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On article Will vlogging change your next camera? (308 comments in total)

It's a good question but seems to be missing the main point: few want to be vloggers, but many have had to telecommute, and will continue to do so; this big segment wants ease of use, reliability and advantages over traditional webcams and phone cameras. Photo companies will need to go beyond what they know to make sure the entire ecosystems works, such as ease of connection with Zoom, Skype and the like; this has traditionally been something electronics companies in general have been terrible at.

I just tried Canon's webcam utility beta for mac (a), with Zoom (b), an unsupported 70D (c) and an EF 50mm 1.4 (d); unexpectedly it works perfectly, and my background is nice and blurry.

What's the benefit for Canon? I get to use my camera, dust off my lenses, think about buying more accessories. Would I look for desirable video conferencing attributes in my next camera? Sure, but there are many other aspects that would need to be very robust before I even think about it.

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Until the next crisis in 3, 2, 1...

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Old style ad mentality still doesn't get the web; "How can a brand be the first on Google without paying anything for it?" Because some poor sap at The North Face bought the idea and paid Leo Burnett for it. Result of this investment: The North Face Brand Equity is now lower; way to go!

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I am a strict utilitarian, not married to the brand I use, and this is going to be beyond my budget... But oh so drool worthy. Given the performance of the RF 50mm 1.2 comapred to the EF version, this is going to be one interesting lens to watch.

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So not on its own merit but because of herd mentality. Way to go.

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On article Sony a7 III vs. Canon EOS R vs. Nikon Z6, which is best? (1228 comments in total)

9. Landscapes depend heavily on the lens, whether the camera can be charged via USB is irrelevant.

10. Travel: once equipped with zooms none of these are particularly small; choose two lenses with your preferred focal lengths, in my case an ultra wide angle and a prime covering 85mm to 135mm, with macro being a bonus.

11. Sony has a problem, as customers who do chose its camera end up buying Canon lenses. Canon will probably release boring lower and higher end models thus covering all gaps, Nikon might remain suited to Nikon loyalists. Guess which business will do better.

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On article Sony a7 III vs. Canon EOS R vs. Nikon Z6, which is best? (1228 comments in total)

1. A more complete and useful title would be: comparing Canon, Nikon and Sony’s full frame mirrorless *Systems*. A lot of people fall for the trap of choosing a camera, only to discover the lenses they need are too expensive or unsuitable.

2. Choose lenses first.

3. Lens compatibility, because you didn’t choose lenses first. Duh!

4. The Canon R seems more comfortable than the others, but we all have different hands.

5. Good portraits depend more on controlling lighting than eye focus.

6. Sports and wildlife depends heavily on the lens; none of these seem particularly well suited, for instance look at practical examples of the limitations of EVF.

7. Which lens will you actually use at a wedding? Will a Canon lens on a Sony camera cut it?

8. Video depends on even more parameters than the camera, audio and post processing, for instance. Your technological hang up might only get in the way: 4k.

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On article DPReview TV: Canon EOS R review (703 comments in total)

I've been following dpreview and its forums since it helped me get my 30D, with which I've been very happy, as well as my 70D. This review is just confused and not very helpful: complaints, complaints, complaints. But instead of falling myself into the pattern I'd like to offer a possible, simple solution: reviews by customer segments, by goals. For a landscape and architecture shooter with 6 EF and EF-S lenses like myself, it sounds like a nice camera, an interesting alternative to a 6DII at least. It might not be a good fit for other segments, but that would make the other reviews a lot easier: hey it's not a sports camera, look elsewhere, done.

4k a must even though no one will be able to watch it? Awesome, look elsewhere, done.

IBIS a must even though Canon offers it in their lenses? Awesome, look elsewhere, done.

On the other hand, dude shows up in a bath robe at 5 am, Canon reps should be allowed to shoot on sight, and not with a camera.

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On article Canon EOS R review (3209 comments in total)

I think the images say it all. The touch bar thingy will just take some getting using to, and will probably prove to be fine. Seems like a very fine alternative to a 6DII.

USB charging, 4K, IBIS... Who cares.

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Decent summary of a decent camera. the apparent inability to change focus points in the viewfinder makes it a no go for me, but it's not the end of the world.

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Same lens disposition doesn't mean same lenses??

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If my YongNuo YN-14EX is any indication, the electronics will work flawlessly but the clip on will break easily.

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On article Quick look: Canon's new compressed Raw format (220 comments in total)


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On article Lytro is officially shutting down (207 comments in total)

Zero Brand Equity. Google seem to be not all that lost.

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Just kill creativity why don't ya. There's an awful smell coming from the place they call Cornell.

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A stealth camera for people who need others to see they use an expensive camera...

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"he did not test the number of flashes the batteries are capable of powering" so a more accurate title would be: cheaper Ikea batteries recycle faster than Eneloops. To which the collective reaction would be: yawn!

This is how you distinguish between more and less serious publications: accuracy vs click bait.

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Where's the sensor manufacturers? Where's the consumer? Who cares about photo awards?

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Good one.

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Tried to sell it in Calgary! Hasselblads and Leicas! Master minds.

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