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Pentax K3 II
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Pentax FA 50 f/1.4
Pentax FA 135 f/2.8
Pentax DA 18-55 WR
Pentax DA 55-300 PLM RE WR WR
Sigma 12-24 EX DG
Kenko 1.5x teleplus (never use it - quality is worse than cropping the 135mm)
Pentax AF201FG flash
Sigma EF-530DG Super flash, PTTL

Panasonic Lumix GM1 w/12-32
Sigma DN 60 f/2.8, MFT mount

iMac 2.66 GHz core 2 duo
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  • Hi Set up the camera exactly as you want it - B&W, and the settings for the B&W jpeg including contrast and filtering and auto DR. Also set your preferred Settings for shake reduction, exposure ...
  • But in the UK the KP is £1100, the K3-ii £700. That's a mad price difference, even if the K3-ii is getting close to end of life (though the K3 is still for sale, at a bargain £550). The KP lacks ...
  • You're quite right. But absolute sharpness wasn't the priority for me - I wanted the cars to look like they are moving. In no 4 the car was accelerating out of a hairpin, making panning tricky ...
  • Thanks for the advice. Which shots? I really wanted to get some panning blur to show subject movement, The ideal is car sharp with background blurred and wheels obviously turning. In shot 1, the ...
  • Thanks for the kind words everyone. Was very useful to have zooms. I normally shoot primes but lens swapping would have lost me several shots in this environment. I also had the 18-55 WR kit lens, ...
  • Hi I bought a 55-500 PLM because I wanted a fast focussing, light WR zoom lens for the Rally. I used it cautiously, stopping down well to get broad DoF. I now suspect, looking at the shots on a ...
  • Added 14 photos to their gallery
  • Used supermarket tape, genuine sellotape being unavailable. Glue had gone hard so I just scraped it off. Trimmed tape to correct width. Repair took 15min including the glue cleanup. Thanks guys, ...
  • Mine (a black one, bought about three months after the GM1 launched, so an early unit) has got gradually loose and went very loose today in about 1deg C. It has never been so cold for so long ...
  • Hi Funnily enough I think you posted this just as I was in the shop buying a 55-300 PLM. I don't really care about focussing speed to a static subject. Can't well all wait half a second? What ...
  • Great, peaceful shots. Hope that's how 2017 turns out. Paul
  • Ah yes. Primrose hill is little more than half the distance from the Shard as Parliament Hill is, but for Canary Wharf the ratio is more similar, so I guess it's a matter of viewing angle rather ...
  • Terrific shots. Are the skylines taken from Parliament Hill? That  gives me an idea of this lens's reach. Love the pas de deux photo. Paul
  • Those are useful shots because they show what you prefer. The main differences, especially with the second shot, are colour and tone and contrast. Ensure you have the K3 in auto white balance mode ...
  • You worry too much. These shots are 6000 pixels wide. If you printed them they would be 50cm across. Huge. There is hardly any visible noise even on screen and there would be none in a print. And ...
  • I only just came across this thread. I have a K3 ii, (after going up through K100, K10, K5) and several Pentax lenses. My lightweight travelling kit is a Lumix GM1 and the tiny 12-32, and Sigma ...
  • @ webber15 I wasn't appealing for less regulation either in the US or Europe. I was simply pointing out that the OP's apparent position, that the US regulates photography less than Europe does,...

  • Too much regulation of photography in Europe? Have you never tried professional photography in a National Park in the US? The Rangers, Police and other officials are all over you like a rash.

  • Never mind the lens, I'd give credit to the photographer. Great shots of a place I know well, but didn't recognise. That's an inspiration to us all to keep our cameras at our sides and look for new ...
  • Hi Here's what I do. Use a long-ish lens – 80mm or up. This will make the perspective on the car's shape look more natural, and also throw the background out of focus. Focus on the nearest detailed ...
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