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  • How about using  AFS and setting the camera to shoot when in focus (i.e. half-press will AF and take the image? I used my GX85 and 12-60 f3.5 on a basketball game and was quite impressed how the ...
  • i'm sure the G90's price will go down in a few months time and the G9 will remain the same. Raising the G9's price would not be a good move considering there's a heck of a lot more competition in ...
  • Replied in G90 review
    while i think the G95 is a good update, i think i'll save a bit more and get the G9 or wait a few months and this should drop to <$1000
  • Replied in G9 Pro?
    thanks. i never heard it with the "pro" before.
  • Created discussion thread G9 Pro?
    in the Panasonic JP website, there seems to be a link to a G9 Pro. is this the same as the original G9 or is this a new beast entirely? https://panasonic.jp/dc/g_series/products/g9pro
  • Replied in got the 56
    to me the FL's are yes, a little close, but for indoor work, if i had more room i would use the 56, if not the 42.5 gets the nod. outdoors, i'm more inclined to use the 56 now over the 42.5
  • Replied in got the 56
    i have the 42.5 f1.7 and love it. i was contemplating getting the 75 oly almost clcking ont he buy button several times but the price was out of reach and it was a rather "longish" FL for my use. I ...
  • Created discussion thread Sigma 56mm
    finally received my sigma 56mm f1.4.  i took a few test shots with my G85. build quality is very good.  AF is fast, quiet and spot on and the sharpness is wow - amazing. don't have a real cat, so ...
  • Replied in Finally!!!
    same here. i've held off buying the 14-150's because i wanted at least a 12 on the wide side. let's hope the IQ is good!
  • Replied in eclipse sequence
    i took the first few hand-held, but had to get the tripod out when it approached full the 100-300 II manual focus ring seemed so tight. not sure if it was the cold weather or my frozen fingers :) l ...
  • thanks for your reply. i sent them an email asking about them closing. they replied that it was shipments to australia that is now closed.  it seems like their ebay store is different.
  • anyone bought from DWI and shipped to the US?  any issues encountered? TIA!
  • apparently, it seems to work quite well.  hmmm.... maybe that's why the G9's shutter is hairy sensitive.
  • i knew about it but never used it :)
  • Created discussion thread GX85 impressive S-AF
    i've had my GX85 for over 2 years now and just tried out the S-AF with half-press Release = ON  setting. I'm amazed how quick and accurate the AF is under the poor gym lighting conditions. Yes, ...
  • nice. looks like a cooper.  did you take any at 200mm?
  • do you buy the square trade 3 year guarantee? - useful or not?
  • that's a bummer :(
  • thanks all that replied. i'll have to check oly if the will service grey market items.
  • Created discussion thread risks of grey-market 40-150?
    has anyone tried purchasing from amazon's 3rd party vendor? e.g. 40-150 besides not having the warranty, will olympus repair the lens for a fee, of course? TIA
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