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ales82: Probably not only a nail, but several nails in the coffin of the m43 system. The other big player in the m43 department, Panasonic, just released their pride of the fleet with the S series which are very nice cameras and full frame.
The m43 was already doomed by the tech advances in computing power, battery capacity and cooling systems.
I am glad I never invested into that system.

Still my opinion, but I think m43 can be a nice option only for specialized needs, like specific video needs as in the Gh5s or the 2x crop factor for sport or wildlife.
Many other advantages vs bigger sensor have been flattened:
- lens adaptability - now most new FF/DX cameras are mirrorless and adapters are commonplace
- lens cost - it's a tie
- lens size - the laws of optics are the same, regardess of the sensor you put behind
- tech - FF tech has been constantly advancing while the m43's one not so much, tie again?

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ales82: Probably not only a nail, but several nails in the coffin of the m43 system. The other big player in the m43 department, Panasonic, just released their pride of the fleet with the S series which are very nice cameras and full frame.
The m43 was already doomed by the tech advances in computing power, battery capacity and cooling systems.
I am glad I never invested into that system.

Well, I had a Gh4 for video but never invested in m43 lenses, since I was already using Nikon bodies and only used adapted Nikon and Leica R lenses on the Gh4. The Gh4 was bought second hand and resold again after a year for about the same price on the bay, so no investment on my behalf.
Personally I think there is nothing wrong with the m43 except its current high price, more or less the same of similar cameras with a FF sensor. Maybe 10 years ago the m43 made more sense, when there the tech level allowed a boost performance on small sensor or a lesser performance on bigger sensor. Nowdays, 2019-2020, the tech made huge leaps forward regarding batteries, sensor readout, etc and you can have quite advanced cameras like the S1(H). At the same time m43 cameras has been quite sleeping, still no Gh6 and the latest OM-d E-M1 Mark III is very expensive considering the competition. Not to mention the lenses, very expensive.

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Probably not only a nail, but several nails in the coffin of the m43 system. The other big player in the m43 department, Panasonic, just released their pride of the fleet with the S series which are very nice cameras and full frame.
The m43 was already doomed by the tech advances in computing power, battery capacity and cooling systems.
I am glad I never invested into that system.

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RPJG: As a you really make constant use of (say) 35mm vs 40mm or 40mm vs 50mm, as opposed to adjusting your position and/or cropping? It is because the time taken to change lenses pale into insignificance compared to all the other work that foes into setting up a shot, so you might as well put on the closest lens for the shot you want?

I think it really depends on the situation and the budget. Sometimes a shot cannot be reproduced in another location, some other times there could be an extremely expensive actor cast and changing lens would cost a fraction of employing the same cast in a different location, etc

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justmeMN: [15] A penguin peeing doesn't strike me as being "hilarious". [6] Neither does a rhino peeing on a bird.

The rhino was funny since the little bird had a "shower"

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Wanderer23: Love it. Good for the world. Probably not good for instagram...

Sure, the first company that works for the sake of mankind and not for the benefit of its stock owners...

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Are people really believing Instagram is doing this out of their love for mankind, culture and peace?
They do it just as new business practise. Probably there is something new going on in the algorithms, to better target products to end users. This way the platform can have more control on the posts written by the users.

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communicat: It may have been 20-odd years ago and in a totally different country, but we were trained to shoot dead anyone who pointed anything that looked like a firearm at us and arrest anyone on the spot who even joked about explosives. Police have no way of knowing what is real and what is fake and so our training back then defaulted always to real. Another problem is that the carrier of the fake rifle is unlikely to have any kind of training in firearms and may think it a great joke to point it at someone - then everyone is all sorry and sad when stupid winds up dead.

Where are you from? North Korea?

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gravis92: ok seriously. THis is not a trolling questions. I dont shoot sports or fast moving animals. I go hiking, I spent a lot of time outdoors. I am not a pro, but I like taking good photos. I need something rugged because I am not always that nice to my gear and sometimes I am outside for days at a time and well, it rains.

I have never shot video or really thought about it much, but I guess it would be fun maybe? Although I will never be making movies or vlogging or anything of that sort with it.

