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On article Sigma USA announces pricing of 50-150mm F2.8 OS HSM (105 comments in total)
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Jogger: if youve got an 18-50/2.8 it makes more sense to get the 70-200/2.8.. the 50-70mm difference is nothing and can be made up by walking. the extra 225-300 on the tele end is far for useful.

i have a d7000 and i have the nikkor 16 85 mm and the sigma 08 16mm in addition to the 35mm I'm missing a long range lens in my collection should i go for the sigma 70 200 or should i wait for this one to be released what i was thinking since there is a 300 USD between the sigma 70 200 and the 50 150mm i can use the difference to get a tele converter which will give me almost the same focal length as the 70 200 but with more option

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Roland Karlsson: A Suiss army knife is a best seller. Its considered high quality and a good buy. It contains lots of tools, such as knives, scissors and screw drivers. Very neat.

But yet - a knife, a screw driver and a scissor is a better tool. So --- the Suiss army knife is just an emergency kit.

The same goes for all multi tools. They are handy. But if you really want to fasten some screws - a real screw driver is the right tool.

So - if I want to take pictures I want a camera - not a multi tool. But - of course - if I see something I want to photo - and the only thing I have is my phone - I use it.

Just as the Suiss army knife and a real knife both have their place so do a phone with a camera and a a camera.

Then you can discuss whether a non connected camera is useless. To some it may be. But absolutely not to me.

i agree, i dont realy think that wireless conectivity is vital, however, i would like the option of taging a picture directly on a social network from my camera threw wifi and even better threw 3g network.

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