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belle100: OK. When will we see a vari-curvature sensor patented then?



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dccdp: What is this fixation with immersive environments? Have the human beings become too rudimentary to understand art without actually being surrounded by direct, obvious representations of the imagined worlds depicted by it? Has art itself lost its ability to use that wonderful tool called subtlety to express ideas? Is a picture, a film, or a book too subtle to spark any kind of response from us? Are we really that incapable of imagination so that in order to think of an environment we need to actually and explicitly be surrounded by it?

I don't think so, VR is only a fad, and all these articles in the tech press that try too hard to convince us of its importance are just parts of a conjunctural advertising campaign that will be forgotten in a few years.

I fully disagree. The key is not to use VR as a new version of that spherical screen. I just tried HTC Viv 3D drawing and that was something. You are part of a fictuous 3D world, and you can interact with it. You draw stuff, and move around and inside it. Completely new amazing experience. I experienced many VR stuff on that day that left me cold. The drawing was just stellar compared to the rest. And I was not alone, other grown up adults like me were going back in the line to try it again and again...

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Wild Light: Just another experience bordering on gimmick, like 3D television, for anything that doesn't have a practical useful function.

Not at all. I just experienced HTC ViV system. First was a kind of game, where you interact with blobs around you. Meh.

Next was a 3D paint program. You just draw stuff around you and it stays there in 3D. You can move through your drawing to look at it from under, inside or the other side. It's just magical, nothing less. And super easy to do, no motion sickness (I'm super sensitive). It can support several people in the same environment too! It's the best 3D design tool ever... As is, it will revolutionize conceptual design. Later Architecture and the like will get in this, I cannot see it not happening. I'm no early adopter, and I dislike vapoware, but this virtual reality was for real!

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JackM: Great, but... should we wait for more lenses for the a7/r, which won't be usable with this sensor, or should we wait for this system? Argh.

I don't get why it would work only for fixed focus. Imaging on a flat surface is a big challenge. Simple lenses have curved image field. There is probably an optimal curvature for let's say 50 mm that will result in a simplified 50 mm design. I'm convinced designing a 20 mm for this non-optimal sensor curvature will still be easier than doing it for a flat sensor.

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I second the need for a fast and basic 22 mm lens!

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