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  • Created question thread Control Ring Question
    I have two Rs and various RF lenses, happy with all. I have assigned exposure compensation to the control ring on both cameras. On one camera it works fine, on the second camera it does not work ...
  • Replied in Color Quality?
    Someone said the reason things might look bluer is because the cataracts give everything a warmer tone.
  • Replied in Color Quality?
    I have not had the surgery yet but it is in my not-too-distant future. I have been nervous about it, particularly the color issue, but these replies are giving me confidence.
  • Replied in Color Quality?
    Thank you - very helpful info.
  • Created discussion thread Color Quality?
    A question for people who have had cataract surgery: other than making everything brighter and more vivid, does it change colors? I Had heard a number of years ago that cataract surgery added a ...
  • Success! And this time I really mean it. I upgraded to the Rode video mic pro + and it's working great. I've turned the manual adjustment on the camera almost down to lowest point, while still ...
  • Good advice, thank you. You can't tell from the photo I guess but it is mounted on a shockproof mount. My new one's going to be even better I'm sure.
  • Yeah, but was not possible with my existing video mic but will be with the video mic pro Plus. That 20 decibel boost is the missing link. Thanks, everybody, I learned a lot.
  • Okay, after watching a few videos and reading the specs on various Rode mics, I'm pretty sure I need the video mic pro that will allow me to boost the decibels by +20. The lens noise isn't as bad ...
  • Well, I'm an idiot. I spoke too soon. The reason I wasn't hearing any lens noise is because the camera wasn't picking up any sound. The external mic is set at 0db and the camera mic is set ...
  • All very helpful, thanks. When recording myself singing, or recording Irish traditional music sessions in my home, I use my h4n zoom and sync the audio to my video, so there's no problem. When ...
  • Chiming in way late, but FastRawViewer fixed this for me. Works great.
  • Okay, I think I fixed it. After staring at that diagram, with the phone photo enlarged, for a very long time, I finally figured out the layout. Light dawns on Marblehead. I now have the external ...
  • Okay, I knew I remembered something on this microphone. Inside the battery compartment there are three choices on a tiny tiny little switch, 0, - 10, and - 20. Which would be the highest ...
  • Or, make that $300.
  • I have the Rode videomic, cost around $150 10 or 15 years ago from Calumet. I think I need the videomic pro R. $229 from sweetwater. Man, I'd love to wake up in the morning, just once, and not ...
  • I have a couple of different external mics but the one I want to use is the Rode, but it does not have its own sound settings. But what you're saying makes perfect sense. When I'm recording music ...
  • But at that low setting will I still pick up the sounds, voices etc. I want in the recording? And you're talking about the manual settings on the camera, correct?
  • Created question thread Auto Focus Noise in EOS R Video
    I thought that using an external mic would eliminate the clicking noises from the auto-focus, but no such luck. I thought it might be because I was using older lenses but I see that even the $5K ...
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