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Edymagno: As the world plunges into "ban" mode, we will have to go back into the studio and use green screens. Seriously folks.

Where else has photography been banned?

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Dave Sanders: Sweet, so like a less functional, way more expensive version of what Godox has been doing for years? I love Profoto's studio gear but, yeah, I'll take an AD360 or AD200... Or a bunch of them, as it were. I'm guessing this is designed for people with more money than me who are already deeply invested in Profoto. For them, a nice addition to the kit.

I use my three AD200s every weekend for wedding work, and let me tell you. . . if Profoto made something similar, I'd seriously consider it. Godox is a great system for the money and the AD200 is just awesome, don't get me wrong, but the lights have habit of misfiring / not firing at all.

My experience with Profoto on the other hand has been relentlessly positive. Their stuff simply will not let you down. If you're making $$$ with your kit, rather than just taking photos of your cat, reliability and support are worth a lot, and Godox comes up short on both.

Link | Posted on Sep 20, 2017 at 02:16 UTC
On article Updated: Nikon D850 sample gallery (316 comments in total)
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sts2: I'm always amazed at how much hate seems to pile up in sample galleries.

I know first-time DSLR buyers expect their images to become magically better now that they have a "real camera", but you guys are supposed to be people who understand photography. People who know that it's almost impossible to determine camera/lens/brand/processing/whatever by just looking at the image. These are just that: sample images (and pretty decent ones I think too). Whatever camera you buy will have far less impact on the quality of the photos you take than you think.

Next time let's have top commercial photographers post the sample images, so you can hate on the fact that they have access to high end lighting equipment, and talented makeup artists and models.

I don't think of it as hate, rather as a critique, and it's entirely fair.

Link | Posted on Sep 18, 2017 at 12:57 UTC
On article Updated: Nikon D850 sample gallery (316 comments in total)

Thank you, DPReview for saving me $6,000 (D850 + 70-200). Coming from Fuji, these colors are just awful and viewing that gallery remind me why I left Nikon in the first place.

Not the fault of the reviewers of course, just the way these cameras render. The only Nikon I've seen lately with decent color is the D5.

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The first tip is good.

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Ugh those catchlights are rough though. . .

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StevenE: The biggest problem with carry-on hardcases is they weigh too much to carry on! The top of the line SKB is about 15 lbs, most airlines have a 25 lb limit for carry on. You can't even fill that case 1/2 full and stay under 25 lb. I've had to check my Pelican "carry on", at a cost of $200.
I also bought Pelican's ultra-light weight carry on that weighs only 10 lbs, and it is very hard to keep it under 25 lbs.
The best way I've found to fly with gear is to use a regular lightweight camera bag or two, and put them both in a light weight nylon duffle. The duffle bag i use is 280g, and I use a backpack that weighs 4 lb inside the duffle. This gives a little over 20 lbs for camera gear in your carry on. Then I also use a second camera backpack as my "personal bag," which also carries my computer. This setup allows me to carry on 30 to 35 lbs of delicate camera gear. All audio, tripods, cables, and other grip are checked in luggage.

The whole point of these is that you can feel good about checking them.

Link | Posted on Jul 3, 2017 at 12:31 UTC

As time goes on ever-smarter image processing will allow small sensors on mobile devices to overcome the limits of physics, driven by massive economies of scale and the vast profits at stake. We're already halfway there. Hats off to Adobe for continuing to push the boundaries of photography!

Link | Posted on Apr 6, 2017 at 19:00 UTC as 25th comment
On article Fujifilm XF 23mm F2 R WR sample gallery (285 comments in total)
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Blue Swan Media: To all those complaining about softness up close and wide open - just buy the f/1.4. Cracking sharp.

@Robert what do you mean by 'glowie'?

Link | Posted on Feb 19, 2017 at 01:09 UTC
On article Fujifilm XF 23mm F2 R WR sample gallery (285 comments in total)
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Blue Swan Media: To all those complaining about softness up close and wide open - just buy the f/1.4. Cracking sharp.

The Fuji 23 f/1.4 is very sharp (at least my copy is) and doesn't suffer from the softness at close distance issue.

Link | Posted on Feb 18, 2017 at 12:21 UTC
On article Fujifilm XF 23mm F2 R WR sample gallery (285 comments in total)

To all those complaining about softness up close and wide open - just buy the f/1.4. Cracking sharp.

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Photo Pete: Great shots and video.

The EM1 MKii really is competing strongly with dSLRs and offering a fair few improved shooting options too. Quite possibly the most flexible and capable photographic tool in its price range when its whole feature set is considered.

