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  • ...to conclusions on this lensdo read these reviews too: https://blog.mingthein.com/2015/05/01/review-nikon-afs-24-120-vr/ and https://photographylife.com/reviews/nikon-24-120mm-f4g-vr
  • ...but I just left my GR at a Budapest repair shop this afternoon (December 27)- They said they will send me a quite by mail tomorrow... I do have my doubts however, as they have not heard that the ...
  • ... recently, but there is an increasing amount of old threads that people are digging out from oblivion. Why, oh why? My impression is that we never had so many.
  • There is a vast number of posts on these fora about the value of microcontrast, and how pereferable it is. And now we have comments here from well known fellow posters saying they cannot ...
  • I can just reiterate what anotherMike said, except that my copy of this lens focuses flawlessly. I know, he and Lloyd Chambers did complain about the unreliable focusing of this lens, but my ...
  • You and Maltmoose both are saying that you have both the GR and the previous incarnations of the RX100, but both of you prefer the GR. There is no reason why I should not believe you. Actually it ...
  • Created discussion thread A challenger to the GR?
    http://photorumors.com/2016/10/06/sony-rx100-v-camera-announced/ To me, it looks rather  temptimg. A zoom, yes, but what a zoom! Starting at f1.8. What is your opinion?
  • Well, facts are stubborn things. I don't resent Voigtlanders per se, since I have the 125/2.5 APO Lanthar, which is one of the best macro lenses around. I'm specifically talking about their 20mm ...
  • ....an old stíle one, like most Voigtlanders. However I'm afraid this lenses IQ is not on par with the lenses mentioned.
  • This is what Sigma claims. Here is a quote from their announcement: "Boasting the renowned Global Vision image quality from center to edge, the new Sigma 12-24mm F4 features the largest aspherical ...
  • ... several times to buy a Sigma Art lens, but their weight and the disbalance they caused on the camera (D800E) made me step back several times. The 50 Art was being such candidate. So now I just ...
  • Replied in Pinpoint stars?
    Thank you all for spending your time helping clarify my dilemma. Your post reconmfirmed what I have already known, that most people who faced this dilemma, opted for the Nikon 20/1.8, partly ...
  • You probably posted the most detailed comparison of the three I have seen on these pages. The Sigma 24-105 and the Nikon 24-120 have been compared to death, the result being roughly even. If you ...
  • Which one would you use for shooting night landscapes under moon and starlight? I know that the Sigma 20 Art is rather heavy and the Nikon is a bit better optically, but for this very purpose, ...
  • http://nikonrumors.com/2016/09/08/zeiss-milvus-2-815-2-818-and-2135-lenses-for-nikon-f-mount-announced.aspx/ Wonder what is will be the differemce between the "old" 135/2 and the Milvus 135/s?
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