Should get the K1ii or the S1R. I like the k1ii vs the k1i because I dont use tripods that often, if ever.

Having more or less the same issue of you, I would say:

- if you only do photo and want the best, get a beaten up D850 and 2-3 primes and you are good to go (good battery life, best camera ever made, good lens selection, good menu system, good ergonomics, etc.)

- if you also want to go very light and/or take some occasional video, get a Fuji XT3 and some small primes from Leica M or Voigtlander or 2-3 Fuji primes

- if you want to take video more seriously but also want to go light, get a Nikon Z6 and find the smallest and best lenses you can grab from any brand

- if you can wait a little and need something that is very rugged and can be used in the field when things get hard, want to do video seriously, get a Panasonic S1 when it's available

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under achieving in obscurity: I desire the S1R for landscapes, so a quick check to see what wide angle lens I could get right now and that would be the Lieca 16-35mm.
Check Australian pricing; S1R = $5,300 and Lieca 16-35mm = $7,700 :(
Oh dear, it doesn’t look like I’ll be venturing into the world of FF anytime soon, if I want to stay brand loyal with Panasonic!

Or put a Novoflex F to L adapter and use Zeiss lenses, like the ZF 15mm, which can be found for around 1300 euro

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Mateus1: Three serious issues:

1. Freezing - even with new firmware and different cards. Fuji is not able to fix it right.
2. Week battery - for video you need extra 4-5 ones.
3. More PP work to set colours pleasant for skin tones vs X-T1/2 (awful purple)

2. Week battery - for video you need extra 4-5 ones.

Video on any camera requires a lot of power. And the more the professional video you are aiming at, the more power needs you have to account for: it's almost an exponential increase. Just imagine the power needed to feed 48V phantom power to professional mics or the power needed to light a set up.

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M Chambers: So Nikon is admitting that you need an external recorder to use the D850 for video? Not a great endorsement of their own product.

With every reflex/mirrorless an external recorder will give you many benefits. Just a few:
- a wider screen
- prores or other codecs than the one commonly used in camera
- vectorscope, focus peaking, zebra, etc.
- XLR inputs for microphones
- cheaper recording media for high bitrate

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5S Review (611 comments in total)
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Gimli son of Gloin: I keep asking myself who is this camera really for? Those who are already invested on a GH5 would not change it for a marginal ISO improvement, those on A7sII would never give up at least 2-3 stops of higher ISO and IBIS for something like this.

Photographically it makes matters worse: there is simply no reason whatsoever to buy this for photos. Megapixel count way to small. Some might argue that it is plenty but any way you look you can get a higher Megapixel count camera and downsize to the same as the GH5s and get way cleaner output when needed.

This seems a shot in the foot of Panasonic. Those who do not own a GH5 already won't be wooed by marginal improvements. Those who want quality will take a bigger sensor. Those who want portability like myself, the initial promise of MFT, will get a 1 inch camera and be happy. Quality wise is on par from the top MFT and at least they fit in a bag.

The only way for MFT companies to compete is to increase sensor size. But will they ever?

The GH5s photo specs are not attractive. For that price there are way better options, new or used. Talking about photos, I guess even an old 12mp Nikon D700 can still hold its own against the GH5s.
It's a camera designed for video people and as of today, 2018, it offers so many attractive options for video production which are generally found only on bigger and expensive models (+5000 euro): 4k 422 color space, 10 bit video up to 400mbps, internal cinema 4k resolution up to 60p, anamorphic, vectorscope, log and Lut internally, using the nice audio unit DMW-XLR for professional mics, etc.
Similar options can be found for example in the Canon C200, which is 3 times bigger and 5 times more expensive.

It's the perfect options for people interested in both video and still images. Adapters allow you to use different lens mounts. Personally I think I will get one after waiting a little in case some issues show up. I will add it to my current Fuji XT2 and 3-4 Leica R and M lenses.

