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marcio_napoli: Chances are that 95% of the people taking Mr. Schulz words as offensive are as guilt of arrogance as he is.

People here are saying that top 35mm cameras (D800) are now the Holly Grail of photography, and in a self made statement, as capable as DMF cameras.

Where were you guys just about months ago, just before the D800?

So that doesn't make these people arrogant too? Do you all have worked with Digital Medium Format cameras to make a valid statement?

I guess 95% here don't, and they claim their truth is truer and better than Mr. Schulz's.

On a side note: I don't think his statement is arrogant. It's a statement molded by circunstances.

He's bold, and leaps far away from the false diplomacy we see in the society.

People who never shot with digital backs claim their MP packed 35mm cameras are now equally good.

But these people never shot with Digital backs to know that other side of the fence so well, and make a valid claim.

Great point Marcio. Those who have mastered the techniques that can truly reveal the inherent 'greatness..or not' of a camera or lens, ARE better placed to comment. I have just begun my digital journey in earnest, and know how much I do not know! What I do know is this... If the S is in fact a great system in all respects, it'll stick around for a long time. Given the opportunity to use an S or D800 for a month....I'd 'hands down' grab the S for the shear hell of it.....hoping to find something that's extraordinary.... and way out there!
The digital era has changed many things, why not MF. Arrogance?....maybe, Confidence?....hopefully.
Regards -FJ

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