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  • To be clear I don't have anything against the guy except for his pretending to be someone else. I don't like trolls nor invented personalities . I just noticed that a notoriously bad spelling 18 ...
  • details, details... Here is something amusing (sort of) that happened very close to Brescia and that  made the front page of his paper : it just happens that the above 400AD arch was the symbol of ...
  • Ask him to send the original version of that article in Italian. I always love to read google translations... (I'm on the dead list too, for pointing out that he does not live in Italy nor he is ...
  • He made the mistake of claiming , in different threads, that Pierre Paulson is his real name and that he works for the Giornale Di Brescia. Problem is, there is no Pierre Paulson working (day or ...
  • and apart from his American spelling (I pointed that out sometime ago...) he also posts mostly when it is between 1 and 6 AM in Italy, it just happens to be mid afternoon to late evening in mid to ...
  • not exactly what the OP had in mind... "would not a bunch of small cameras at the eye piece..." what you see there are 24x 400mm F2.8 lenses and 24x STT 8300 cameras. About  $330,000 just for those ...
  • I would think that if you use several small cameras you will also have several smaller sensors and with astrophotography light gathering is king.
  • Maybe you have forgotten (or you were a fan of ) Alan Bond and Christopher Skase. Trump is of that ilk.
  • I wonder how the Pen F digital is doing because that does look the part. I used the original film version with several lenses too.
  • Replied in Greg Lake dies
    That is a classic... I remember listening to the original Mussorgsky composition at High School. A few years later I was into ELP... Had that one on cassette, bought second hand in Soho. (london)
  • In 2004 a 6mp sensor was up to date, for example the very popular Nikon D70 used the same (Sony ICX413 )  sensor . So why do you think it did not sell then but could sell now (with an up to date ...
  • Still posting in the middle of the night, I see (3:15 AM) Are you sure you are not doing night shifts ?
  • Replied in Greg Lake dies
    Welcome my friend to the show that never ends... Found out from a post by Steve Hackett on his Face Book page. He commented that Greg was a great influence on Genesis.
  • Alan Shepard was the first American into space but John Glenn was the first to go around the world. Perth (Australia) turned on all the lights for him...
  • Telling that you choose one of the most commonly accepted misconceptions to drive your point across.. (lemmings do not commit mass suicide jumping off cliffs or otherwise ...)
  • PHD Perennially Highly Deceived ? I wonder if the test could detect that I went to Oxford ? (rainy day if I remember correctly)
  • Why is a wrong number never engaged ?
  • A 25mm lens is twice as wide as  a 50mm regardless of the format, just as a 100mm has half of the field of view of a 50mm also in any format.
  • Hitler , Time person of the year 1938 : that dog is Muki ( Muckl von der Korbinianslinde) BTW, note the subtle changes from the original photo to the cover
  • You have complicated a very simple question. The OP was asking for a focal length that gives a field of view in the middle between 28mm and 90mm, not for a standard lens or anything like that. To ...
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