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  • Replied in Lynda.com
    Thanks...I'll check them out
  • I did watch a YouTube excerpt from one of Mr. Friedman's videos on flash synch. While it wasn't necessarily new information, I thought he did a really good job explaining it. Very clear ...
  • Created discussion thread On line photography classes
    Checking to see if anyone has taken this class and if so, your thoughts. If not, are there any classes you have taken online that you really liked and thought worth the time and/or expense? As ...
  • Replied in Reid Reviews
    Thank you sir! I will take a look.
  • Replied in Reid Reviews
    Thank you....that's the kind of reply I needed to know. I don't see any pricing on his home page, at least. How much is it?
  • Replied in Reid Reviews
    of an M10...really? Not around here.
  • Replied in Reid Reviews
    So let me see if I understand. I walk into my local camera shop,  that won't have any M10s in yet and preorders for 9 or 10 and I tell them I would like to purchase one. So they order one for me. ...
  • Replied in Reid Reviews
    Well if I happen upon a store that just happens to have an M10 on the shelf, I won't really have to pretend
  • Replied in Reid Reviews
    I couldn't agree more. I just don't think that will be a viable option anytime soon.
  • Now that's funny.
  • Created discussion thread Reid Reviews
    Anyone subscribe to this and if so, is it worth the cost? Wanted to see what he had to say about the M10 and a few other things of interest. Thanks!!!
  • Ok, thanks Mediahound! That answers my question. It looks like it, along with the wheel magnify the image in LV, etc. Now that I know what to call the thing I can read more about it. Thank you so ...
  • Guys, I have an M9 and I know where the frame selector is and what it looks like. Again, I'm not talking about under the viewfinder. I'm talking about a round button under the rangefinder window. ...
  • Replied in "Leica Look"
    If you want to see the "Leica Look", I'd suggest you visit Peter's site. He has a wonderful blog and plenty of photographs that have "the look". Prosophos.com
  • No sir, I'm not talking about under the viewfinder. I'm talking about a round button under the rangefinder window
  • Created discussion thread Maybe a dumb question, but.....
    I've tried to find this somewhere on the internet, but no luck. I have an M9 and thus no button under the rangefinder window. I notice the M10 and others do. What is that button for? The only ...
  • Hey Greg, I went through a local camera store for the repairs. Leica  sent an email with costs but no description of the repairs suggested. I didn't know if they were cosmetic or mechanical. I ...
  • Created discussion thread M9 turnaround time
    I sent my M9 off back in mid October to have the sensor replaced. I included a couple of lenses that needed minor adjustments. It's been almost three months and all I've received back is a repair ...
  • Well that would explain that! Thank you sir! I'm not sure when that camera setting was changed, but that's exactly what it was. Follow up question now that I have both raw and jpeg files of the ...
  • Created discussion thread Duplicate images
    Hi everyone! I'm not sure if this is an in-camera issue or a LR issue. I took some photographs over the holidays. When I popped the memory card in and looked at the preview images in LR, there were ...
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