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DeMaatin: What is an apologisation filter?

Thank You !
I was a bit joking, though, but your explanation is much appreciated !

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What is an apologisation filter?

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I didn't quite got that. Does that mean, we'll see re-branded Sony cams with expensive logo? Like PanaLeica? Can't wait to throw my money on that...

Hasselblad Lunar - or SonyBlad for lunatics?

Anyway, that's great. The king of swedensteel could do with some help from Japan, no doubt. But besides irony, I really expect nothing but re-branded Sony's at a much higher expense, and that would be just sad.

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on second thoughts, this is propably a clever marketing step by leica. there was people all over the world mentioning that if leica would sell their collector's items without internals, they could make even more profit out of it. since these collector's items hardly ever see any use, nobody would notice. simply put some lead weight inside and you're done.

now, with every bleedin' serious collector must have such a Meeh camera to complete his collection, this one is as clever as the M1-MD-line.

think of it.

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no frame lever ? that's great, thank you, leica !

seems they're severely overstocked with old rubbish like 2.5" low-res displays.

any cellphone can do better.

oh well. enough praised.

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On article Canon EOS M hands-on preview (566 comments in total)

I share all the gripes about the dull user's interface with You, no doubt. As a part-time Canon pro for 15yrs, I expected a much more refined entry into the ILC market.

But, on the other hand, this little camera appeals to me like no mirrorless camera else. Maybe we should take the livin' easy and just point and shoot with it. The fun potential is immense. If one had offered to me a P&S with the IQ of the EOS T2i (550D) one or two yrs ago, I'd have jumped up and down.

This lil' gem is by all means a proper alternative to the G1X, and I wonder how the pics will be looking like if my Tokina 11-16 is attached once...

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The imagery ain't bad at all, but the few landscape pics didn't exactly knock my socks off thus far.
My 5D classic does a better job, with strong AA filter, and my brother's D700 exceeds as well.
The equation "APS-C + unusual color mosaic - AA filter == FF or better" doesn't work to my eyes, and I have close examined many of the full-sized samples.
Maybe it was just the photographer, or processing?
Anyway, those picture samples are leaving something to be desired, at least to me. Even my T2i did better during my last vacation!
Don't know. Is it my eyes?

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On article Canon EOS 5D Mark III hands-on preview and video (264 comments in total)

Sigma SD1 - 8000

Canon 5D3 - 3500

Canon 24-70/II 2200+

Muahahahahahahahahaha (evil laugh)

Nikon D800 - 3000 ... seems to be the only reasonable price.

C'mon, we're getting ripped-off right now!

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Luta M: The best M9 review I have found so far is written by Danish photographer and writer Thorsten Overgaard:
I'm keeping a blog about my experiences with the M9 here:
There's some reviews on it as well, but the main thing about the blog is to show that it is possible to switch from a DSLR to a rangefinder and that it is fun, but hard work.

Well, thank You for introducing Scientology to dpreview !

Overgaard is an avid messiah all over the world.


Tom C.Ruise

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