I would say Fuji is more flexible but lack of IBIS is a big knock on that system, I will admit. Would love to have that for my primes.

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BobT3218: Any professional photographer would be happy to be offered an new leading edge camera to try but I don't think it fair to then associate that camera with the photographer. It may not be that photographer's camera of choice. Now, if Rickenberger decided to dump his current gear in favour of the E-M1 II, that would be something worth reporting.

I think the point with these types of piece is ;here's what's possible with the gear. Now you have no excuses.'

Link | Posted on Feb 16, 2017 at 02:16 UTC

What an AWESOME video!!! This is the best photography marketing piece I've seen probably ever. It perfectly captures the joy of snow sports and photography, as well as the amazing fun that comes when you combine them! Mr. Rinkenberger is one of the best there is, Oly is fortunate to have such a talented brand ambassador who is also natural and at ease in front of the camera. Perfectly effortless and organic highlighting of differentiating features. My day job is as a marketing manager for a Fortune 500 company, and I would love to have a piece like this for a flagship product.

Also fantastic job to the DPReview crew for telling this story so well!! Difficult to create piece like this, but you made it look easy. You clearly love what you do.

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On article Field Test: Wedding Photography with the Fujifilm X-T2 (233 comments in total)
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JhvaElohimMeth: At 4:07 "Compared to a traditional dslr, the X-T2 small size and quiet shutter is ideal for candid portraiture".


- You need a battery grip to have good autonomy. A small FF like 6D doesn't need it

- You need large lenses, as big as FF ones: in the video she's carrying heavy lenses in a heavy bag

- Quiet shutter mode of 6D is really silent (and I think is the same for Nikon)

- External flash is as big as FF ones

- EVF in dim light is inferior to OVF

- Fuji AF is terrible (I tried X-T1 + 18-55 f/2.8-4 + 27mm f/2.8 in dark ambient, maybe X-T2 is far superior)

- High iso is still inferior to modern FF like 6D

With Fuji (and of course Sony a7) you just have a bad handling camera that needs battery grip. It becomes as big as my 6D but with a worse handling with heavy lenses (like a fast prime)

If you want to use Fuji for a discrete reportage then every mirrorless is ok

Fuji makes great mirrorless, but comparing with FF reflex for heavy use it's pointless

my 2 cents

Why don't you try shooting a wedding with a couple of X-T2s before passing judgement? Your opinion doesn't mean much since you haven't used the gear in question.

Link | Posted on Nov 11, 2016 at 13:25 UTC

Just what the world needs - another black box running proprietary software to suck up an HDMI port on your TV.

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On article Nikon Df real-world samples gallery (222 comments in total)
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Jogger: Still waiting for the D700 replacement.. i.e. the 16mp chip in a D800 body. I prefer the modern SLR controls because i can operate them without taking my eye away from the OVF.

@marike6, again, I have to disagree. In my experience anyway, the exposure comp dial on my XP1 or x100 S is not where I want it to be more because I've forgotten to reset it then it is because it's been knocked out of place.

Also, have you use the dials on the DF? I played around with a bit on photo in Maine. The dials are not like those on the Fuji, where you can press the button, then take your finger off the button and move the dial. On the Df, you have to hold down the locking button and move the dial at the same time. Much more difficult to operate one handed this way, especially on the left side of the camera.

Also, as many including Steve Huff have noted, it has a decidedly cheap feel to it. To me it feels like a GI Joe toy from when I was 8. I know I know, weight. You know what though? My Fuji X-stuff feels like pure sex from the moment you pick it up, and that to me is worth a little extra weight.

Link | Posted on Dec 11, 2013 at 07:12 UTC
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Edgar Matias: Wish it had a film advance lever. :-)

I'm not kidding BTW. It could be used tell the camera to create a new folder on the SD card. This would be a really convenient way to organize your photos as you're shooting -- much better than having the camera create a new folder after every 100 shots.

This idea - GENIUS.

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On article Nikon Df real-world samples gallery (222 comments in total)
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mholdef: I am just baffled about the wildly negative reactions about this camera

@marike6, I'm going to have to disagree with you. I think a lot of the negativity comes from professional users who were looking forward to having something 'fun' like this to work with, but who were let down by the DF's lack of professional autofocus (as found on the D700/800), as well as it's lack of a second card slot which, though admittedly a lesser sin in my eyes, is a must for many.

Link | Posted on Dec 11, 2013 at 07:03 UTC

This is really stirring. Nice job!!

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