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Conclusion: don't expect more from a $650 android phone than a $200 one; ergo, don't pay more than $200 for your phone and get a real camera for photos.

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If the customer didn't report having dropped the camera in sea water, they should be exposed, to equalize all the nagging and screams when a camera fails.

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On article Canon EOS Rebel SL2 / EOS 200D Review (563 comments in total)

Good review, looks like a nice camera.

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Or if you fly with United Airlines they might beat you up with your own lens.

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So jews discriminating against non-jews... No lessons learned from their own history?

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Marty4650: Nowadays... it is pretty hard to find a large business that hasn't been sued for discrimination, and hasn't settled the case to keep the cost down.

If you doubt this, then just do a google search for "settles discrimination suit" and see what comes up.

Doesn't excuse any of them.

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J A C S: So B&H favored Hispanics and treated them badly... Does not make sense unless they were mostly "undocumented".

Favoring to then mistreat = not doing anyone any favors.

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On article Canon EOS Rebel SL2 / EOS 200D Review (563 comments in total)
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Kharan: I don't know if it's DPR's compression messing things up, but those samples have a very strong '2010' feel to them... I owned an SL1 and it was a very nice JPEG shooter, despite the blown oranges and yellows (fantastic for many landscapes, terrible for people). These samples look drab, soft, and kind of washed out.

"as it was just too dim even under the smoke-filtered sunlight that has plagued Seattle for the last week."

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Unfortunately for LG, unreliable phones + fast lenses is still a no go. Better to incorporate a slow lens in phones that don't bite the dust so easily... They need to change their investment priorities...

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On article Canon EOS 6D Mark II Review (1121 comments in total)

I think this is going to require some patience, see how things develop with more reviews and real world usage by regular users. In the meantime Canon's old advantage still stands: why get this? For the privilege of using say a 16-35 f4 which you might actually be able to afford; as much as I enjoy using my 10-22, that would be the real upgrade, not so much a new camera. Nikon's quality problems? No, thanks, really. Sony and Pentax: where's the full range of good affordable lenses? Of course if you can afford these cameras the smart move is to get the specialized lens each brand produces, and get whichever camera fits.

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On article Ten expert tips for successful macro photography (130 comments in total)

Interesting, I would have expected much smaller apertures.

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On article Panasonic Leica DG 15mm F1.7 shooting experience (405 comments in total)

Great shots, looks like a nice lens.

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Windows over Macs:

Pro: Money, and that's before you take into account Apple Care. A 1080p IPS display laptop with an i5 can be obtained for $600-$700 USD (not at higher res though).

Con: OS reliability. Nothing like a tricked out PC with a BSOD, malware, ransomware just as you need to deliver the goods to your client: this risk can cost you big, and needs to be taken into account. This includes bad drivers and updates that break things. The client will blame you, not your tricked out PC.

Con: Hardware reliability; Macs are far from perfect, but since the white macbooks haven't reached the lows of bad hinges, sleep of death, etc ad nauseam.

Pro: Way more choice, for instance a keyboard you won't hate, sufficient ports, never mind graphics cards.

Pro. If chosen well, expandability: more RAM? New SSD? Can be done.

There is no right and wrong for everyone, but there is a further choice, even for non geek photographers: a decent PC with a linux distro.

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So much dynamic range, such terrible quality control.

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MWPau: Or in my case, the shutter fails completely with only 35,000 photos on it.
On the plus side though, I get my camera back with a new shutter.

An optimist?? What is wrong with you?

(Explanation in case you are from a place where irony isn't understood: congratulations, every one should see the sunny side of things).

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Mike FL: Made in Thailand.

By Nikon. Who's in charge?

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Someone at Micron doesn't understand the concept of Brand Equity... Not profitable? Fine, but just the name recognition is worth something to us consumers, and hence to the company...

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Niko Tod: I remember my experience with my iMac several years ago(2013):
- Going back and forth with a(ny) mouse in Finder wasn't possible;
- I couldn't delete files directly - had to be done through the thrash bin;
- Going full screen was clumsy and slow animated process;
- Putting more items on the desktop would make the OS very slow.
Have they fixed these problems? Or they still think their customers are braindead?!

When I switched, some time ago, there were several such details that irked me, but I'd rather suffer those than the indignity of ransomware, malware, bad drivers... It's not that macs are wonderful, it's that the options are abysmal. At least I can now hide the Menu bar, which was my pet peeve.

And while I still find it tedious to delete from the Trash, I've known way too many people who deleted their files by accident, so I have to admit there is some logic to it.

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Plain awesome.

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On article Canon EF-S 35mm F2.8 IS STM Macro sample gallery (98 comments in total)

Nice examples, this looks like a really nice lens, and at an affordable price. If I didn't already have a macro lens it would have been a good excuse to get an m camera.

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