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While visiting the SW I shot with my regular camera.
I recognize most of the places here.
However, I also used my Iphone to shoot, process and upload first sample images while on the road (think: "look, family, we are now here...").
Those images are numbers 26-65 in this gallery:
Real final photos elsewhere on my pages.

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On photo No - You listen to me !!! in the Defiance challenge (7 comments in total)

That guy seems to have almost the same expression on many occasions.
I had an instant flashback to a few years ago.
Look here (images 12-22):
Good shot you got there (especially the angle)

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On article Instagram cracks down use of its brand name (12 comments in total)

I don't see how regulations issued today, can prohibit a certain custom or use that predeces it, unless those regulations are just a repetition of general law.
But in that case, Instagram should not include it now to try and crack down on use they seem to have tolerated and encouraged before.
Adding it to corporate regulations seems to be a message that "there is no more Mr. Nice Guy" (from now on), which is kind of an admission, that previously much more was tolerated.

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On article Connected cameras of the future: Crossover solutions (25 comments in total)
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jcmarfilph: none of the above..
Those silly ideas of attaching lens to a mediocre camera phone with sensor smaller than a pinhead are worthless.

Also, attaching a lens bigger than a phone itself defeats the purpose of mobility.

I'd rather see more travelzoom or bridge cam with WIFI or 4G capabilities than make my self look like a dork with a slippery brick in one hand and another hand holding the lens.

It's not often that I agree totally with an opinion on these comments.
But I do now. All of this (except for a real camera but with connectivity) looks just silly.
And there is no way that it will yield GOOD results.
"Interesting" (as in "weird"): yes maybe. But GOOD, no.

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On article Hand-painted Olympus E-P5 comes with bonus... Vespa? (51 comments in total)

Next up: buy a Leica, get a Rolls-Royce bundled for free!

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On article How to turn your smartphone into an SLR adapter (17 comments in total)

and the point is?

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On article Exposure: Gianpiero Riva (9 comments in total)

I like his photography.
Good, simple concepts and well executed.
No overdone PP but just enough.

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On article Truly 'moving' images (15 comments in total)
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maikD: Check my 3D gif:

Now THAT is FAR more interesting!!

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On article Tintype takes your mobile photography back in time (4 comments in total)

That video was interesting.
The app is more of the same.
(But I must admit that Koloid is corny fun.)

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On article Forum updates (68 comments in total)

photo sharing (and commenting) made easier is a great thing if it works well

Link | Posted on Jun 13, 2013 at 06:30 UTC as 38th comment
On article Truly 'moving' images (15 comments in total)

That first is mildly interesting, but the animation is necessary to make the image interesting...
That second just makes me dizzy. Help, I want to get off this ride!!

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On article Classic lines when clients want you to work for free (141 comments in total)
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jm67: From the viewpoint of a wedding photographer...
Yes I know it doesn't quite fit all five but #s two and four do so frequently.

'It will mean great exposure for you.'
--No, it won't. I'm on the wrong side of the camera to be exposed.
'If you don't want to do it for free, I know other photographers who will.'
--Then why are you asking me?
'We could just find a stock photo if you're not interested.'
--I can recommend a few companies if you'd like to save time.
'My cousin has a DSLR and I think I can get him to do it if you don't want to.
(My personal favourite, the cousin, aunt, uncle and I get this alot),
--You'll cry when you see the results so I recommend hydrating first.
'If all goes well, it could lead to paid opportunities with our company.'
--I love betting on "maybes" and "ifs". Sign me up. I mean, pass.

For a wedding photographer, the last one would me:
"I'm sure to divorce at some point and then maybe I'll pay you to shoot my next wedding."

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