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Mine died after 6 months, I'd rather have more reliability than !!! colours.

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Looks like the complete package; took a while, but you can't say it's been for lack of trying. With the 11-22 it might be irresistible for people who need interior shots like for real estate; the macro lens with included lights would make it very appealing for beginners; street photo? Hello 22mm. If an EF / M tilt shift adapter comes out I better start saving.

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I don't see the closeup action shots...

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keepreal: Is this pyramid selling? I mean the crowd funding part. Surely, nobody is going to tell me this is made to a very high tolerance for cine users. I am sure I am safe, unlike elsewhere where I commented on similar lens offerings.

If anyone wants it, I have a pack of six rolls of bread for $100 + PP $35. Please get in touch.

Nope, pyramid selling would imply the sellers resell the item for a fee, which usually has negative connotations for the quality of the product, as people buy into the pyramid rather than the product; this is crowdsourcing, people vote with their money and the brand has less risk and inventory costs; which beats producing stuff and hoping for the best or depending on marketing shenanigans.

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Coliban: I wondered, how Benro get away with the barefaced and obvious copy of Gitzo. I always wondered, why Gitzo didnt sued them to hell. The Benro tripods where 1:1 copies of the Gitzo tripods (and also other brands, as here, Manfrotto). It was so clear, there have been endless discussions in the forum i used to hang around. One doctor even put those Benro copies in a kernspin tomograph to examine the structure and they were pure copies of Gitzo.

I´ve never figured out, how they get away with that.

Manfrotto and Gitzo are owned by the same people, maybe this covers both?

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Nice shots.

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Looks really cool! If I ever get a tablet it's going to be because of apps like this, although I'd rather have an Android one with an official or approved stylus than an iPad. The iPad Pro can be found for $470 but that's still a lot of money for what would be a one or two trick pony for me.

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They both look good but it's a marketing coup for Canon, as we can now expect dynamic range improvements to trickle down to cameras most people can actually afford: 7DIII, 90D and eventually the Rebels.

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PanchoVilla: Poor Canon and Nikon, they're battling it out for scraps while Sony takes the bulk of the market. It's sad seeing these once great companies slowly go down the path of extinction!

Sony dominates the camera market? Ignorance is bliss.

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Not a bad idea to transfer the weight from the neck to your shoulders, particularly if you're looking to replace the original branded strap...

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On article 2016 Roundup: Interchangeable Lens Cameras around $500 (195 comments in total)

If you're reading this to get into photography remember you can also buy an older model, new or used, even from a higher tier, for the same money; however strong the lure of tech is, you will always make a much bigger difference than the camera. While I have a recent 70D I have no problem still using the 30D I got in 2008, knowing its limitations. In other words you can make a small investment, still get superb gear and get great shots.

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Really? Wow, that was unexpected. If it helps for macro, might be the reason to get an eos-M... So at least for generating interest it's a win for Canon.

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And Ford produces a car that can only turn to the right. Less than zero.

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Looks really, really nice.

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I hope it comes with dramamine.

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Very cool subject. The camera and lenses look swell, skin tones come out well, although I might miss something even wider, and seeing that huge lens at the end brings home the relativity of smaller cameras.

"What's the fun in RAW" vs goofing around with filters...

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It's very good looking, I just hope it's comfortable to use. My Canon look more mundane but are very comfortable and get out of the way I'm shooting, can't ask for better ergonomics - I'm sure other brands do just as well.

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