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maxnimo: Hard to believe that an electric helicopter can fly 30 minutes on a charge. Simply amazing. This means that an electric airplane should be able to fly for at least 2 hours, since airplanes are at least 4 times more efficient than helicopters.

What's more surprising is that it can do it while traveling at 30mph, it generates extra lift at that speed relative to hovering. My P4 made a 3 mile round trip the other day including a 46mph flight to the target location, several minutes hovering to take some photos and an autonomous return flight, and on landing back at base the battery was still at 57% full. Changing batteries takes 5 seconds.

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blackcoffee17: Why no one makes a 1080p action camera with 2 megapixel sensor and huge pixels for amazing low light? Instead of 10MP on on tiny sensor.
I am sure would be a market for it.

Gitup Git1 - Native 1080 16:9 Sony IMX322 sensor, very nice in low light:

Same sensor is used in a lot of dashcams because of low motion blur at night.

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sbjaerum: Why can't sensor shift IS be used during video recording?

"Are there other reasons?"

One very big one is noise - you don't want IS sound on the soundtrack.

Also it is not really needed, at a frame rate of 60/s the exposure time for each frame must be less than 1/60th and so will have very little motion blur anyway. What is needed is to align the frames (remove the movement between frames) and that is best done in software.

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