens but will give up FF compatibility for the difference between 50mm and 70mm.
I'm a big fan of the old 50-150 and the only thing missing was OS. This lens takes away most of what was good about the old version. The thing is it looks like a cost saving exercise by Sigma, they seem to have shared the 70-200 molds for the case.

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On article Nikon D4 overview (839 comments in total)

Looks like a couple of things missed here.

1. Decent microphone input, some kind of breakout with XLR connectors would probably have been welcomed by some.

2. USB3, with USB2 you're struggling to get over 20MB/s, of course the Ethernet port somewhat mitigates that but it's complicated to use and only really suited to studio setups. USB is good for photographers that like to go and shoot for a client and then just dump all the photos straight onto the clients computer. No messing with a card reader.

Also I think it should have been possible to design the new camera to take both the old battery and the new one.

All in all it'll be interesting to see how much of this gets filtered down to the D300 replacement when it eventually arrives.

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Jogger: sounds like sony's defunct MagicGate memory sticks. in any case, im just going to torrent my media, thanks

You do realise that downloaded music is DRM free these days? All the big names have been free from DRM for a number of years including iTunes and Amazon.
I fully agree that DRM is a mess and I refuse to buy digital files that are DRM encumbered, but you should give the music industry some credit here, buying music online is easy, the tracks are standard and portable and in most cases buying an album digitally is cheaper than the CD version.

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On article Nikon announces SB-910 high-end Speedlight (118 comments in total)
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Lan: Is it possible to override the filter/whitebalance detection options?

Occasionally I like to use flash with different wb settings to those on the camera, as the warm/cool balance can make a nice contrast...

White balance is only set if set to auto on the camera, it's also only set on cameras newer than the D300

Link | Posted on Dec 1, 2011 at 07:16 UTC
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