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Niko Tod: I remember my experience with my iMac several years ago(2013):
- Going back and forth with a(ny) mouse in Finder wasn't possible;
- I couldn't delete files directly - had to be done through the thrash bin;
- Going full screen was clumsy and slow animated process;
- Putting more items on the desktop would make the OS very slow.
Have they fixed these problems? Or they still think their customers are braindead?!

When I switched, some time ago, there were several such details that irked me, but I'd rather suffer those than the indignity of ransomware, malware, bad drivers... It's not that macs are wonderful, it's that the options are abysmal. At least I can now hide the Menu bar, which was my pet peeve.

And while I still find it tedious to delete from the Trash, I've known way too many people who deleted their files by accident, so I have to admit there is some logic to it.

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Plain awesome.

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On article Canon EF-S 35mm F2.8 IS STM Macro sample gallery (98 comments in total)

Nice examples, this looks like a really nice lens, and at an affordable price. If I didn't already have a macro lens it would have been a good excuse to get an m camera.

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On article Canon EF-S 35mm F2.8 IS STM Macro sample gallery (98 comments in total)
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xmeda: Years AFTER Pentax SMC-DA 35/2.8 Macro

Which I'm sure has a built in light and stabilization - not.

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CamCaptain: Sony 12-24mm less than half the weight of the Sigma and Canon versions. Holy cow. Latest Sony releases suggest it will be at least as good optically too.

No, only an 11-24...

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A refurb SL1 and 24mm pancake would probably work just as well, for a lot less... I don't really get the talk of lens groups, since it's compared to an x100 which probably doesn't have the fastest AF in the world anyway? I do like the concept of the x100 line.

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On article Sony FE 100mm F2.8 STF gallery and first impressions (316 comments in total)

I'm a long time fan of the 135mm STF, even if I quickly grew out of bokeh as an end in itself; autofocus makes this one even more desirable, except it's still too pricey. Being a bit less long perhaps it could be paired with an aps-c camera instead of full frame, 135mm being a tad too long...

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Good interview.

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nandbytes: I wish they had bought toshiba's sensor unit also :-P

Oi! Don't kill Nikon!

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Paul B Jones: These comments provide fascinating insight into how deeply the desire for group identity is hard-wired into the human brain, extending so far as to provoke deep brand loyalty to consumer products produced for profit by giant corporations - and also how great Canon is! Go Canon!

Says "OlyPent". Beeeeh!

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On article Alpha-better: Sony a9 versus a7R II (503 comments in total)

Very informative, looks like a nice camera.

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Looking good even though I recenlty got a used Tamron 90mm macro and yongnuo macro flash: smaller, more practical. Still coming to grips with this macro thing.

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On article Pentax KP Review (659 comments in total)

Looks very nice, the different grips are a great idea, hopefully they don't introduce any creaks.

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Great to read about the people who actually make these.

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Very interesting!

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Shlomo Goldwasser: I don't fully buy the 'has to be done by hand' story. It sounds more like they are trying hard to show that there is still some human involvement to protect the status of the brand and to justify the high prices of these products.

I'm sure research and development for the specialized automated machines was free - not!

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On article Lumee Duo is an iPhone case with built-in illumination (22 comments in total)

Look at me look at me look at me...

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Apple's problem is that they have probably sold all the iPhones they can to those that can afford them, so they can only count on renewals, which limits their growth, which has implications for their stock valuation; their attempts to service the next lower tier don't seem to be working (iPhone 5c). It's a little sad to see people with 16GB iPhones saying they can't install another app for lack of space: status symbol, yes, but it's all they could afford.

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tkbslc: Poor Microsoft. Not even a cursory mention of Windows Phone in this whole thread about phone competition.

Blackberry FTW!

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james s. kennedy: I could get by with a cheaper cell phone than my Apple 7+. I frequent carry a LUMIX ZS100 in a belt case. The product that I really love is my iPad Air 2. I would have an iPad Pro if I knew they were going to make the smaller version.

I've been looking for a second device to complement my current laptop (rMBP), I can either make do with a decent and cheap android nvidia k1; or get the one with a decent display for clients to see my shots right after a photo shoot: iPad Pro. Since it's something I do occasionally I cannot see it as a business investment, particularly with my propensity to bang or drop things, but the lesson is if you are looking for specific attributes it's hard to find decent alternatives. I still find it over priced but no one is forcing me to buy it.

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