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  • That does look like mold to me. If it is , wipe the slide with isopropyl alcohol. (that is how we used to clean negs in the lab).
  • The spec you see looking through the OVF (on the mirror or focusing screen)  is not the same as the one you have on the sensor. So it looks like you have dust on both.
  • Yes, it was the very best of it's type. (to the OP: not for you anyway because it used 1:3.2" sensors)
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    Some think that it appeared first in 1966 at Photokina as a Prinzflex TLS Super , made for Dixons by Chinon. (Dixons was a retail chain in the UK at the time selling cameras and Hi Fi, Prinz was ...
  • Mydoctor has confirmed that both of my kidneys are fine and that I really only need one . kodak, here I come !

  • As already explained, those cameras had only one taking lens, the other was for viewing and that is why the two lenses have the same focal length (hence the term Twin Lens Reflex). Anyway , the ...
  • The lens the OP mentioned did have a M/A for stopdown operation so a T2 solution could be used however I would suggest that it would not be wise to spend another $30/40 (inc postage...) to get that ...
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    what happens if heaven is just another human invention ?
  • Some people do enjoy walking about advertising what they bought. I always remember in Manila when our guide was telling us that many went shopping in the main business district to buy something ...
  • Well you wasted your time because the OP just stated YS 85 but not the mount it came with.YS 85 in Sun means an 85-210 with a YS mount. The YS adaptors came out for several mounts this one for ...
  • That L16 was so popular that for two weeks ,here, no one remembered it existed... There was a member ( planet Mitch) here that raved on and on and on about it and then promptly disappered when it ...
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    There is a 50 MP and a 100 Mp version. The 50 MP is 43.8 x 32.9mm, the 100MP is 53.4x40 mm. I believe they call that a 4:3 format. BTW, I suspect that at least some of the Micro Four Thirds user ...
  • It would not be held vertical if it were a square format. ( the Hasselblad ensors are not square).
  • Well spotted. I still cannot see that H but the lens did look like a Blad to me .(mind you, it is mostly because of that H pattern that it lokks like a Blad...)
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    As for that 135mm, if it has Made in Korea on it , it is probably a Samyang but if it is a Made in Japan lens is most likely a Makina made lens. (I have only seen the Korean version but Makina did ...
  • Do you have a link to that video ?
  • I don't like the ergonomics of phones and I need to wear glasses to use the screen so that does not work for me but if you don't have those or other similar problems I would think tnhat a phone ...
  • I use an SLT and it is OK on manual focus , not that I could do birds in flight but can be used when they perch.
  • and that is only for people that use expressions like : I told you a million times I have been waiting for an eternity I literally died laughing ... and so on.
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    that was "the best camera" not "the perfect camera". If all I have on me , when the next UFO lands,  is a Lomo, well that is the best I have. It does not make it perfect.
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