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(unknown member): Powered paragliders look so awesome and relaxing but in practice they are LOUD. You have basically a small motorcycle engine sitting right behind you, plus that big prop. If they could make one work with an electric motor and design a propellor that’s as quiet as it could possibly be, I’d be really interested. Not specifically for photography, just for tooling around at treetop level, checkin’ things out. I’m sure I’d bring a camera along as well though!

It will be quite unrealistic and useless. The company I work for uses 2 drones for work and the models used have about 10-12 minutes of authonomy. They are not toy drones, for they cost about 5000-6000 euros each. All this just for carrying a small mirrorless camera, which is about 25% of the weight of the drone itself.
Just imagine lifting up a 80kg man... It will take huge super heavy and super expensive batteries.

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On article Hawks Factory announces new 35mm F2 in M-mount (67 comments in total)

For the same money you can find a Leica lens, for half that money a Zeiss lens, for a quarter of that amount a Voigtlander one, for less than 100 euro you have unlimited retro Russian or East Germany M mount lenses.

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Carrying a solar panel makes sense when you have huge amounts of power needed or when you go in the wild for a long time. Otherwise it's just makes more sense to carry some extra batteries. Looking at the picture, the backpack is quite small, definitely not for long trips. Considering the daily use of such a small backpack, it's simply easier, cheaper and safer to carry more batteries.

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Occams Razor: I have a 3 year old solar panel charger that can be hung off any backpack or used stand alone. I don't see any advantages to this product.

I also have a nice backpack and a solar panel that can be hung. And I also don't see any advantage in such a product like this one advertised. A backpack serves two purposes, to carry things and to protect things. Putting a solar panel in the backpack's frame would get in the way of those two purposes just to marginally serve the purpose of generating power.

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(unknown member): Truly amazing imagery. Just wow!

Interesting to see some not currently state of the art gear get these winning photo's yet again - GoPro, Canon 7D Mark I, 5D Mark III, Nikon 18-105 (isn't that a kit lens?). But but but, what about pushing those exposures 5 stops and where is the 4K damnit??? According to the Sony fanboi's here you NEED the new tehcnical whizbang wizardry to take photo's. Which begs the question, why isnt Sony represented in the winners since it should be so easy to get maximum DR and super quick focusing, even with adapting EF and F lenses? Hmmmm.


the people winning these contests spend all their time out taking images and not reading "camera X vs camera Y" reviews

they also use their camera so much that they know even by touch every single spec and dent of their cameras, so that the tool will get very little in the way. Upgrading a camera every few months will only mean you have to learn again this "feeling" over and over

being this activity part of their business, they will probably upgrade their camera only when really needed, not just to have 1 more DR stop.

professionals like these often work in tough situations. I suppose many of them will not jump on new models and be a beta tester for possible flaws once in the field. A known camera where all possible flaws have come to surface is better

let's come to reality. Most cameras of today are quite good. Being this a wildlife contest, you don't really need the latest and fastest AF with 1000 points. Animals of today move as fast as they were doing 20 years ago.

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osan: DSLR's suck and get stolen. He should have chosen mirrorless gear.

Actually it's not so stupid as a comment. DSLR are bigger which draw more unwanted attention, look "more" expensive and less amateur, require "more" attention to take care of (bigger and heavier bags, more difficulty to conceal the expensive gear, etc).

Carrying a lot of heavy stuff around all day long will wear you out, and once tired you will pay less attention and be "weaker" to such events

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ales82: There is one kind of aerial photography which is actually free and easy to do!!! Simply finding a high elevation point with a steep slope towards the area you want to capture and then using maybe a short telephoto...

I know that photographing from a high elevation point cannot properly qualify as aerial photography. But in the final results, it can approach it and maybe give the same results, at least for some kind of aerial photography images, like for example those suggesting a line of sight of the viewer going down about 20-30 degrees from an ipothetical horizontal line goint from the viewer to infinity. Using a short telephoto would also help to cut off the foreground.
For example, the first image in this article is considered as aerial photography, but looking at the topography of the region, the image could have been taken also from a high elevation point.
After all, a helicopter flight runs at about 4000 euro for one hour, a chartered plane probably more. Reaching a prominent landmark is about 1% that cost (some gasoline for the car, a sandwitch, some drink, etc.)

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