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I realize this is rather OT compared to the general tone of comments here, but it occurred to me that this device might prove useful for inspecting the inside of pipes, tanks and other structures with limited space (especially if you could fit a small light to it). But I doubt it will see such use.

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Aroart: IMO most selfie takers are not to tech savy or mechanicals inlined. All drones needs a bit of maintenance even a single strand of hair can get caught in the prop and wind up that it will stop the motor.. I think if Kim Kardashian promotes this product it will sell like hot cakes...

At last, a new "angle" on Gonzo! (the mind reels...)

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Jaythomasni: Leica Adopted Minolta... nice

The Minolta CL and CLE did indeed have rangefinders. The CLE in particular was a really neat little camera, and IIRC, the first-ever M-mount body with aperture-priority shooting. I wish I'd bought one a few years ago before the prices started to go through the roof...

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Greg VdB: Google AI learned from the best:

Thanks for posting the Ecce Homo link. For once I was genuinely speechless! (eventually I thought of a few acrid remarks, but it did take a while)

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Arastoo Vaziri: Meh. My colleague at the Jeffersonian Institute, Dr Angela Montenegro, has been working with this for years.

Lol nice one!

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saeba77: wow finally japanese porn without mosaic

Though if the software added faces instead of, well, you know... I dunno if the results would be hilarious or terrifying!

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scott_mcleod: "Futurologist"? Is that a thing now?

I guess the sarcasm didn't come across :)

I was almost going to write "Well, if a *futurologist* said it, it *must* be true!" but I wasn't sure if that would work either...

BTW your re-write is spot-on

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"Futurologist"? Is that a thing now?

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LJ - Eljot: The young lady in the picture is most probalby not showing a peace sign but just two fingers for the number 2. In the japanese language the word for 2 is "ni". When you say "ni" you smile. It is just the similar thing to "cheese" in english. So I was told once.

It is indeed a peace sign, and it is referred to as such in Japan (as a gairaigo). Just don't ask me how I know this...

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AbrasiveReducer: What happened to these photos is as important as the photos themselves. These days, you can claim the images were altered in Photoshop and if that doesn't work, create a fake news story about a conspiricy and people will believe it. But nobody is claiming that the events shown here did not happen.

Lol I have seen plenty of "retouched" USSR propaganda photos and most of them look like they were done by a house painter, so no, not terribly convincing. Then again there is a lot of sloppy PS work done nowadays.

However, AbrasiveReducer's comment about conspiracy theories is sadly all too true. The net seems to have enabled this phenomenon (and the people who choose to believe all that stuff) in a truly remarkable - if not terrifying - way.

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justmeMN: "DL’s concept and target is users of the D800 series,’ says Inoue"

Huh? That makes no sense to me.

I haven't had a beautiful experience in years. Maybe I ought to buy a Key Mission 360...

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noflashplease: After all of the recent "exoplanet" announcements, which border on unverifiable hoaxes, it's fair to assume that astronomy has dissolved into a meaningless quest for research grants and dubious post-graduate degrees. On the face of it, this looks like junk science mixed with advertising copy. I have my doubts about any ground based optical device of this sort. Moreover, look at the promo photo. Two middle aged, tenured white men with 5 attractive female grad students or adjuncts? That's what it looks like, at least?

It's time to stop funding useless academic departments and pointlessly pedantic research projects.

So Marcy was "in it for the harem" and all his scientific contributions were junk, right?

Sheesh, it's been a long time since I read something as close-minded as this.

As for exoplanets being "unverifiable hoaxes", I am at a loss for words...

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scott_mcleod: I'm sure I'll get reamed for this, but I'm also pretty sure I'm not the only one who wants to know: where are they made? I looked at the images of the lens mounts but I couldn't see any engravings (I guess they were out of the shot)

Thanks for that. I was surprised that the 105/1.4 is made in China and wondered which, if any, other pro lenses were going to be off-shored.

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I'm sure I'll get reamed for this, but I'm also pretty sure I'm not the only one who wants to know: where are they made? I looked at the images of the lens mounts but I couldn't see any engravings (I guess they were out of the shot)

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Tom_A: I still use my film medium format cameras: Fujis and Rolleiflex in 6x4.5,6x6, and 6x9. Even occasionally a Lomo Belair 6x12 with a better Belairgon lens.
It is interesting that this review echoes the film experience in the sense that, yes the resolution can be tremendous, but it's the tonality, for example very subtle skin tones that are truly elevating medium format cameras over smaller sensors/film surfaces.

Indeed! I have a GA645i and a GW690. Scans from those huge negatives are just wonderful to look at - a completely different animal to 35mm, even with the same film.

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ttran88: Will it come with X Trans? I'm hoping it doesn't.

I was about to post the exact same question until I saw yours.

Please let it be Bayer... please...

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On article Canon EOS M5: What you need to know (557 comments in total)

Question for those who have seen the camera *in real life* - many of the photos make the painted parts look a sort of bluish-grey (somewhat reminiscent of the T70 IIRC). Does it look that way to the eye, in natural light, or does it appear a more neutral color?

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dopravopat: "So, about those lenses..."

Please test how the camera performs with the Sigma 18-35 f1.8 and 50-100 f1.8 (via adapter). How they focus in stills mode, if the stated "Image stabilization: Sensor-shift" works and how effective it is. I would really appreciate this, thanks.

How is "5-axis" *digital* IS even possible? I mean, left-right and up-down, plus rotation (which I imagine they count as 3 "axes") but how do you get pitch and yaw stabilization from a fixed sensor? Or am I missing something?

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webber15: Like the metal body on these,,especially when cold...soothes my piles...

I assume you have the ringtone (LOL) set to vibrate?

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Henrik Herranen: "but if your troubled"

My troubled what?

As a non-native speaker of English this kind of trivial mistake mystifies me time and time again. How does it happen? I can understand the confusion of it's/its, because it's genuinely difficult. But how can their/they're/there, you're/your/ur, here/hair/here etc ever be mistaken?

My theory is that only native English speaker can and do make these mistakes. Foreigners learn the words in a different way, and while they do mistakes based on their own language background, I'd be very surprised if a non-native English speaker would make one of these mistakes.

In defense (or defence, take your pick) of native English speakers, there is a tendency among certain types of non-native speakers to use English words and phrases in some excruciatingly obscure fashion, and then proceed browbeat their English-speaking audience for "not knowing" their own language. Often such tirades are supported by online dictionaries and the use of a common Latin root, while conveniently ignoring the fact that English is a West Germanic language, and the antagonist's invariably hails from a different family.

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