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On article Classic lines when clients want you to work for free (141 comments in total)

Yes I've heard all those lines just about word for word. Aren't they shameless mongrels? You have to maintain your credibility and walk away. If you take a deep breath and maintain the viewpoint that in the long run it's best to be reassuringly expensive you'll have a long successful career.

I occasionally do jobs for Charities, NGO's and "Good Causes" but except for extraordinary exceptions I'll never do the job for free. Each project is assessed based on the apparent prosperity of the organisation and charged accordingly, often at around 50% of my standard rates.

The only things I'll do for free are not really free, it's an exchange/barter situation.

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On article US Judge rules for Eggleston in dispute with collector (300 comments in total)

I'm firmly with Sobel on this one. William Eggleston has comprehensively broken trust with not just a major collector of his works, but one who has been a huge backer. Obviously he didn't even talk to him about it.

The judgement is a stinker. William Eggleston has diminished himself.

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On article VSCO Keys offers shortcut to Lightroom efficiencies (65 comments in total)

A more flexible alternative which I have been using for years is the Razer Nostromo gaming input device .

All the keys can be programmed with a keyboard shortcut or simply made macros. It recognises when different programs are open, so you can have a different set of commands/shortcuts/macros for Lightroom, PS, Bridge, Photomechanic etc. It's especially excellent if you use a Wacom tablet. Having a scroll wheel and an enter key etc right under the left hand while you do Wacom things with your right hand makes for a highly speeded-up and efficient workflow.

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T3: How's the highlight recovery and dynamic range on these lossy DNG's? If that data is gone, then that defeats a big advantage of shooting RAW in the first place.

Frankly, if you want to reduce RAW file size, just shoot M-RAW (if you're a Canon shooter). Not every image needs to be shot at 18+ mp, especially if you're not printing really big (or not printing at all). M-RAW on an 18mp Canon gives you a 10mp image, which is plenty of resolution for an 11x14 print.

I've been using lossy DNG for months now. mRAW does have its place, but lossy DNG gets useful for crunching down the out-takes from a job. For me these are files that just might need to be recalled at some future date. Previously they would have been dumped in my studio. Full size DNG files from the "keepers" are retained.

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Ummm is this new? I've had the option of converting to lossy DNG for months now with the free Adobe DNG converter. It's quite useful.

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On article Coming soon: Lens Reviews to return to (272 comments in total)
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Scales USA: I am a bit concerned. Some of their conclusions regarding lenses just do not seem to be valid.

Like all others, they test lenses mounted to cameras, and then, only a small sample. The lens to lens variation and camera to camera variation leaves me wanting a real test of a lens. I am interested in seeing more information about their testing, but the single resolution figure for a lens on their site leavs me wondering.

I am hoping that they obtain the technology to first properly adjust a lens before testing it, as well as test a significant sampling. Otherwise, its just one data point, and not worth making a big deal out of it.

Absolutely. I quit reading the DxO reviews some time ago as their highly technical, narrow field findings were frequently quite different from real-world reality. As I've said elsewhere, the feedback from hard working photographers who actually use the lenses is review "gold-standard".

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LensHood: I really really wonder why you sticked to the threated view of a discussion. It is my single most complaint about this wonderful resource. Just show everything in a flat view. Show ALL messages in a thread simultaneously. It is extremely inconvenient to have these multiple threats. And really, ever noticed that no other forum on the planet does this anymore?

The threaded view is the main reason I tire quickly of the DPR forums and spend time elsewhere. I find it irritating and very old school. What a great opportunity to go to something useable like a custom skinned VBulletin format that most of the world understands and likes.

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B1ackhat: Great - because it looks like this site is still trapped in 1995. You should have switched to vBulletin or one the other PHP-based forums over a decade ago.

I agree. I have always found the DP Review forums indescribably weird in their structure. I rarely visit despite liking the general content. Use this opportunity to make a proper change rather than just a fresh paint-job.

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Deleted78792: Please create a 'Yawn' button instead of a dislike button. Would create less negativity. Also ration the 'yawns' per user to say, 30 a month, with no carry forwards.

And then provide the users an option to hide them yawned at posts!

Time for my nap.

Canon Rumors became a much friendlier place when they dumped the Karma system. It got ugly. Likes are fine, but any opportunity to lash out with negativity just lowers the tone. Yawn? Interesting concept....

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The A-Team: Great idea for the pancake, although even better if it had IS. Great price too!

What a fantastic body cap! I'm getting two of them

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I've just read a published a report about Google+
Not only does it remove all metadata including copyright information, it can falsely represent who created the images uploaded to it. Nasty, naughty.....

My feeling is that this greatly lessens the value of Google+. Are you really going to post images in this competition?

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